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  3. Hi so I just found out I have herpes 1 and 2. I’m very scared and anxious about this whole thing. I’ve always been so careful and now I feel disgusted with myself. I have so many questions I talked to 2 doctors my obgyn and my primary which seem to have a conflict of information. One says I cannot transmit to my children by sharing utensils or bath towels and the other says never ever share anything with anybody. I’ve been on suppressing treatment because I’m so paranoid about my situation but I am still so unsure about how it works. I’ve been doing my own research but everything is so conflic
  4. @Whyymeee I am going to CVS today. I will definitely pick some up! Thank you!!
  5. Try taking probiotics, it helped me. I was goin through that in the beginning. For me it was my discharge, it was causing me discomfort. Get the ones for vag health. Hope this helps
  6. I have had hsv 2 for about 6 months now. My partner has it too (where I got it from). We had unprotected sex for the first time since we have been diagnosed about a week ago. I’m having pain in my groin again (the type of pain I had when I had my first out break) . Previously when we would have sex, we used protection and I had no issues, now this time when we decide to “free ball” here come this annoying shit. He’s asymptotic so of course he’s chilling. My question is, is this normal with my new herpy body or is there maybe a bigger issue going on and I should contact my doctor. I was think
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  8. Sorry you both are going through so much confusion! False positives and negatives are unfortunately quite common, especially with IgM. And yes, definitely go for the western blot to get a definitive result. By the way, here's an article on herpes tests with more explanation.
  9. My daughter was tested in August 2020. Her IGG came back negative for HSV 1 and 2 but her IGM came back positive 2.19. The test also says that She has not had any symptoms or sores. Her Gyno has been less than helpful explaining anything to her. We are going to find a new doctor but are trying to get some clarity before hand. I tried setting up an account to ask Terry Warren some specific questions but have been unsuccessful as of now. She is planning on getting the Western Blot Test soon.
  10. Thank you so much!!😓 this will pass someday and I will be better. Heartbroken but strong.
  11. Hugs to you! I wish I had answers but I've not experienced this but I'm sorry you're going through all of this all at once.
  12. Thank you. I’m also losing the guy that gave me this and I’ve been pretty low. I know depression can also cause fatigue. I will continue to monitor and check back with my doc if it doesn’t get better.
  13. Hi Sarah, Hm, that does sound odd. If you're having genital outbreaks, that wouldn't *seem* to be related at face value; the nerve pathways HSV takes for genital outbreaks is from the base of the spine to the outbreak spot (so generally nerve sensations happen in the below-the-belt area in the thighs and butt). Even if it were an oral outbreak we're talking about, the pathway would be from the top of the spine to the oral outbreak spot, which wouldn't pass through the shoulder/arms area. I wonder ...
  14. Well, the smoking (cigs or weed) certainly isn't helping the outbreaks! 😃 Smoking in general is a big hit to your immune system, so any natural immunity you have built up over time gets decimated when you smoke. I would definitely suggest at least slowing down to give your body and the meds a better chance of staving off outbreaks. In the long run, planning on quitting (or dramatically decreasing) will be most healthy for you on multiple levels since it sounds like you're using weed as a crutch to feel better. And you know what, you have the ability to feel better inside yourself without
  15. @Zach1, you are very welcome. Glad I could help. : )
  16. Of course, @267Tim Anytime. ; ). I'm going to my doc this week and will be taking the whole STD panel again because I plan to start dating on the other side of the pandemic and want to be ready. It will be a bit of an exposure, but important to do. Always fun waiting for results. Wishing you the best.
  17. Hello Everyone! I am in week 3 of the initial outbreak. I’m healed up, just a little stinging, but I have bouts of fatigue still. This sounds weird but I feel it across my shoulders and down my arms. Hard to get out of the brain fog when it hits. Anyone else experience this?
  18. I’ve been a weed smoker for about 2-3 years consistently daily often in a backwood so with tobacco and I know smoking can be a trigger for a lot, but I just wanted to hear from my weed smokers if anyone else too would get triggered from the weed or if I should just try eliminating the tobacco and smoking it alone. I’ve been in this bad cycle of consistent outbreaks for months and I feel I don’t feel happy without the weed but also fear it’s what’s causing me to have these constant outbreaks. I am also taking suppressive meds of 400mg a day, but I see no help. I guess I should take break smokin
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  20. So true and since getting this from a date rape situation I’ve been through so many emotions. Angry for putting myself in the position. Angry that I was taken advantage of and given this to deal with but coming to terms with it m. Sstill feeling quite down so have been exercising and making plans to live life and do things I love like scuba diving, hiking and travel. It’s definitely a daily choice to accept and love yourself especially as I have an alcoholic father who was abusive and pretty much married the same kind of person with a secession of bad choices one after the other. Now time to
  21. Hi I have had the same experience I only got it a month or so ago from being date raped which leaves me feeling so defiled and angry. I had non-stop stomach pain and the same kind of discharge. I have been on a strong probiotic Women’s Flora Balance and Nilstat which helps get your internals back to the right acidic environment. Mine was Thrush but I also have got BV in the past as well I would highly recommend getting some treatment for thrush even though they test came back negative. See if it helps. I’m in the same boat it’s so confronting and depressing.
  22. Thank you so much, NJ!! It means so much that you posted back. I hope you are doing better.
  23. I'm so sorry Sarah. If anything take this as a sign that he wasn't right for you in the long run. I know that doesn't help right now but in time you will see that this will be good for you. Take this time to ficus on yourself and your health. Hang in there girl! Hugs!
  24. It’s been a few days taking it at night and I definitely do better. Unfortunately, bf and I are on the outs. I’ve poured my heart into him and he is not supportive at all. True colors are shining through. Looks like this won’t be about us but about me. In a way I think it may be better in the end. But I am heartbroken. 😢😢😢
  25. I’m so sorry you are going through this. I am new to all of this but wanted to tell you we are here.
  26. I hope it’s nothing. I’m still finishing up my initial outbreak. I am praying for you ♥️
  27. I tested positive for HSV2 on Feb. 6th. My initial outbreak was awful and lasted about 4-5 weeks. I have been pretty good until this afternoon. I think I am getting what I think is prodrome symptoms - Itchy/tingling in the spinal area right by the butt crack, and tingling on the butt cheeks. I am also really tired (although I did not get a ton of sleep last night so not sure if it is related to that). I have no sores that I can see. Do these sound like prodrome symptons? Should I double up on the Valtrex for a few days to be safe? I currently take 500mg once a day. I have been under quite a bi
  28. Hi I'm 30 years old, Irish guy living in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Is there anyone else on here living in the Netherlands. If so get in touch. Would be nice to message. xoxo
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