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  2. Thank you so much for replying! It makes me hopeful knowing that you still were able to have a family after this diagnosis. When I got diagnosed I asked what type of strain I have and they said that it doesn’t really matter when it’s down there. Do you think I should go and get checked what specific strain I have? At PPH they said that their insurance card they have that I currently use doesn’t cover it (thank god it covers my acyclovir though)! I don’t want to use my family’s insurance because I don’t want them to find out.
  3. You’re right that genital HSV-2 does she’d more than genital HSV-1, so it is important to know what strain you have. Have you checked out the handouts with all the facts and figures on it? It goes into detail about all that. Download them here: https://www.herpesopportunity.com/lp/ebook Definitely get bloodwork done again and this time get a Western Blot test, which will give you definitive results. Here’s an article on herpes tests: https://www.herpesopportunity.com/post/herpes-tests
  4. Hi Riley and welcome! Unfortunately IgG and IgM tests are notoriously bad at giving false negatives and false positives. The Western Blot test is the definitive test to tell what type(s) you have. Here’s an article on herpes tests with more info: https://www.herpesopportunity.com/post/herpes-tests
  5. Oh it’s definitely not just in our heads. I just wonder if the stress from anxiety makes it more aggressive and that’s why we get the daily symptoms. I’ve also been taking Valtrex daily but it hasn’t helped at all with the itching. My friend who is a PA follows a doctor who recommended seaweed extract. I’ve been taking seaweed capsules for three weeks now but nothing. I’m going to try an antihistamine like someone recommended in the thread and Vitamin C! I really hope the symptoms go away on their own one day. I just want to feel normal again. I don’t even care about the sores anymore because those come and go not like the itching.
  6. I did suffer from anxiety prior to hsv but I know that these symptoms are not in my head. Have you tried taking any vitamins? I just started taking vitamin C and have noticed symptoms have gone down a little. I’ve heard people have some luck with magnesium as well.....I’m really hoping within the next 6 months (that’ll make it a year since my first outbreak) that the daily symptoms will go away. It’s so strange how some people get daily symptoms and others do not. Even when I take valtrex daily, I still have the itching and tingling and pain.
  7. Sadly, I’m so happy to hear from other people going through the same thing. I’ve been experiencing the same symptoms since my first outbreak back in June 2019. I’m sad to admit that I had even contemplated suicide because nobody understood me. My family started telling me that the itching was all in my head. I even went to the ER a few months ago because the irritation got that bad. I’m seeing another Obgyn this week in hopes that they will actually listen. I really hope that things get better after the first year like someone mentioned because I feel like I’ve lost hope. I’ve tried different ointments but nothing really works. I’m just relieved to know that I’m not alone and that I wasn’t going crazy. Hope we can all get through this soon. Did anyone else also suffer from anxiety before contracting hsv? I wonder if this is a factor in the daily symptoms.
  8. Hi & welcome, Getting an initial diagnosis can be pretty devastating. I’ve been there; it’s safe to say that most people on this site have been there. When you found out, did the nurse or doctor not indicate the type of HSV? For what it’s worth, herpes is herpes in my opinion. There isn’t a joy of having one over the other. I would like to not have either HSV1 or HSV2, yet here we are. Don’t let this get you down. Over analyzing the situation isn’t going to change the outcome; over analyzing will simply rob you of any joy that you can have. I was doom and gloom when I found out that I lost 3-4 years of my life. I’m still losing moments due to regret, shame, & fear. Find someone to talk to who knows that “H” isn’t the end of your life or sexual life. I, like you, believed that but my husband (then boyfriend) did not. Just as he accepted me, someone will accept you. You’re more than herpes. As for your friends, there’s probably someone in your circle that is afraid to say anything for fear of being ridiculed. If there isn’t, that doesn’t make you any less lovable. I hope you realize that this isn’t your fault and it doesn’t define you. May you find comfort soon. Message me if you need to talk/vent/whatever.
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  10. You can go get bloodwork done again and it should be able to tell you.
  11. In October of 2019, I had a cut / or break out, on my bikini area, I had it for about 3 days before it started most of my discomfort. I went to an urgent care because my first initial thought was herpes. The nurse there assured me, it doesn’t look like that and just looks like an infected cut. She gave me ointment and I left. I decided to contact my OBGYN a few days later after that appointment because the pain was getting worse right there and was not healing. Especially with my underwear constantly on it. I had the cut around a week now. I had no pain while urinating, no cuts or sores near my actual vagina. Which I know herpes can be anywhere on the body. Well they decided to do a culture and blood work. The culture came back positive for HSV2. And they sent me a message saying my blood work confirmed my diagnosed. But if you actually look at my blood the level of HSV was 0.10 which is consider negative. She told me with my first breakout it takes some time to show up in the blood which is why there do the culture and the igg antibodies and Igm. But my blood work was only showing positive for hsv1, the levels were high and which I knew I already knew I had. Then I came back 5 months later to do blood work to follow up and I’m only positive for HSV(1). Again, I already knew I did. I have had it my whole life. Now I am confused. Should I get a second opinion?? She told me she was just going to Diagnose me with HSV1 Genital herpes due to the symptoms. Which I think is not fair because the culture said 2. And people get misdiagnosed everyday.
