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  2. I received a titer for the IGG test of 1.2 for HSV2 a couple weeks ago. My last sexual encounter was 6 weeks prior to the test however chance of exposure then and during any other encounter before then are very low. (The man I was having sex with for the past year and a half came back clean and the other four sexual encounters I’ve had since then have all been with protection) I also already have hsv 1 and have for over fifteen years (since I was a toddler). What are the odds that the western blot test I ordered for confirmation will indicate the IGG was a false positive if anyone has an comments they can offer or examples of their experience with the western blot and false positives?
  3. I just ordered my western blot test yesterday because I recently decided to get a panel done when I had my wellness visit and came back positive for hsv 1 with a titer of 22 (I’ve known about that since I was very young) but my hsv 2 titer was 1.2. My ex just came back negative for hsv 2. I have had protected sex with 2 men and unprotected sex with one man who since his last clean panel had a sex with one person protected. The 3 sexual partners were in the span of the last 4 months with my last sexual encounter being with the unprotected man approximately 6 weeks ago. I know the western blot will give me a true answer but until then I find myself weighing the chances/odds of it being a false positive and wonder if anyone could weigh in?
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  5. This happened after I shaved the area... Don't believe I had recently had a partner (photos from awhile back), but have had quite a few partners. Image link below. They were raised, no pain outside of if I poked at the big one on the scrotum in the first picture like when you mess with an ingrown hair or pimple...it didn't crust over or anything, just went away like a normal ingrown hair would do kind of deal. The ones on the side of the penis did sort of scab over..but again, raised, no pain, etc. The raised spots did seem to match hair follicle places..but I mean, like the whole area matches that so idk if that means anything. [IMAGE NOT ALLOWED]
  6. Takimg suppressive therapy doesn’t affect your body’s ability to make antibodies, so no worries there. And you only need to consider suppressive therapy if you have bad/consistent outbreaks or you are trying to protect a partner who doesn’t have herpes. More on that here: https://www.herpesopportunity.com/post/herpes-medication When I was single and not having sex, I didn’t take acyclovir at all and just rolled with the occasional outbreak. Now that I’m married to a woman who doesn’t have herpes, I take daily suppressive therapy to keep her from contracting it.
  7. Follow-up question: I've been on suppressive meds since my initial outbreak since I wasn't sure when my sex life would re-start and I wanted to be "covered" with meds in my system in case it was sooner rather than later since I do have 2 partners who are ok with still having a sexual relationship. How can your body build antibodies to the virus if it's being suppressed with meds? I've been on the fence about meds from the beginning because I wasn't sure if it was best to let my body try and handle it independently or to just stay on meds for 6-12 months to help my body out?
  8. hey @Riseandfall - i use the cream and just apply a dab of it on the cut on the vulvar (yup that's where i had it). oh my tear lasted fucking MONTHS and the doctor said to just put neosporin on it did NOT work. this was the ONLY thing that finally sealed it and it even STRENGTHENED it such that it hasn't teared from vigorous activity since (fingers crossed). read up about it - the makers researched what makes strong healthy skin and created the formulas they use. i absolutely swear by it after NO OBGYN could help me with it. please let me know your results!
  9. I did a lot of research and frankly after now living with it it’s not that big of a deal. I know some people have horrible experiences but I don’t. But I also take daily suppressive therapy. As for positive singles I think it’s an idea. I just don’t like the notion that you need some special place to go get a date. It’s really amazing that you found someone. That’s good PR for the site. I’m gonna take it day by day. The way I’m trying to see it is I have to be ok with me and accept it all. Then I’ll be completely comfortable talking about it. It’s only been 2 months so it’s still an evolution. And yes I would have said no too. It totally changes the perspective now.
