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  2. I’m wondering what that time span is. It seems that HSV without suppressive meds can be what it is made out to be but with the suppressive meds everything’s OK as if you never had it. I guess it wouldn’t be fair to not tell your partner but at the same time if it’s a one night stand and your own meds and using protection.... I don’t know. I just know I’m not looking forward to it. I connected with an amazing woman on tinder a while back and we were speaking every day for almost a month while I was at sea and I was so excited to actually meet her when I got home and then right before I was coming home she drop the news that she had HSV I didn’t even know what it was I had to Google it. I was under the impression that oral wouldnt even be in the question and I couldn’t imagine being in a relationship where I couldn’t enjoy that so I chose not to meet. The irony of that. Now I’d love nothing more Feeling I guess we can Share it. when I first got diagnosed the nurse told me that it wasn’t the end of the world I certainly felt differently at the time. I guess we’ll see as time goes
  3. Yeah I have been on dates but have found that I am more picky on who I want to continue seeing because of having to share this information with them, which I guess isn’t necessarily a bad thing lol. I don’t want to just tell anyone. I have read in Westover Heights that after a period of time of having HSV, you build antibodies so it would prevent transmitting to other areas of your body (for example: your mouth).
  4. Having that topic conversation before sex with a date..... talking about anxiety. I can’t even imagine how that plays out. Talking about killing the mood.
  5. I haven’t had the opportunity. Once I jump ship I plan on reuniting with the one who passed it on to me but was wanting some more details as well. She has been placed on suppressive meds which I hope to as well. I just started a new job and am therefore without insurance for another month or two hence the fear of having another outbreak or flare up as the call it. Seems as if your on suppressive meds it’s not so common to pass it on. I guess my greatest fear is getting herpes on the mouth from oral as of having below wasn’t bad enough. Seems late in the game to learn with multiple partners it’s best to use protection so that when you do find your match you don’t have to.
  6. @Kacey no I have not. I am nervous as well. I’m still unsure with all the do’s and don’ts with having sex. I haven’t been in a rush to meet anyone but when I do I want to make sure when it comes time for that- that I am fully informed to keep my partner safe and so hopefully I can still enjoy it like I used to.
  7. No. If you are not attracted to him, it is already the beginning of the end. Physical attraction is generally not something that will develop. If you already don't have those feelings for him, the odds are that you will never feel that and the relationship will not last. It is also not fair to him to be put in a position to where he may become HSV+ and then have to disclose for the rest of his life. NO ONE should "settle" for someone...and you already know that you would be settling. Don't do it. You both deserve better.
  8. So i am currently thinking about daying this virgin. He is willong to accept me. He is final tear medical student but he is not physically attractive in my eyes. He needa to work on his sex appeal.Everything is great as it relates to personality and I will still settle with him. I just really hope that with time, i might be able to accept him,the way he did for me.
  9. Have you had sex since you found out? I am afraid to do it.
  10. I have read a lot that stress is a trigger for outbreaks. I am going through a divorce with a child involved as well so I know how stressful that can be. I have just been running/eating healthy/surrounding myself with friends in order to keep my stress levels down as much as I can. You just have to do what works best for you!
  11. When I had my initial OB and diagnosis in February my mental health was in a state of complete disrepair. To the point where I was highly suicidal. Over the past few months I have gone back to therapy and seeing a psychiatrist. I have severe cPTSD and borderline personality disorder but I've been off all meds completely for over 3 years. Since my nightmares and suicidal ideation weren't going away (and even getting worse on some medications) I recently switched psychiatrists and started a handful of different medications. And now I am starting my first OB since being on acyclovir. Other than my initial I have only had one other OB and that was because I stopped my acyclovir. The problem is I cannot find any info online about any of my medications reacting with it and I'm on quite a few. I don't want to just quit any of them cold turkey. Was wondering if anyone else has experience this? Currently taking lamitrogen (mood stabilizer), prazosin (for PTSD nightmares), Vistaril (sedative for anxiety attacks), and Lexapro (antidepressant)
  12. That’s good news. Thank you for sharing. Is stress a major contributor? I try to keep a regular exercise routine, personal hygiene of course. But going through a divorce and fighting for my children has increasingly added stress levels to an all new high.