  12. @mr_hopp thank you for your response. I am trying really hard to not let it get to me but I think between this and all the chaos going on in today’s world, I’m having a harder time dealing with it than I usually would. I too, am proud that I had the courage to tell him. He’s younger than I am so I feel like maturity has a lot to do with why he decided not to take the risk. He still messages me every day saying he misses me but I’m wondering if continuing to talk to him is doing more harm, than good. Sorry for the vent. I am just at a loss right now lol.
  13. Hello all, this is my first time posting in one of these forums. I’ve been reading through and it’s given me a lot of hope but I’m still feeling pretty depressed and anxious about this. I am 22 years old and I was diagnosed a month before my 22nd birthday (happy birthday to me right). I honestly had never even really heard about herpes and growing up in a catholic household I never even had “the talk”. I’m also Asian American and I feel like it’s so taboo for me to have it I honestly feel so disappointed in myself and I keep replaying when I believe I got infected because I should’ve just known better. Getting my herpes diagnosis did help me come to some realizations though. Before herpes, I honestly was pretty reckless with my sexual health and I thought sex was validation. I’m not saying I am a slut I didn’t sleep with a lot of people but also so what?! I’m in my 20’s my last year of college I should be allowed to have fun, right? But here we are. I just feel like I can’t be care free when I’m going out now and it just sucks because now when I’m around all my friends I just can’t stop thinking about how I’m the only one who has this. I feel like if they found out they’d all judge me. I feel like I can’t even tell my family because they would disown me and cut me off. I don’t know I just feel like my life is over and reading through this forums I know it’s not but being young with this just sucks. I’m not even sure what strain I have but I’m scared that I might have passed it on to one of my closest guy friends. I thought I was being safe I am on suppressive meds and he only performed oral sex for maybe 10 seconds so I didn’t think it would be enough to transmit but a few days later he told me he was feeling different symptoms (sore throat, cough, had a high fever). He was diagnosed with chlamydia and I was too scared to tell him I had H (I know I should have told him before but we were so drunk and I know that that is not an excuse but I am still embarrassed). I don’t know what to do now, his symptoms went away but I’m just dreading the day that he might pass it on to someone and I just feel so guilty. Any advice? I also have some general questions. I am not sure what strain I have but I read here that it’s very rare to get hsv2 in the mouth so do you think I have ghsv1? I think I might have had an outbreak a week before this happened but it only lasted a few days. Please any advice for the future or with my situation would be so helpful. And if there are any Asian Americans on here, how did you get through getting this diagnosis??
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  15. Yes for the itching, I think to help ease it as it can be really bad at times.
  16. Hello so the clinic said it didnt look like h. They swabbed me and everything came back negative. She said I needed to get a moisturiser. I later went to the doctors and was given some cream for eczema. Things improved quickly. She thinks the skin is dry and tender from using a range of creams to try and improve things. I still have a little cut left..its taken a long time to heal but it is doing so. I would suggest going to the doctors when you can. It was reassuring to hear 2 doctors say it didnt seem like h and makes me feel better knowing that if and when it happens again I wont feel like I'm putting my partner at risk. It's also a reminder that we tend to put everything down to h and other things can happen to us too! Hope you manage to get things sorted. I know it's frustrating not being able to work out what's what
  17. Do you know why she suggested taking antihistamines? Is to relieve the itching?
  18. I was diagnosed with hsv 2 in August last year and I have also had daily symptoms. It really gets me down and I have been on speed dial to my local clinic in the hope that they will help. I have to say I've been made to feel like I'm over reacting that was until my last appointment I went got a swab taken I had bv but most importantly I was listened to. She gave me treatment for my bv, for my herpes but also advised me to take antihistamines which i have just started taking in the hope that they will help I am on day 4 and they seem to help ease them. I hope that it is my body getting used to having it and will eventually feel better.
