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  2. OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO EXCITING!!!! 🥳 Congratulations!! You deserve this happiness and so much more!! 😊 Have a wonderful trip!!! Yes, as my mom always says, "Life isn't easy... life isn't perfect... Life is GOOD!" 🌄😊
  3. Things are sooo good! We're actually planning a quick getaway trip too, so all is well, I'm on cloud 9 right now, couldn't be better. And tonight he's introducing me to his kids so I have definitely found a keeper. Life is good!
  4. Awwww thank you @NJRunnerMom!!!! ❤️❤️🦋🦋🌼🌼🍀🍀 I hope everything is well with you!!! 😊😊😇😇🌈🌈
  5. Thank you! I don't think I'd ask him to go on meds since it's been so long since he had an OB. We are currently using condoms but sometimes do not.
  6. I am sooooo happy to hear this! Congratulations!!! There are good men out there who will understand and care about us regardless of our H status. I'm so happy for you!
  7. Hey Everyone! I hope you all are well 🙂 ! Last night I told an amazing man about my herpes, and he was so kind and accepting. We are really into each other, and what's so funny is we haven't talked in 15 years, since we were childhood friends!! As we've been talking, he kept saying I was his dream girl, and I kept thinking "Yeah... well just wait until I tell you about my herpes." Because he is in the military, I had to tell him over text, so of course I told him I would rather tell him this in person, but I had to tell him before we made an effort to see each other. When
  8. Of course!! Happy to help. 🌼🍀🌄🦋. Pass on the kindness and support I whatever way/(s) you can to keep the good vibes flowing!! Sending happiness and peace 🍀🌼🌄❤️🦋!!
  9. Thank you so much for all of your help. ❤️ You’ve been a ray of hope for me the last few days! 🌞✨
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  11. @NJRunnerMom Yes!! You make a great point. Sometimes we miss the red flags of who we shouldn't tell out personal business to. I am such an open book and wear my heart on my sleeve, but I've learned to have circles; outer, medium and inner circles. Like, people have to prove their way in. Everyone starts out in the outer circle (coworkers, friends, random people, etc) and if they show trust and kindness, and no red flags, they can move into the middle circle of friends. Only those we really really trust can go into the inner circle of best pals or romantic partners. Telling so much about
  12. I'm sorry he reacted that way. He's definitely not the guy for you anyway. I'm not sure but maybe you disclosed too soon especially if you saw signals, like him being overly nice. Either way, keep your chin up and move on. There will be someone for you, trust me. I just had my first disclosure and he accepted me just as I am. You will find someone too!
  13. Yes 13 years is so long!! Honestly stress can cause outbreaks-- the stress of the pandemic could have triggered it. What the actual heck. That's so absurd 😂😑 I'm sorry for the lack of logistical competence of the test people 😂. Good luck with the swab!!! You can do this ❤️❤️❤️ Blessings!!!
  14. Oh wow, well that’s great news. I love dark chocolate too! Like I said before, this is only the 2nd time this has happened in 13 years. I don’t know what brought it on, but I’m going to try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Remember how I said I was waiting on blood test results? Well....I used “let’s get checked” and I knew that my package made it back to where it was supposed to, but it was still saying “expected in lab” online. So I called, and apparently they put the wrong return shipping envolope in my box. My sample went to NY, and it was supposed to go to Califor
  15. Hooray!! We are so happy to hear that. Please remember you are never alone. You have nothing to feel ashamed about. Hold your head high and be your own best friend! 🌼☀️ Sending Peace and Happiness!! 🌼🌄🌈☀️❤️🍀
  16. Hi!! First, I am so sorry about this. This is not your fault, and I've had the same thing happen before. This usually is a red flag that the person only wanted one thing (sex!), And honestly it is these situations where our HSV comes in handy, like a truth-identifying magic wand!! Hold your head high when you see him at work. You have NOTHING to be ashamed about, and frankly of he were to tell anyone about it, that may be considered sexual harassment under Title IX, and even if it isn't technically under Title IX, him talking about it would be completely inappropriate and you could