  10. Emmy19, Maybe you should try, like I did, postive singles. Granted, you will get the jerks still. I went on two dates with guys on that site that, one guy I wanted to slap into the next state and another one who made me scare to talk about h in public. He was also bitter about his divorce. So there are more things to be concerned about then h, but then I met a guy on there that was wonderful. We have been together for over a year now and I couldn't be happier. We do have our problems, but they are normal problems that every relationship has and will define a relationship. He makes me feel normal like I should feel and just because we both have H, it's not that big of a deal for us. To each other, we are normal people in a normal relationship, even if we do talk about it, our experiences and how we got it, it's like two people having a normal conversation. There is no stress and no worries. So think about that website. It might be a little easier. Hopefully this helps you and others who read this.
  11. This is me as well! I was SOOOOO paranoid and afraid of std’s. I’m also a hypochondriac...and I was one of those people who would have probably said no too...ah the irony.
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  13. You are welcome dear. I haven't seen my gynae in a long while. You know what really helps. Exercising, managjng stress through a coping skill, eating lots of fruits and veges, taking vitamin c, herpes meds and probiotics. You can also take multivitamins. Oh yes DRINK A WHOLE LOT OF WATER. SLEEP WELL. Focus on Goals...Honestly once i have started doing this overtime i havent had an outbreak. Initially those steps were taken to show myself that i am still going to take "care of me" and "love me" despite herpes. Turns out it had lot more benefits. Note: I do have relapses from time to time. I will cry or vent on the forum. So I started seeing a pyschologist to help me with the mental "symptoms" that comes with hsv but physically i am fine.
  14. I agree with you. I think this support group has helped me alot. May I add that i was once negative too but overtime i started gaining confidence.
  15. Honestly for me, I am not ashamed when guy's say they dont date people with herpes because before i contracted it I was one of them who feared STDS. Remember it is highly stigmatized. Spend some time becoming more knowledgeable about the illness and NEVER disclose too early. Stay positive but be smart as well.
  16. @Fmals i was thinking about and a lot of ppl don’t answer, perhaps they are afraid to answer. I thought it could be a good way to answer them personally so that when people see the responses it may make them feel more comfortable answering or messaging to say me too or idk. It’s worth a shot. It’s actually okcupid. Now don’t get me wrong to find someone worthy even without the blemish is a search effort, this will add an additional layer of digging. I was impressed by the questions. The funniest thing I realized was some of these men say yes to being peed on but won’t date someone with a cold sore. That person just automatically gets an F. What the hell. There are other good questions about hobbies, politics, religion, cleanliness, debt. I liked it. One guy had the same answer as me on 150 questions, then was like nope I don’t date hsv people lol. Oh well. I’m not going to lose hope. It will work out. Better day today.
  17. Hey guys. So just when I hit my 1 year mark and though I'd start having even fewer outbreaks, I've started this nonstop cycle of irritation. Before then, it was every 2-3 months or so, lasting a few days (except my 2nd OB which lasted weeks). But now I don't know what's going on. Initially I wasn't sure if what I was experiencing was actually the virus, and went to my gynecologist twice. Both times she saw nothing - tested me for yeast/bacteria (negative) and some other skin condition called GBS (negative). But finally it got worse (it was painful to wipe after using the bathroom) so I went to a clinic for a swab. The doc there actually saw what I saw, said the skin was open, tested it and it's positive for H. I'm on Valcyclovir 500 mg 3x day but it doesn't seem to be working. So, I have an appointment with an infectious disease specialist, hoping he can help me find some answers. In the meantime while I wait, does anyone have tips for irritation? Mine is mostly in the perineal or anal area. No "sores" or "lesions" (or if there are they're too small to see). My gyno said not to use Vagisil. The planned parenthood nurse said Aspercreme or Anicare which burned me like crazy during my first OB. Any suggestions for ointments or creams I can get OTC or ask for a prescription to deal with the pain? It's been over 2 months now and I am getting to the point where I don't want to leave my bed in the morning.
