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  2. RegularGuy

    Weird coincidence

    Yeah, countryboy said it best. Always when you aren't searching. Maybe it's a chemical thing, maybe it's in your demeanor. The good news is that you have undeniable proof that you are still desireable and worthy of other's interest and affection.
  3. RegularGuy

    herpes type 1 on genital

    The fact is that herpes can transmit to any mucus membrane. Eyes, ears, mouth, genitals, anus, etc... You are correct that condoms help prevent transmission. So does taking suppression medicine daily and abstaining during out break. But risk will always be there to some degree. That's why disclosure is so important. You should talk to a doctor about suppression medicine like Valtrex and similar stuff. Talk to them about preventing transmission, too. If you need more advice or support, we will be here.
  4. RegularGuy

    Do I have herpes and when will it go away?

    Well, it's impossible to diagnos a medical condition over the internet, especially for people who are doctors. I know the uncertainty and waiting is probably less than thrilling, but you really should do your best to carry forward with your life either way. If you end up needing a place to vent, or people to reach out to, we will be here for you.
  5. In March of this year I had what I believe to have been my first OB. Although I did not notice any blisters beforehand, I was confronted one day with immense pain on the glands of my penis. I noticed what looked like a bunch of small, round cuts. These healed and I brushed it off as some sort of rash (I had been swimming in the ocean that day), but a few weeks later I began to feel itchy in a spot just under my gland. Since then (it has been about 3 months so far) I have had small bumps all over my genitals (on the shaft and glands of my penis, as well as on my scrotum and anus area). Generally it is not painful, although occasionally the bumps on the glands hurt a little bit or feel itchy. There is some redness as well. So, I'm wondering: is this herpes? And if so, will it ever go away (what I mean is, will the blisters ever break open and heal)? Is it bad or unusual to have symptoms for months without the blisters breaking open? Is there anything I can do to stop the outbreak now? I plan to go to the doctor soon, but am looking for some help/tips before that time comes.
  6. I have had a similar experience! Don’t worry though! I got it young as well, all though the world may feel totally over it isn’t. At first it really really sucks, but as time goes on you realize it isn’t a big deal at all and this STI does basically nothing. I’d say just to know your stuff, when hooking up with someone make sure to tell them, and just don’t let the BS phase you. It’s annoying but if someone really likes you they can see past it and realize it’s so minor and really isn’t a big deal!!
  7. countryboy83

    Weird coincidence

    It’s always when you’re not looking and not trying. It always seems to be the case.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Thanks for this post. I also just found out that GW have joined my herpes party. Why not add another one to the mix, eh?! I really think that it’s great to adopt a positive attitude about it. There’s actually so much stigma around herpes! Sometimes I just want to shout out to everyone ‘I have herpes!! And no I’m not gross (or whatever other lovely adjective you think of when I say the word herpes), I’m still an amazing person’. But I don’t think I could ever do that - lol. Maybe one day. But for now I’m pretty content. I try not to let it bother me and I’m glad you aren’t either.
  10. mstanya1234

    Stressing myself out

    I understand how you feel completely it been 2 years for me this month and it’s just like I found out today. I will Say that talking to a veteran is helping me cope! Some days are good some are bad. Today is awful my skin is burning and I’m so depressed!
  11. Just disclosed to my mom as well as my brother and sister-in-law (they’re both nurses) and it felt like a huge load off my chest. It’s not that I was scared to tell them, but it still felt like a load off my chest to y’all with them. I broke down pretty hard when I told them... I think it helped me to finally really grieve rather than just put on a fake smile while I was dying inside. I’m still struggling pretty bad with losing the girl. It’s been eating away at me for a while now and it drives my day right into the dirt when I get my mind stuck on it. I reached out and she said that she’d be willing to talk... but, I’m still scared. I have a feeling that she’s already moved on... and checking her Instagram every five minutes hasn’t helped any of the above. I’m going to be a mess until this conversation happens. I’m putting way too much pressure on myself and way too much significance on this one conversation. I know there’s someone out there for me and that I have a futire... but it’s hard to believe that there’s anyone like her.
  12. sarahsfocus