  13. I am wondering if anyone here contracted herpes after someone disclosed to them and they chose to take the risk? Are you still with the person who gave it to you? Do you have any regrets about your decision?
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  15. I haven’t take medication at all since being diagnosed in January. I have not had another outbreak since my first. I think as long as you keep yourself healthy and try not to stress then you may be ok. But if you are planning on being sexually active-I would suggest being on medication to lower the risk of transmission to your partner.
  16. Hello fellow H friends, I was diagnosed with HSV2 last summer. To say it’s been an emotional roller coaster is an understatement! i have been experiencing outbreaks continuously each month since my first outbreak and I’m slowly loosing the will to live. It’s not just the outbreak it’s the tingling that takes over my entire body before any sores on my genitals come to the surface. i have been on suppressive therapy ACV with no such luck and have now been prescribed Valaciclvir. i have just finished my first month on this and hey presto another outbreak is in the midst, I’m still taking suppressive treatment. i have read that certain vitamins and supplements can help I have dabbled but get disheartened when nothing works. my Gp says I’m just one of those unfortunate folks that will experience regular outbreaks, has anyone been in this position and found anything that works? im in the U.K. and I find that there isn’t much info surrounding HSV and support groups seem outdated. I recently tried dating again and had to do the dreaded disclosure talk and it didn’t go down very well. My partner said all the correct things at the time but completely disappeared within a week...It’s making me very depressed how am I supposed to get on with my life when I am constantly reminded of a simple action that has changed my life completely.
  17. Thank you so much for sharing. I was diagnosed just a few days before shipping out. I was given a 10 day supply of meds which seem effective of clearing my first outbreak up. I’m scared to death I will have another one before I am able to get suppressive meds. If you don’t mind me asking how Has this affected your life? Without meds and with meds how often can I expect an outbreak? From what I’ve gathered suppressive meds help keeps it from spreading as well as having an outbreak. I’m assuming as long as you have meds it’s not necessary meaning your life is over or even life changing other than the embarrassment of having to share the information with a new partner. Am I close?
  18. Hi there, I read your previous post of how you met at work...and reminded me so much of my current situation. i feel strongly attracted to a guy at work that is super into me...even though he knew I had a bf. I had been having doubts for 2 years about my bf...due to lack of passion, being in different pages in life, his immaturity etc. Now that this guy knows we broke up he already made advances to meet outside work... thing is now I’m having all these doubts...I still live my ex and we decided to have a break, go to psychologists to improved ourselves and see if we can improve the relationship. We have been having great sex since the break up(it’s inly been 2weeks). I feel like the passion and love is being reignited...I have tons of insecurities to work on...plus I am afraid the guy at work would reject me and tell others...or that even if he accepted, if we were to break up...we would have to see each other every day and that would be very uncomfortable. We work like 3 seats away from each other. i also feel anguished to be single, ni companion, im realizing I’m very emotionally co-dependent... like you I have told 2 previous partners and both didn’t give a crap. so many emotions mixed together. The herpes fear, being alone, not meeting the right person or anyone that I like...did I do the right thing breaking up with my ex? Coz I still love him...even though I didn’t feel the same for a while towards him...
  19. The advantage of being with someone who already has HSV2 is that you cannot spread it to them again. They already have it, so no worries. As far as oral, my boyfriend is HSV-negative and we love oral. If you are recently diagnosed, you will probably want to be on suppressive meds, and be aware that you can still shed the virus to someone even if you have no symptoms. That is true no matter how long you've had it. And, if you have symptoms, then you should definitely avoid sex (including oral) until your outbreak is over. You need to be sure to disclose to all partners so that they can make an informed choice about having sexual relations with you. When I disclosed to my boyfriend, he was very clear that he did not care about HSV at all...that it was a non-issue. We've been together for close to a year now. We have a great sex life and he remains negative for HSV. It is very possible to have a great sex life...just be responsible, disclose, and discuss with your partner the precautions that you are both comfortable with taking (or not taking).