  18. Hi! I missed this response (I need to start checking "notify responses") I honestly still haven't truly started (I.e. haven't had sex), but I went out on my first date maybe 4 months after I was diagnosed. Since then been out on maybe 2 super casual just to get out. I plan to start practicing again (just getting out even if I have no intention of sex or long-term anything) because I can't let this virus end what in retrospect was an amazing life.
  19. Thank you for this article! I've been having a tough time physically (uncommon, recurring irritation that's baffling my gynecologist) and this is a good reminder of how trivial this infection once was. Once I get my symptoms under control (Dear Universe) and get back to a place where I may start dating again, I'm sending this article to them! (Or maybe I won't have to since some people take it pretty well!)
  20. Hi, These forums can definitely be dire. I am one of those folk who is completely fine with my diagnosis but I think that’s because I had to tell 2 sexual partners about it straight away and they were both totally chill which made me reflect on my initial horror lol. I like to come on here because it’s not one of those things that you can just talk about in general conversation so it’s a safe place to chat. I am also interested in other people’s experiences. I’ve definitely taken breaks from forums though. If I feel myself getting frustrated with other people’s anger/sadness/bitterness I know it’s time for a break. Stay positive and do what feels right for you ❤️
  21. Hi @kinator! It's courageous for you to reach out and ask. The first step is to work with your own inner shame around this and let it go. Let go of the stigma and embrace your vulnerability. In short, become Stigma Bulletproof. And there's a lot of content having to do with the herpes talk here on H Opportunity. First things first, download the free dislosure e-book & handouts here: https://www.herpesopportunity.com/lp/ebook Then, check all these links out for more: https://www.herpesopportunity.com/post/the-herpes-talk-and-your-perspective https://www.herpesopportunity.com/post/making-herpes-disclosure-sexy https://www.herpesopportunity.com/post/doesnt-disclosing-herpes-destroy-intimacy https://www.herpesopportunity.com/post/when-to-have-the-herpes-talk https://www.herpesopportunity.com/post/herpes-disclosure-as-foreplay And if you’re ready to take a deep dive into discovering your opportunity, living it outloud and finding the relationship you deserve, You can buy the Opportunity audio course here (guide #3 is all about the herpes talk): https://www.herpesopportunity.com/lp/lifestyle-guides You've got this!
  22. Hey guys. So for anyone who's seen my posts on here before, I was in a relationship for 7 years, and gave myself the gift of herpes about 3 years ago now. Well, my ex an di broke up a while ago, and I had met someone. We started talking online and one day this friend came over and we wound up having sex before I could disclose. (Oral herpes on my genitals) I havent had a outbreak in quite a while (a few months) and me and this guy have now been seeing eachother for a few weeks now. But I'm so scared to tell him and have him leave. Hes younger than I am, but very mature. And I'm concerned that the stigma of the virus will make him leave. Does anyone have any advice on how it would be best to tell someone this?! I'm losing my mind, and really dont want to lose him.
  23. I both agree and disagree with your psychologist. It's just not so black and white. The question to ask yourself when looking at online forums is this: "What story is being supported here?" Is it the story of optimism and vulnerability or the story of negativity and shame? Are the members being supported in their resiliency or are they being supported as helpless victims? The context is super important here. Sometimes a forum itself can be rife with negativity and supporting a super depressing storyline about the future. Sometimes it's individual people posting who are caught in a negative storyline about what this now means about them and their lives. It's the classic motif of dark and light. Which will win out? The one you give more attention to. Even on this forum, there are plenty of folks who initially arrive with a super negative mindset, which is understandable since stigma is so commonplace. (Yes, I was one of those people when I first got herpes!). But once we know better, then it's up to us to be representatives of the light, of optimism, of Opportunity ... to become Stigma Bulletproof (and then pass that mindset along to those who need it). This is when an online forum can be a place where minds — and subsequently lives — can be changed for the better.
  24. That's just not true about your dating life coming to an end because if herpes
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