  19. Hello. I’m a woman in my mid 20s. I was diagnosed 3 years ago, my immune system since then learned how to suppress the virus so I rarely get symptoms. I haven’t had sores for like a year now. When I am sick with a cold or am sleep deprived I get a little itch and that’s it. BUT I often get discomfort in my general vaginal area at many points through my cycle. After my period is over and before I ovulate, the “dry days” that is, I often feel a slight burning like a yeast infection. No discharge, the smell is perfectly healthy too, but there’s still discomfort mostly inside, not on my labia where I used to have the sores, just inside. Can having H without sores still put your pH balance off??? I never had any problems with my pH or lubrication before, before contracting H I always bounced back to normal very quicky after my period and got wet a lot faster during foreplay too. Is there any science behind this, how can H mess with the skin and mucous membrane so much if it doesn’t even produce sores? Should I invest in an intimate moisturizer that older women use when hormonal changes result in less natural lubrication? Any experience, ladies? Thanks a bunch! <3
  20. Hi @Riseandfall , just curious - what did the clinic say? Did you figure anything out regarding this? My cut actually JUST came back today and I'm frustrated as usual. It seemed to appear out of absolutely nowhere! How has yours been?
  21. Hello everyone, Hope you're all staying safe and healthy through this craziness! I have a question for the ladies on here; I have a very long cut centered right between my labia at the very front. It's very odd, and will just pop up randomly and bleed a bit. The last time it appeared it took over a month to clear up. I'm unfortunately lucky enough to be diagnosed with both HSV-1 and 2 already, but it's such an odd symptom, and I'm wondering if it's even related...has anyone else had this? It doesn't seem to respond to Valtrex - normally my breakouts clear up within a few days. Is it yeast related? My main reason for asking is that I would like to be aware if it's a flare-up to protect future partners. Thanks!
  22. One of my biggest concerns right now having newly been diagnosed with HSV-2 is acquiring HIV from a new partner. I've read from the CDC that herpes-positive individuals are 2-3x more likely to acquire HIV because it readily infects the T-cells where the lesions were, healed or not, and using antivirals do not prevent HIV transmission. Besides wearing protection, communication with partners, and limiting the amount of partners I'm having sex with, how can I prevent and lessen my chances of acquiring HIV? I've read there's a stigma for herpes, but there seems to be a much bigger stigma for HIV, and this is one of the last things I'd like to acquire in life.
  23. I know it hurts, especially after making yourself vulnerable and then getting a resounding “no thanks.” I’m sorry for that. And remember that it’s only a true rejection of you reject yourself and make it about you not being enough. You just weren’t right for him. Which ultimately means he wasn’t right for you. You are always enough for the relationship that is right for you. And this just wasn’t it. Try not to take it too personally and definitely don’t make it into proof that you won’t find someone in the future. That’s some grade A BS. 😉 And by the way, congratulations on having the courage and integrity to disclose. I’m impressed. It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it to speak your truth and share yourself, regardless of the outcome. 💪👊
  24. One more thing, Is there anything I can put on these blisters to make them disappear sooner? I've read of magnesium sulfate paste to dry them out and also about apple cider vinegar, but not sure and don't want to make things worse. My finger looks awful as the blisters are now becoming darker- almost like a purplish red color. Not sure if that's part of the expected process? Thanks!
  25. Hi Alexus, a pic would be fine, yes. From what I’m reading, you could have auto-inoculated yourself in other an area with open skin if it was prior to building up antibodies...
  26. Hi mr_hopp, I really appreciate your response! I read it over and over. I will ask my doctor what type it is. When she called with the results I was so she’ll shocked that I couldn’t think of anything to ask. I’m so angry with myself, disappointed, and sad over this. I’m praying this never comes back, and scared that I’ve passed it to myself somewhere else. When I initially went to my primary doctor, they thought it was a bacterial infection from a hangnail and put me on antibiotics. They told me to keep it open to air. That was before the blisters started. I went back the day after the blisters and they said they thought it could be bacterial and viral and they poked at it and squeezed the hell out of it and then put a bandaid in it. I started covering it from then on but no one said how contagious it could be. So now I’m worried I could’ve gotten it somewhere else? How will I ever know? Do I have to wait another 20 days from the time the blisters showed up on my finger to know if I have it on my mouth and or genitals? I’m reading 80% of people have herpes and don’t know it -so I could have it on my genitals and never know. Do I just wait for an OB that hopefully never comes? Does this mean I have to disclose I have herpes to anyone I kiss or touch? I don’t know if this is like a cold sore that is on my hand? Are people with cold sores supposed to tell anyone they kiss that they have herpes? Is it possible that I contracted it on my hand and no where else during the the sexual contact? Is HSV 1 a worse diagnosis that HSV2 in this case? I know this is a lot of questions. Thank you for helping me through this!
  27. Wow! When I use to get genital outbreaks, at the same time I use to get a few bumps on this one particular spot on my arm that would tingle! I’m sure I was experiencing the same as you. And when I took my medication, it went away the same time as my outbreak down there. I was always afraid to tell my doctor about it tho, but I used a bandaid to cover it. I would include a picture for comparison if that’s fine with you. So I’m sure I touched myself while having a outbreak & spreading it thru a cut on my skin.
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