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    It was developed by Ana Wald and Rhoda Morrow. The virologist at the University of Washington dedicate their lives to studying herpes. In one study they had 835 people long time herpes positive confirmed by recurring lesions and positive culture or swabs They took the Igg herpes select blood test and 8 % actually tested negative but on the western blot all were positive the igg test looks at 1 protein which is the first to develop but the Western blot looks at 9! It is done by 3 lab techs who look at each hsv protein by size and laboriuosly map out HSV2 and HSV1 on special blotted paper As always there is a little wiggle room currently they say 12 week post exposure is definitive unless you have taken valtrex continuously since an unconfirmed outbreak On the internet some claim to wait 6 months but they may be ufvyou are immune compromised BTW you can call them and talk to them about anything at all! They want to help
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    hey TBarr maybe you really are Negative. and those mild symptoms are in your head? I'm just suggesting this. I'm sorry if I sound mean about it.i hope things go good for you Sarah
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    Congratulations! I still remember (very fondly!) the first time my boyfriend and I had sex after I disclosed to him...we didn't wait nearly as long (maybe a minute? lol), but it was still such a great feeling that he knew and wanted to carry on with me because it wasn't a big deal to him and he wanted to be with ME, H and all. We're still together and things are great. I agree that things are never as bad as we make them in our heads. In my head, I had played out SO many scenarios of how the disclosure would go. And in a lot of them, he rejected me...and I was SOOOO in my head that I was terrified to tell him. He had previously told me that he was clear of all STDs...so I was even more terrified to tell him! And then it was seriously nothing. I didn't make a big deal of it, and I still made it a bigger deal than he did. He seriously gave absolutely zero shits about my HSV status. Literally told me "that's nothing". I hope I never have to disclose again. This guy could really be the one...time will tell. Congrats again! Now go get ya some more sex! 🙂
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    Hello everyone. I have been reading the responses on this particular thread and I am a bit concerned. I am a physician and most of the information presented here is speculation. HSV1/2 can cause nerve pain, but that is a rare occurrence and rarely continuous. Acyclovir also may have anti-inflammatory properties and taking the medication my cause relief regardless of whether a herpes virus is causing the infection. In addition, there is also the possibility of co-infection. Speculation about what is causing your pain is at best non-productive and at worst preventing a delay in diagnosis. Just because individuals with herpes endorse continuous neurologic pain, does not mean herpes is the cause.
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