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  2. My ob’s most definitely have not conformed to the norm that I read everywhere on the internet. My first outbreak was by far the easiest physically. one slightly uncomfortable sore that never developed a scab and even my nurse was absolutely sure it couldn’t be herpes, yet it responded immediately and disappeared Into thin air with the anti virals. I didn’t have anything else for 5 months. I even dared to believe my nurse was right. And then over Christmas, I developed a chest infection and with it came an ob that was in an entirely different location and league. It was excruciatingly painful and covered my entire right labia and took almost a month to heal. That one did scab. And it hurt me emotionally. Since then, nearly 9 months after my primary, I’ve had an ob every month but they are much less severe than the Christmas one. One didn’t even break the surface. I just have a feeling of something not being right down there for a day or sometimes two, I have sciatica which varies in severity with each ob and then I have a slight itch and feel that my skin is A little sore and sensitive. And up-come the blisters/ sores, dependent on location. They last about 3 days and are mildly uncomfortable. It’s almost as if the virus changes its mind now before things get really bad. Hopefully, that’s my immune system kicking in. This latest ob is in yet another different location and as a result has caused me a little more discomfort to wee but it’s decided to leave early again ( 4 days) so I’m not complaining. Although, I wish it had bogged off 2 days ago before my other half had to go back to work!
  3. I think that's exactly what I'm experiencing, so thank you for sharing!
  4. I think that not many answer, as all of our experiences have some similarities but they can also be very different from each others and so nobody really wants to commit to what is “ normal”. I remember that that tingling, raw and hypersensitive feeling continued for many weeks after my first outbreak had healed and so, I think that it is entirely normal compared with my own experience. Bearing in mind, I was overly aware of any and every sensation in my genital area for a long time after diagnosis but I definitely had the prodrome sensation that you describe for a longer time back then until things settled down as it were. Now, I get it for a couple of days before and during an ob. It’s much more defined and short lived. Hope that helped somewhat.
  5. I am unsure of her full name. When I need comfort and support, I raid the internet for information in the hope of not feeling so alone. I regularly stumble upon a site called medihelp and there is a doctor ( or a medical professional at the very least) called Grace with many years of personal and professional experience with a no- nonsense attitude. Im not for a second saying I agree, I’m just open minded.
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  7. You are on the right track if you are getting counseling. It sounds as though you may have some PTSD from being sexually assaulted as well. I personally did not contract the virus from assault, but was already struggling with PTSD and borderline personality disorder from so much abuse in my past. This has sent me into a brand new shame spiral and I am looking into getting help myself. I'm glad I came across these forums because it made me realize so many people have felt the exact same thing and got past it. It's important to understand that healing is a very long process. You aren't going to wake up one day and just magically feel better. You have to give yourself time. It's ok to be negative some days, don't beat yourself up so much.
  8. I do not take antivirals. I have no intention of taking them... HOWEVER, if my boyfriend (HSV negative) asked me to start taking them, I would.
  9. I see everywhere that you keep saying its 50/50, which is totally false. There is always a chance but its NOT 50/50 everytime. I don't like sugar coating either but I think your pushing it.
  10. Well if your still with her after 30 years does it still matter of you catch it?
  11. Just read somewhere on the forum that people can shed between 5 to 45% of the time so how is it 4%? Doesn't seem like those numbers are for everybody.
  12. I'm in exactly the same situation as you. I can't seem to find answer anywhere but I believe it does make us somewhat more contagious.
  13. I am somewhat in the same boat as you and terrified to tell my partner. We have been together for...8 years. It’s awful. We are married. We have a son together and are currently looking for buy a home. Idk how I let this spiral for so long but now I feel like I’m in too deep and don’t know how to have the talk. I give you so much credit. The only person I’ve told is my best friend and she doesn’t think that having the virus is any reason to leave someone you love (she also has hsv1 orally so she kind of understands). Theres been so many times where I’ve tried to tell him. We’ve been through so much together and every time I try to get it out something bad is going on and i don’t want to make life worse. I did not get outbreaks for 7yrs on my medication and then all of a sudden they started coming. I changed my meds and it’s helped but each day I’m consumed with guilt. I’ve been suicidal over this because I’m so scared he’ll leave me and know that it’s terrible this secret I’ve been keeping. He’s never shown and signs or symptoms and with the medication and condom use I know his chances of getting this is low. How did you end up having the talk? I can’t handle keeping this in anymore but I’m petrified.
  14. Hi there. I have had this God awful disease for about 11 years now. The first year I would get typical outbreak with a sore that would scab over and heal. This would happen every few months so I decided to go on suppressive therapy, acyclovir 400mg 2x a day. This worked wonders for 8 years and then suddenly stopped working. I would get what felt like a yeast infection every month during the week of ovulation, not a typical outbreak, but worse. The pain and itching internal was so bad I could barely walk during this time. Finally in January I told my doctor I want to change my medication to 1g of valacyclovir daily. It has helped so much better but there are a day or so where I feel a mild itch or pain but it will subside. I would get on that medication and see how you do. I thought the virus is supposed to get better the longer you have it
  15. Hi there. I was on acyclovir 400mg 2x a day for almost 8yrs when it suddenly stopped working. I switched to 1g of valacyclovir in January and have had much better results. Sometimes one medication works better than the other for some people.
