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  2. @Blue1982 I have the same problem!!!!!! The only other thing I have is it just feels like weird down there like my vaginal opening feels just not right idk if you felt that too but I feel so much better knowing I’m not the only one w these symptoms! I got diagnosed is August but started having symptoms in may.
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  4. Feel free to message me as well, we are in the same boat!
  5. Try not to stress about it because stressing just makes it worse. Go to your doctor and see if can prescribe you Valacyclovir. Try to wear lose clothes and Whenever you’re home not to wear underwear. Taking Advil helps as well. That’s what has helped me. I hope you feel better
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  7. @lil devy I really think for some people it takes months for things to feel normal down there...I’ve been swabbed for BV and yeast and trich multiple times since my diagnosis 10 months ago. Everything else is normal. I’m keeping hope that things feel better after the 1 year mark...I’ll wait longer if I need to but I really don’t see this lasting forever. My genital symptoms were MUCH worse during the first 6 months. Some days it would feel like intense burning or cuts. It hurt to walk sometimes (with no outbreaks)....if I compare myself to how it was during the first 6 months...it’s so mu
  8. @lil devy honestly, my vagina feels better lately. It’s taken months....however, I’ve had daily pelvic pain for about 4 months now and the last 3 times I orgasmed, it hurt a lot like shooting electrical currents instead of feeling good. I’m too scared to try to orgasm again...I’m hoping that will go away too after some time.
  9. I'm new to the forum and about 10 days into a positive IGg of 1.69 which I suppose is somewhat in the confirmatory test range. Problem is: I'm symptomatic. Literally no idea who or when I picked this up. I can think of 14 times I've had sex in the last 2+ years. Not 14 partners, mind you. 14 times/encounters. Condoms were used in almost every instance- though I've since learned that condoms aren't foolproof for this. More than 3 years ago I started going to the urologist for pelvic pain- diagnosed then as chronic non bacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome..
  10. @Blue1982 are you still feeling the same symptoms? I’m wondering if it’s like what I have now 😩
  11. What’s some vitamins to take to prevent outbreak ? Any home remedies to do during an outbreak ? Has anyone changed up their diet and has successfully prevented outbreaks ? What’s the new diet ? How could I avoid spreading it to my “negative “ partner
  12. Earlier this year I had gotten rap^^, I found out in May I was positive with HSV 2. I was in complete distress when I left the clinic, I called my boyfriend (my high school sweetheart) as he deserved to know. He was very accepting and supportive about it since we both knew the situation wasn’t my fault. He said he doesn’t care if he would catch it which is something I want to avoid... I started to get frequent outbreaks since I got my results - I’ve avoided sex entirely since I found out. I’m still trying to learn how to cope with it and reduce the discomfort. I work midnight shifts and
  13. Yes definitely, Doctor prescribed Valtrex. Thank you!!
  14. That's awesome, thank you for sharing your story and your heart. In that moment when you saw that HSV isn't the one with the power here, it's automatically empowering to notice. Why? Because you can see so clearly that it's your own mindset, the perspective you choose to take that gives it all the power it *seems* to have. Enjoy your budding relationship! Sounds like a good one is blossoming here ... 🙂
  15. Hi @jacquelyn and welcome. I'm sorry you're going through it! Doesn't sound pleasant, for sure. If all of these symptoms are indeed herpes related, then know with time your body will get control over the virus as it's producing more and more antibodies as we speak. And to be sure you have it, get the Western Blot test. IgG and other blood tests tend to give too many false positives and false negatives to give a definitive diagnosis without an actual outbreak to back that up. Here's an article on that: https://www.herpesopportunity.com/post/herpes-tests
  16. I haven't had direct experience with erythema multiforme, but the good news is that it typically resolves on its own. But taking a course of medication like acyclovir can help to heal it up. Have you talked with your doctor about it and are you on medication? Especially since you just got diagnosed, your immune system hasn't gotten herpes under control (usually takes 6-12 months), so taking medication now will help support your immune system at these early stages.
  17. Recently diagnosed. I have a weird bullseye rash on my arms, legs and torso. Strange I haven’t had an outbreak. Dermatologist suspects erythema multiforme, which is caused by the virus. Anyone have and experience with this? Thanks!!!
  18. Hello everyone, I'm new here. I have been struggling to get a diagnosis but I'm 98% sure I've contracted it. I am also struggling with it emotionally and mentally. I've lost about 20 pounds over the last month and not having a diagnosis is making it worse. I plan on getting tested via blood again soon. I've seen 3 doctors and they all said I don't have it. It started off with back pain, loss of sensation of when I need to urinate, my mouth hurts, I get irritation/rash around my mouth, watery discharge, among other things... I'm just looking for support at this moment.