    I'm in a good place.

    i'm not strong I have been full of anxiety before I wrote to Adrail I was crying all the time and really contemplated killing myself.because I thought I caught hsv2 from touching my friends damp towel to my gentile's.(she has hsv2) I am a lot stronger because I know I don't have hsv2.i have been with the same man for 24 years.and you can't get it through a damp towel.there has to be friction and there was none.thank you for writing me.Sarah
  13. RegularGuy

    I'm in a good place.

    I'm really glad you pulled yourself up. Keep doing that! Your strength and your resillince are definitely something to be proud of. You have the ability to decide who you will be. You can decide to be someone who is strong, dependable, worthy of affection and respect. Be that person.
  14. RegularGuy

    I never thought I'd be able to do this but here goes...

    You've been through some really hard times. It hurts to know that bad things happen to good people. Sorry things aren't great, but welcome to the club. We're all here for you, to be a sympathetic ear and to offer some advice if you need it. I think the most important thing I can share in response is that you have to decide to give yourself a chance. Not just because that's how you carry forward, but because you deserve a chance. A chance to dig out some happiness and contentment when you can. If you really honestly try, you'll find that there are good things waiting to happen for you. Sure, there is more struggle. But there is a lot more happiness than struggle. I know because I considered doing some pretty extreme things for a brief time. Thankfully, I decided to test myself by taking on a new challenge: To see what good I could be to the people I care about. To see what use I could be in my job. To find out if I was worth anything in my own opinion. If you give yourself that chance, really test yourself in a fair set of scenarios, you find out you're worth a lot more than you think. You are valuable, you can do good, and you are worthy of affection and respect. Especially your own. And that's where you have to start when you feel so low. You have to start challenging yourself to give things your best effort and also give yourself permission to see exactly how good your best is. You'll find out that you really do stack up as a person worthy of your own respect and admiration. But it won't happen accidentally. You'll need to set aside your anger over your past, your shame and your guilt will need to be shoved aside. You have to do it so that you can focus on what your reality is, free from all the mental barriers you have built around yourself. You have to do it so that you can decide what kind of future you really want and give yourself a chance to prove, internally to yourself, that you can do it. Because you deserve it. What you don't deserve is to punish yourself over past circumstances by dwelling on the hatred and the pain. You deserve to decide who you will be and work toward getting yourself there. And it starts with giving yourself a fighting chance at it.
  15. Last week
  16. Nervewreckedkid

    I never thought I'd be able to do this but here goes...

    I hope this message finds you OK.... Your story absolutely breaks my heart.... How are you feeling? Considering
  17. Her best bet is just to get herself checked out... My girlfriend has it iand hasn't had any outbreaks at the moment.... I hope you and her feel better and get through this together
  18. sarahsfocus

    I'm in a good place.

    I was so depressed and ready to kill my self.then Adrial sent me a colume for me to read.it's the transmission of herpes.in the colume it said you can't get herpes from a towel.(my friend has hsv2) and I touched my Labia Minora with that towel. so I have to say thanks Adrial for helping me. this is such a frightening and depressing disease.
  19. I just found out myself about 4 days ago and I’m goong through all the same emotions. I cry every single day. I’m 29. And I tell myself I’m better off alone now. No one will want to be with me. I am too embarrassed to ever share this with someone. I don’t know what the future holds but I’m going to try and focus on myself more now. I’ve always worked out and eaten healthy it’s not a problem but I recently became a heavy drinnker just going through a bunch of stuff and I was going on the wrong path so this has been a huge wake up call for me and I’m trying to see it that way. Just focusing going back on school spending time with my family and living a healthy lifestyle and see what happens from there. Every single day since I found out though I still can’t believe this is happening to me. Keep your head up. We will all get through this. It has to get better
  20. Kiwi91