  16. Well first thing you should do is know your igg value. If it's between 1.1 to 3.5 then it is advisable by CDC to do a retest using a different method preferably western blot as it can be a false positive. Since your igg value is showing as positive and considering it is not a falsse positive, it means you have it for sometime at least more than 3 or 4 months. Based on what you have mentioned looks like you have met this second guy within two months or so. In that case you have not got it from him. Now there is no other way to findout from whom or when you got infected. It could be your ex husband or any of your previous partners or even this regular guy if you are meeting him for say more than 3 or 4 months. The right thing will be to tell your recent partners if you are confirm you have it. Also you should ask them to do a complete 10 panel std test.
  17. I was diagnosed with HSV two months ago and have had constant outbreaks since then (only had one week free, so that's a positive!). Was wondering if there are any dancers on here and how they deal with outbreaks? I recently went a week without an outbreak, but had prodome symptoms. Then last Monday I had two dance classes back to back (and of course I'm wearing tight clothing), so after the dance classes, I had another outbreak and it's still going on because I have had more dance classes throughout the week. Just wondering if any other dancers have advice on how to prevent outbreaks?? I eat healthy, and take lysine, acyclovir 400mg x2, and other vitamins everyday. So, I'm assuming that my outbreaks are due to friction, which kind of sucks because the program that I am taking requires me to dance 4 days a week and I have to wear tight clothes. Oh the joys of herpes, am I right? hahah
  18. I'm glad i found this group. I only saw one or two stories of people not transmitting to their h - partner. I'm hsv 1 and 2 + and I struggle to keep my ob under control. I've had these two viruses for about 2 years and a half now. And if i stop to take valacyclovir i get an ob almost immediately. I still feel like I'm having constant prodome too so i started taking lysine everyday. I'm looking into what other supplements i could take. I know my main trigger is stress, anxiety and lack of sleep. I didn't mind that much before but now that I'm looking to getting sexual active again it stressed me the f* out. I just wanna know if other people had positive outcome in not transmitting to your male partner and what precautions you took and how long have you been sexual active with them. I'm looking for my ever lasting love but would feel completely awful if i transmitted it to someone i care for. So @Lstgryl i understand your concern. I don't think i have it orally so i have given head with no condoms in hope that its okay. I'm a little scared about this because i did give oral to my ex while he had an ob. We didn't know he had hsv.
  19. Only way to find out would be by swab. Don't worry too much about it though. Maybe get him to get tested in a couple of weeks? And again in 2 months to make sure he had time to build enough antibodies to be detectable. Thats IF he even caught anything. Anyways i know you would feel awful but he took the chance and knew what he was getting himself into.
  20. So I am just over two weeks from noticing, diagnosing and medicating my initial breakout. Blister at end of penis are gone and just a hint that they existed (visually) remains. Possibly the shedding stage? Anyway, I have been taking Acyclovir for my medication. I still am feeling a tingling, almost chaffing sensation in my upper thighs and heightened sensitivity at the end of my penis and scrotum. I am wondering if this is normal at this stage and if anyone else has any comments or suggestions. It seems as though this is what I would expect to experience to forewarn of another possible breakout? Any input or comments would be greatly appreciated!
  21. I was diagnosed with herpes in march. I knew very little about it. But looking back I had an undiagnosed infection down there almost ten years ago which came with flu like symptoms. I had to be signed off work for 2 weeks. I now think this could have been the initial outbreak. Fast forward to this year, I saw the Dr for what I thought were reoccurring yeast infections. It was herpes type 1. This was mid march and it lasted about a week. It was very painful. I didn't get any medication as by the time I saw the Dr, the outbreak was clearing up. On the 6th April I had the intense itching and the next day the outbreak started. It was better for a day before the cycle started all over again. It cleared up late into last week and then yesterday the itching came back. Today it's painful again. I'm sure it feels like there's a blister or a sore but haven't looked as of yet. Is this normal? I got aclivor to take, 800mg three times a day for 3 days. I have just finished the course yesterday so it clearly hasn't worked. Feeling a bit down as I'm usually super active and this has made even walking sore. New to this so any tips on helping relieve the symptoms much appreciated. Thanks
  22. Also I will try to find out status of the girl as well if possible. If she is also negative then I will not be worrying much.
  23. Well this virus is weird, everyone has different symptoms and experiences. So I will not be trying to figure out if I have it or not based on the symptoms. Instead I will go and get myself tested for a complete 10 std panel test if not already done. If everything is good I will move on.
  24. Well if she is not getting any ob then only way to find out is through blood work. Igg antibodies take time to show in blood report generally 4 to 6 months. But again it varies from individuals to individuals. Some has reported positive even after an year. There is another blood work not very recommended though, hsv igm. It will show positive if tested with 7 to 10 days after exposure and remains positive for a month or so. But then it has it's downside, like it can give false positive if the body contains any other viruses from the herpes family like chicken pox or mono. Since you have hsv1 and hsv1 is so common in US she may already have it and not known about it aka silent carrier. Probably she can do an igg blood work now to know her prior/current status. But doctors will be the best to suggest if she should get tested or not. Since you were under medication its very unlikely you will pass it. But then at the end its draw of luck.
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    Just wondering if you’ve tried the acetone!
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