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  2. SD1990

    HSV-1 transmission rates

    I personally don't think you need to disclose unless you're having oral sex. more than likely you have it in your mouth, and its an incredibly common virus. Most people who know they have it orally don't disclose before oral (which is a weird double standard, because your more likely to pass it on oral to genital that genital to genital). Your situation is the reason why health care professionals don't recommend getting the blood test. Let it ride unless you show signs of it genitally, then start to disclose (again, with the double standard bullshit).
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  4. sphire

    GHSV1 Newbie

    Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with GHSV1 last December. Got it in childhood. Unpleasant topic. I haven't dated or even kissed anyone before (I'm 18) and I want to have kids and a husband and a happy dating and sex life, but I feel like those things were taken from me before I could even dream of having them. I'm just so, so scared of rejection and loneliness and infecting future partners. I used to feel great about myself sexually, but now I cry often about how much anxiety I have relating to this and I feel like no one can love me and they'll just get hurt if they do choose to anyway. What's the point of trying to love someone if I'm going to hurt my lover and my future children. I feel filthy and diseased. I don't know what to do. I understand that a lot of this is emotional but it's a rut I don't know how to get out of. Sorry for the blob of negativity, I just thought that talking about it here would help. I've never knowingly spoken to someone who had herpes before, and I was kinda hoping you all could give me some advice on how to move on with my life and somehow end up happy.
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  6. Cwgrl100

    Sex without outbreak

    Knock on wood but my SO and I don't always use condoms if I'm feeling completely fine and we're lubed up enough (sorry but true,lol), and so far he hasn't shown any symptoms and we've been together over a year and a half. Not saying it won't happen though. If it does who knows if he'll have many symptoms and to be honest if we're looking at how "risky" we've been, I'd be surprised if he didn't have it! But so far, no issues and he's been fine. We just don't have sex if I have symptoms but fool around in other ways! Prior to him I had sex with others with no OBs, disclosed, and used protection and had no issues and I have HSV-2. But I'm pretty sure I was shared this from someone who had no symptoms either sooooo...Anyway my boyfriend has always said it's a chance he's willing to take
  7. So I’m feeling a lot better now than I did before. And I hate it. Why? Because my present self basically wants to murder my past self for ruining the future. Now that I know I DO deserve to be happy, I hate settling for anything less I’m in a relationship that is happy but we have 0 trust. He doesn’t trust me because I infected him and was weak and lied. I don’t trust him because instead of confronting me he started falling for / flirting with everything with pulse and a pair of boobs to satisfy his emotional needs which I only later found out. I want to be honest, and argue when necessary! Like normal couples! But: you know how conversations have a tendency to get broader and broader in topics until “going back to Adam and Eve”? Well, whenever we feel a motivation to fix what doesn’t feel good, and inevitably get to the root of it, what do we find? MY GODDAMNED MISTAKE of not accepting my diagnosis to be true and infecting him then for a long time saying I was clean. He does have mistakes too, but they don’t compare. Is hitting on other girls on the street while just starting to date someone rude? To me it is. Duh. But is it an incurable virus? I DON’T DAMN THINK SO... I’m so ashamed. I deserve better than who I was! I deserve respect and I deserve to be someone’s one and only queen, if I’m not single... I don’t wanna face this any more times. I already went to hell and back a lot. I’m so mad at my mistakes. I am an awesome human except for this one thing! I know it, I feel it, I know myself! I feel like grieving, almost all the time. I literally just wish for trust and appreciation. Basic things that most people have. Hell, I would take the cure for herpes too, if emotional remedies are out of stock... But that’s really just the second thing I would need to not feel like I’m slowly dying.
  8. I was thankfully able to get to the clinic almost right away as soon as the sores started showing so it may have gotten worse. I'm sorry you aren't in a position to get better care I'm still on 400 mg just once a day instead of 3. I haven't experienced any side effects so far.
  9. Hey Tk2019! Thanks for your reply And, lucky you! I wish it was only 4 sores.. How much do you take now, when you take it once a day? And you didn’t have issues with the side effects?
  10. Lovenhope

    Girl advice

    I'm currently on a daily dose of 500mg. I didn't know there's an impact on kidneys. So if this is a life dose, it'll eventually cause kidney issues? as far as seeing someone. I transmitted this through a sexual assult. And have been seeing a counselor since then to deal with it all. She's amazing but still feel like unless you're dealing with it you don't really truely understand. It's so easy for others to be like "someone who loves you won't care" when the reality is that you have to tell people before the are "in love" with you. And the whole concept of "if they reject you they are rejecting the virus not you" well yeah true, but that sucks even worse knowing that it could've worked out if this one thing wasn't there. again thank you all of the suggestions and advice I really don't know where I'd be without this forum.
  11. Emilyy1547

    Sex without outbreak

    Can you have sex without an outbreak? And what are the chances of transferring it. (Disclosing of course) Just still curious if anyone has had any experience with this and not transferring it to their partners.
  12. dianne12372

    Period Outbreak??