  17. This forum has definitely helped me. Thank you for kindness.
  18. I am terrified of flying planes. I recently got hired for a seasonal (5-6 month) job in a remote location. The guy sitting next me offered his hand and gave me support during the entire flight. Upon landing we were all required to quarantine for 14 days. During that time this guy was texting me non stop. Telling me I was beautiful. It’s fate. (Overdoing it in my opinion). He was aggressively pursuing me through text. Day 9- I disclosed to him of my HSV status and he stops texting me. Mind you, I still have to see and work this guy for the next 6 months or so. I’m afraid he will tell
  19. Last week
  20. Hi!! Oh my gosh, that's literally the Universe talking to you! That is the ultimate exposure therapy!! I am so happy to hear that you aren't experiencing any intense itching or pain! Yes, diet can really impact outbreaks. In terms of low-arginine foods, I honestly have never considered it!!! I've been vegan for 11 years and perhaps that is helping me to not have outbreaks? I've only had two outbreaks since my original outbreak in 2019, and they were minor. I actually did not have access to the acyclovir during one of them so I just waited it out, lol! If anything, I eat A
  21. I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with OCD too. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. It is not enjoyable whatsoever. I’ve had a few breakdowns over my OCD the last year, too. 2020 was not nice to me, and so far not this year either. It makes a lot of sense that OCD is produced by anxiety. That’s exactly how mine came to be. I did talk therapy for a while, but felt I wasn’t getting anything out of it. So I called someone that specializes in ERP, and plan on starting treatment with her soon. In the meantime, she gave me some tools to work on by myself. I’m reading lots of books, listening
  22. Hi!! First, you do NOT need call this a pity party! This a space for you to vent without judgment. You are allowed to have bad days. You are allowed to struggle! Even moms struggle! You aren't weak. You are strong! 👍 It is totally okay. Honestly I had a nervous break down a few weeks ago because the OCD just got too much. I started going to therapy and it really helps. The human brain is literally so complex, but the awesome thing is, we can REWIRE our brains! It takes hard work, but it gets easier. Setbacks are so not fun, but you can persevere!! 🌄🌻 According to my amazing ther
  23. And I also want to add, that when this popped up on Monday, I about had a mental breakdown. 😭 I’ve been working very hard on myself, my OCD, anxiety, and spirituality lately. I feel like this is such a setback for me. I feel like it’s the worst thing possible to happen as far as my treatment for OCD goes. Because I’m having to do all of these rituals. It took me about an hour to just change my tegaderm and take a quick shower last night.💔 I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I’m trying to stay positive. I’ve been praying a ton, trying to focus on how beautiful my baby is, how blessed I am
  24. Thank you so much for understanding. I am really struggling over here. I’m also still breastfeeding, so I’m trying to make sure that nothing gets passed to my breasts, etc. that could harm my baby. It’s just so much to worry about. 😔 I really appreciate all of your kind words and encouragement. I’ll keep reading what you said, until it really sinks in and I start believing it. ❤️😅 And I REALLY appreciate the prayers, more than anything! 🙏🏻❤️ I agree with what your said about the Dr. visit 13 years ago. Totally not okay. I was young, naive and scared. I know better now
  25. Hi again!! I also wanted to say... I am sorry the doctor 13 years ago didn't test it, and just prescribed you antiviral medication. That is just NOT OK! hopefully when you get the results back from blood work or the swab your mind can relax ❤️. Also, since you are unsure of what the lesion is, here is a quick way to try to ID it while you await the blood results: INGROWN HAIR: dark line (the hair) may be present in the middle. It may be shiny and have a head on it. May be quite large, and usually not in a cluster, but one by itself. May be painful to touch. HERPES SO
  26. Hi!!!! I am so sorry for your stress. I actually joined this site because I also have horrible contamination OCD and various other OCD types. I understand how you feel. It is so scary and horrible; the guilt is unbearable, especially when using shared objects, the bathroom, and laundry. Let me tell you the facts. Remember, OCD lies to us. It fixates on things, and makes us feel the need to release the anxiety and obsessive thoughts by doing a compulsion (excessive cleaning, being one, or fear of touching objects, etc). OCD says you are going to infect others by tou
  27. So long story short, I have health anxiety, and now pandemic induced contamination OCD. So I worry about passing illness to other people, as well as getting sick myself. I am on day 6 of an outbreak of something right now. Not sure what, but it’s definitely viral. I’ve had something similar one time before, 13 years ago. And this is the first time it’s come back since then. It’s next to my vagina, kind of on the very lower part of my butt cheek. When I went to the doctor originally, she said that it was “something viral” and didn’t want to swab it because it would be painful. So sh
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