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  21. @mr_hopp I have similar questions to the ones asked above. Would you be able to provide some information for these questions? 😊 i would also like to add to the questions on what if your partner is HSV2- ? What activities with a partner should be avoided?
  22. I know how you feel. I just discovered I have it, and many memories of red flags I ignored are flooding my mind. Resentments towards my girlfriend , but mainly , resentment and hatred of myself.
  23. You can’t know. You just have to try again, and find out. And if it isn’t there then it isn’t and you’ll have lost almost nothing.
  24. I know how you feel. I recently discovered it for myself, and am feeling pains physical, and emotional right at this very moment. I’m sorry to say I’m so new to this I don’t have any answers for you, besides to proffer you my shared pain. I feel it too. And it hurts like hell.
  25. I don’t mean to resurrect this topic from the past, but I too, have been experiencing this. Albeit, from a different drug called Dexedrine, which is just one of the amphetamines used in the Adderall “amphetamine salts”, isolated. Actually, it is Dexedrine that has caused me to have horrible, verbose outbreaks... so bad that it is what caused me discover of herpes to begin with. Before, I would be seen for what they would say, was a yeast infection. And it was recurrent... nowI’ve discontinued it and am going to switch to a safer alternative called modafinil. Of course, it isn’t as effective but it works out ok.
  26. So I just recently got my period and I’m pretty sure that triggered my second outbreak but it’s different from the first time. Both times I got hemorrhoids on top of the outbreak which was not fun. The sores showed up on my butt and vag. Now the sores are only on my butthole. (Sorry tmi). The first time around was extremely painful for me. Although the second outbreak is uncomfortable for me, as of right now I’m not experiencing as much pain as I thought I would (definitely not complaining) I do feel itchy and discomfort down there so maybe it’s coming... I really hope not though lol. So I guess I’m asking is it normal to only have sores appear on my butt and not my vag? And are hemorrhoids common with herpes or is it just me? I’m confused helpppp
  27. I even consider going back with my bf at some point just to gain back my stability and knowing I have someone who loves all of me by my side. Perhaps love is overrated. Perhaps what I had with him was special and I couldn’t see it? Perhaps I always want more ? Or idealize relationships and love ? How can I know ?
  28. I broke up with my ex after 4 years of relationship. It was the toughest decision ever. He loves me unconditionally. He is kind, handsome, caring a wonderful guy in general. For 2 years I had been having doubts as I thought he was a bit stuck in life, a bit selfish and immature. I felt like our conversations didn’t flow very well. Now that I am single I feel like my whole stability and structure is broken. I find it difficult to believe I will find a man that I truly fall in love with. This has nothing to do with herpes. A lot of men are interested in me always. As a matter of fact a lot of guys at work chase me. I was falling for someone but now I’m realizing he is immature, impulsive and too much of a risk. My mom who is extremely psychic and has visions has felt that with this guy something would go wrong down the road...and that I would end up quitting and losing my job. I 100% believe as all her gut feelings have always been right. I need someone to tell me about your true love connections and experiences...I just can’t imagine meeting someone else. And feel lonely and disheartened. All I want in life is to find true love, fall madly in love with each other, get married and have children. I know that I have to work in myself first. I’m only 26 years old. Herpes is a kit scary but I’ve told 2 guys and both were okay with it and accepted. I know someone who loves me for me won’t care one bit about this. but how can I believe there is someone out there for me? What if I’m not lucky enough to meet that special someone. I have a strong connection with my ex, he is my best friend. We still see each other, he still wants me. I feel confused. But I had been having second thoughts about him for 2 years...and wouldn’t get excited about getting married to him...because of some of his personality traits. And I would fantasize about other men. Sometimes life surprises you I know...and you can meet people out of the blue. But I hate being single. I dislike meeting new people like before and always wondering could he be the one...? And then realizing nope for whatever reason. please, can anyone who is happy and truly in a loving relationship give me advice and support?
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