    I'm 47 and my periods are sporadic at my age. I'm having a very light one after not having one since Dec. and am feeling burning and irritation but so far now outbreak that I can see.
  13. dianne12372

    Girl advice

    When I'm having a breakout I use black african soap. It seems to be very soothing compared to regular soap. I lather up with it and leave the soap on for at least a minute before rinsing. You can find it at walgreens or walmart near the Burts Bees type merchandise. Most of my outbreaks are on my inner labia/clitoral or outer urethra area.
  14. dianne12372

    New OB location

    I get that too and it is very painful. I use a lysine ointment and gold bond powder. I keep sample sizes of gold bond powder in my purse along with extra pantyliners so I can reapply when I'm at work. Aloe gel is also soothing.
  15. SemiCrunchy

    New OB location

    I always have OB in the same location (lower part of outer labia) and after trying a new regimen I have my first OB on the top right of my clitoris and man does it hurt way more than any other sore I’ve had and also is taking longer to heal. I’m guessing it’s because it’s covered by the labia and not getting a lot of air but I NEED TIPS! The stuff I normally use to speed up healing burns like hell on this new spot.
  16. OlderNotWiser

    Herpes Anniversary

    Thank you for sharing. I was only recently diagnosed in October, but yes I have the date ingrained in my mind, as well as the last day I saw my partner before herpes. I reminisce about the great time we had, both sexually and conversationally. I remember the date I called to tell him of my diagnosis. I remember every date since when he avoided me, finally texted me, said he missed me, and apologized for being disrespectful. He said we would continue to talk but that never happened, and I have that date in my head as well. I am happy to hear that you have a relationship. It gives me hope. Prior to my diagnosis I had only been seeing this man for about six weeks, but we had just connected at a class reunion. I had not been with anyone in 4 years and was perfectly content being without a relationship, didn't feel I needed a man to be happy, etc. Reconnecting with him at the reunion and spending time with him in those 6 weeks was wonderful and I had hoped it would progress into something more. I have always been very shy and introverted, and was never into the dating scene. Prior to the man 4 years ago, I hadn't been with anybody in 7 years, and that was with a man I was in a relationship with for 3 years. Between the shock of finding out I had herpes, assuming he gave it to me, and then dealing with the possibility that he didn't, and his belief that he truly doesn't have it was so much to deal with in addition to the physical pain and discomfort, missing several days of work, etc. I am still dealing with the heartache of the loss of the relationship itself more than the idea that I have herpes. The fact that I was happy without a relationship before gives me the strength I need to know that I will be okay with or without a relationship. But the feelings I had for him, and still do, make me sad to think I may not have that with anyone else again. I struggle, going back and forth between regretting my decision to even get involved with him in the first place, and allowing myself not to regret it and trying to keep the good memories separate from the bad memories from the herpes experience itself. I find myself wanting a relationship that I never wanted before. But I really don't want to be with anyone else. I just want to be with him. I know that I will eventually heal. Thank you for sharing your story. This forum has been a blessing to me just to read all of the experiences and success stories.
  17. Braino

    Herpes in the Black Community

    @Star28 Florida in the house!
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  19. girltryingtodate

    Girl advice

    Doctors really don't get it. I understand because to them it's just a skin issue and they know that it's not a big deal but to us the stigma and the OBs really impact life. I wouldn't take Valtrex every time before a period unless you feel that you may be getting an OB only because it does impact your kidneys. I'm pretty good at knowing when I am getting an OB - I get very itchy and supper tingly. As soon as I feel like maybe I am getting an OB I take Valtrex. It's been emotionally more draining than anything else on me. I actually went to a psychologist to talk about this and will continue to do so until I feel like I have accepted it. I tried to deal with it on my own but after years I am still distressed whenever I have to disclose to a new partner. (Clearly didn't deal with it correctly just bottled it up.) So now it's time to deal with it properly for me and not for anyone else. I would suggest if you are having a lot of emotional difficulties (depression and anxiety) to make an appointment with a psychologist if you can. I only had one session and already feel a little better. Just talking to someone in real life helps. I hope you're doing well!
  20. Lovenhope