    5 months in and still devastated

    Im currently going through the same situation. Its so tough that I decided it would be better to just be friends. But he doesnt want to lose everything with me and said the only way he sees it working is to have a non sex relationship until he is ready. But I feel that if I went with that decision I risk he would never deal with the stress of it and accept that its a small risk and eventually it would tear us apart. Or i could try and it maybe work. But so hard to know. So confusing as you have no control over the fact we have herpes. I also don't want to feel as if im a ticking bomb and him thinking everytime we have sex he will get it.
  21. Donteattheworm

    Weird coincidence

    I've noticed since I found out I've been a lot more popular with women it's weird I'm not really trying but women seem to be gravitating towards me, but I'm not ready to date yet not because of the H but I've just got too much other stuff going on right now
  22. I know that it's not impossible for me to have a family... and I know that the risks of there being complications in a pregnancy are something minuscule, like significantly well under one percent. It's just that the stigma associated with this is so difficult to overcome that I can't see anyone wanting to be with me again. The worst part is that I can't really blame anyone for not wanting to take this on. I've always played the part of the super confident guy... but it's always covering for my significant struggles with self-image. Even prior to this, I could hardly believe that this beautiful woman wanted to be with me. Now, after being diagnosed... It's near impossible to believe that anyone could value me enough to, not only date me, but take on this stigma. I don't have any real hope to hold on to right now. But, I can't say that plan to be alone either. At this point, I don't plan for anything. I can barely make it through a day... an hour... five minutes... without having a breakdown inside while trying to keep it together and put on a smiling face in front of my family. It's just more along the lines that my crystal clear picture of what was in my future is now cracked, dim and too blurry to see. I know that a future exists for me... but I can't see past more than this immediate moment anymore and it terrifies me.
  23. RegularGuy

    First Day and Trying to Stay Upbeat

    I totally agree. There are a lot of bad things that can happen. But if there is any discernable point to living, it would be to do as much good as we can and try to carve out some measure of happiness for ourselves and our loved ones. It doesn't have to change the world, it's just a little bit at a time.
  24. Donteattheworm

    Sudden deep depression

    Yeah it really comes in waves sometimes I feel down cause my life just changed and sometimes I feel fine. Its good cause now I know the next person I sleep with isn't just gonna be a meaningless hook up or one night stand, but on the other hand I know I will face a lot of rejection in my future dating. I had a chance at some random tonight but I really don't want to do that to anyone I just hope I found out before I accidentally infected someone.
  25. We didn't use protection two days later she had back pains that moved from her lower back to her pelvis and down into her legs but no outbreaks or painful urination so far at day 10 but she says she has a bad gut feeling that she's infected.
  26. Well if you did not use protection I think the chances are high. If you need to vent feel free to message me.
  27. I read online that if you mix a little bit of coconut oil and tea tree oil and wait for it to become solid that you could use this to help with the pain down there. I couldn't sleep either so I went to my local pharmacy and I bought a sleeping medication that contained no alcohol and that doesn't have any addicting ingredients. I AM NOT A DR. so you might want to ask a doctor if it's safe for you to try these.
  28. Thanks for writing down your journey. I have been through ups and downs since I found out about having H. I also have the fear of shaving. I fear intimacy and I rather not anymore cause that outbreak I had scared the Crap out of me. I found out for me that going to YouTube channels and watching funny things has helped me. There are times at work when I think about this but I try to distract my mind. I just want to tell you and anybody reading this that we have to remember that we only have 1 life here on earth not 2. This virus is horrible but we have 1 life here on earth. This virus will come and go but we have the opportunity to still wake up and carry on with our days and that's a blessing. I think for me the worst that can happen is one of my family members passing away. I rather go through this physical pain that comes and goes than to have to deal with one of my loved ones passing away. Unfortunately we all will pass away so right now we should enjoy and appreciate the people that loves us and we should learn to love ourselves more.
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