  19. Hi @SillyBean and welcome! Here are some thoughts on your questions: Full STI checkup: Unfortunately, based on how most clinics operate, even a full STI checkup doesn't include a herpes blood test. Why? Because they figure it's not necessary (I don't agree) since most people in the world have some version of herpes, and a positive diagnosis would make a lot of people unnecessarily scared. So when you get an STI panel, you need to clarify "including herpes." Razor: Impossible that it was transferred this way. Herpes is transmitted via skin-to-skin contact with friction (think
  20. Hey guys so I have LOTS of questions. I basically got a full sti checkup (blood test and all) before I moved out to rural Africa and it came back totally clean. In theory would they have tested for herpes during this checkup? Anyways I've been sleeping with my boyfriend for around 8 months developed a UTI and started developing sores at the same time (so initially assumed it was another reaction), eventually I realised it was herpes. Now where I live is crazy rural and there are no clinics or any infasctrucutre to get an official diagnosis but I'm almost 100% sure its HSV 2 (I'm a
  21. So. I’ve had my struggles in the last 2 years or so. It really hasn’t been easy as many of you will already know. It’s been bloody hard at times and I hit my rock bottom for a good 18 months. I struggled with my diagnosis. I struggled to get my healthcare and mental struggle with it to be taken seriously by my GP etc. They still don’t understand the impact it’s had on my life. anyway, 2 years after diagnosis and a terrible depression, also vowing to stay single forever more ( I’m 43), I met a potential partner. Disclosure wasn’t an immediate issue as we were in lockdown due to Covi
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  23. Hey! Just wanted to let you know, I had genital prodrome symptoms daily for the first 7-8 months after having my initial outbreak (with no second outbreak yet). it’s seem to gone away genitally for the most part now but traveled up to my lower abdomen and hip.
  24. Hi Folks, I just wanted to ask if there are others like me out there (male or female) experiencing prodrome symptoms without an OB. I've been diagnosed and swabbed with HSV1 genitally. The first time I noticed it was a week after sex with a woman 8 years ago when I was in uni. For the last 2 months I've been experiencing itching and nerve tingling in my groin and thigh area. My partner knows everything but her and I haven't been intimate since and I'm starting to worry it will affect our relationship. I've been occasionally doing things solo for the last few months... wonderin
  25. Hey @Bellapink! Good question. It's unlikely since HSV really prefers either the mouth or genitals (mucous membrane, warm, moist). From what I've heard, most cases of herpes spreading to the finger (herpetic whitlow) are spread via an active outbreak since viral shedding doesn't produce enough virus to overwhelm the thicker skin.
  26. Can you get whitlow from fingering a person with type 1 genital herpes and no active outbreak ? I was hooking up with this guy last night and I have herpes type 1 on my genitals have had it for 4 years and no active outbreak. Apparently he had a cut on his finger and is now worried about him getting herpetic whitlow from fingering me. What is the likelihood he is going to develop this?
  27. Hi! I’ve had this for about 11-12 years. The past 2 years I have been getting HORRIBLE outbreaks despite being on antivirals. I went 8 years of no symptoms or outbreaks on the meds, met a man fell in love and got married. Then 8 months after our wedding I was hit with the worst outbreak of my life. Even when I first contracted this I didn’t even know I had it because it was so mild I thought I had an ingrown hair. I dont get sores anymore just intense discomfort, swelling, itching etc. It happens once a month the day after my period ends for about 4-5 days. I double up on my Valtrex usually an
  28. Thank you Confused12 and 100918 for your comments. I've been needing some kind of input and feedback with these issues and your comments are helpful and give me something to reflect on. We're both operating under the assumption, not just one of us. I'm deferring to this forum and to any experts who have a better guess on whether or not she might currently be a carrier. We're both polyamorous and prior to her other partner testing positive for HSV-2 had been having sex regularly for several months. As far as I'm concerned, if her partner were on suppressive therapy, I'
  29. I don't know much about the western blot test, but if you have an open sore, a swab test I would think would be relatively reliable. I certainly wouldn't take any more medications for herpes unless you have a diagnosis. Going off symptoms alone with herpes is super hard because there are people like myself who literally have never had a standard outbreak. Best of luck with your upcoming appointments and kick that doctor you were seeing to the curb. Doesn't sound like they know what they're doing
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