    Girl advice

    Thank you so much for all the advice. I'm on valtrex now and read on another forum from a person who had similar issues that they took a double dose right before/during their period even if symptoms were not there just to keep it from happening. Not sure if that's a good choice or not. Thanks for the suggestion on the soap I will have to give that a try. Trying really hard to get to the other side of this and find my calm happy life again but feel like dr's don't always really get it and feel like I just needs mentor. So I really appreciate both of your advice!
  21. I’m not diagnosed with HSV, but I have many of its symptom since having unprotected sex almost one year ago i have a terrible acne problem on my face and neck. Its weird because they show up in the same area every time and they will show up on either side of my face and neck simultaneously. The acne is also more painful than ever before when it is forming or when popped.
  22. I have only been recently diagnosed and had one OB but my doctor put me on 1200 mg of acyclovir (400mg 3× daily) for the first 5 days and it cleared me right up within two days or so. But I also only had 4 sores in total. Since then I've only been taking it once a day and have not seen or felt anymore sores.
  23. Hello herpes buddies. First of all a big thanks to the forum, it's been great finding this and reading through all the topics. I am writing with a mix of 'getting it off my chest' and seeking advice if anyone has some to spare Its been 4 weeks ago now that I got diagnosed with herpes, after getting weird painful spots around my ass. I went to a clinic where they immediately said 'ah, that's herpes' but could not do the test so I am not sure what type it is. Not knowing anything about the virus I said 'what? I had unsafe sex only a week ago' and they said yep that is exactly it. So, immediately wrote the guy who responded awfully and claims he doesn't know anything about this and is clean. He did admit he used to have cold sores when he was younger, but we didn't have oral sex as I was on my period, but did use his saliva as lube. We did have (a lot of) sex for a week which got me completely sore, drank a lot of alcohol, I had my period, and I had a lot of work stress. So, I don't know if I already had it and this all caused an outbreak, or if I just got infected. I don't even know if it makes sense trying to figure it out, but as you can imagine it is taking up a lot of time in my brain The asshole guy is also a colleague by the way. Anyway, now a month later, I am STILL dealing with the outbreaks. It's like, I am on my third now, or still on my first? It just seems to go away, almost... and then hit another spot of my genitals again. Literally I don't know if there is any part of my genital area that has not been affected by now. And it is all over the place. It looks like the google image search that makes you think 'wow lucky me it's not that bad'. From the clinic I got Valacyclovir for 5 days which I finished but since things haven't gotten better I started to doctor myself (which, I know, is really not a great idea but...) Here it comes, I am a humanitarian working in crisis areas with very very limited access to health services or any medicine to begin with. So, I found some acyclovir in a pharmacy and started taking this. Valacyclovir can't be found here. Finished 2 boxes (which was all they had in the pharmacy..), 2 days after it's finished and I stopped, but I am completely covered in spots again. So, found another pharmacy, where they had one box left. Bought it and well we will start again and will try to keep taking them as suppressive method. I am just getting fucking dizzy and nauseous from it. I hope you guys out there with proper access to health care, supplements, healthy food and all, will appreciate this even more now Anyway the thing is, I don't have any other option than eat rice bread and sheep, and have a huge amount of stress. This definitely isn't helping.. I hope to soon receive a box of Lysine supplements from a colleague that I am now putting all my hopes on. Anyway.. any kind words of encouragement would be highly appreciated, as well as some advice on the doses of acyclovir (they only have 200 here, so have been taking 2 (400) in the morning and 2 (400) for dinner for the first 5 days, and after went for 1 (200) in the morning and 1 (200) in the evening). Should I increase? Will the dizziness get more when the dosis increases or doesn't the dosis matter much in relation to side effects? Thanks a lot in advance to all.
  24. Tk2019

    Blood test vs swab

    Might also be worth noting that he had a cold the following week after we hooked up, meaning a lowered immune system. This all just seems a little coincidental. Is it possible to just build enough hsv 1 antibodies that that's his body's defense against hsv 2???
  25. I have but I can't find any proof that there is a correlation between the two. I have had issues with acne in the past but it was about 99% cleared up with medication until this past month when I've had a few spots. I take Yasmin but I had switched birth controls briefly which could also be the reason.
  26. Tk2019

    Blood test vs swab

    So I was just recently diagnosed with hsv 2 a couple of weeks ago. I had a new partner and started breaking out within the week so I went to PP and had the swab my blisters. I declined the antibody test because I had read about all the discrepancies with it but my partner had one done anyway. His test came back positive for hsv 1 antibodies but negative for hsv 2 antibodies. He told me he's had fever blisters on and off since high school so no surprise there. I can deal with the outbreak. I immediately started acyclovir and they went away. I'm just so confused because of the conflicting information. If I had it for years, why suddenly outbreak just after sleeping with this guy? Of course I know the blood tests have some flaws but it seems they're overall pretty accurate with usually more false positives than false negatives.
  27. organicmama

    Natural cure??

    I eat very healthy, did ozone therapy, UVBI therapy, and take immune-boosting supplements. It's been 6 months for me - zero symptoms.
  28. Devastated2018

    One year of constant outbreaks

    That is not the case for all people. It’s a very long and complicated story, but there is actually a document called “under our skin” that explains it. Insurance doesn’t cover any treatment except antibiotics for people with Lyme. But that doesn’t work for many. Not only does insurance not cover it but doctors can lose their license if they treat Lyme patients with anything except antibiotics.
  29. Star28

    Herpes in the Black Community

    @Braino Florida girl here
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