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  1. Hi I’m in the UK, I’ve been on suppressive therapy for about 18 months through a GUM clinic (sexual health). I was having outbreaks every couple weeks, my GP was useless and at first the clinic would only give me enough tablets to deal with an outbreak. Sadly you have to be persistent and pushy to get the suppressive treatment. Go to the clinic when you are having an outbreak so it’s on their system, GP and clinics don’t always share your data. You need to build up a record on the clinic system of outbreaks to show suppressive treatment is necessary. They will not give you more than 3 months treatment at a time. I normally make my next appt while I’m there, this is important as you need your appt to be with a doctor as they have the authority to sign off your tablets not nurses etc. Doctors are in short supply in clinics so they tend to only do set days. I attend a clinic 25 miles away from my house as it’s a better service than the one only 5 miles away.....so maybe try a different one if nearest isn’t helpful. Last pointer and it will probably sound odd but I saw a therapist for about a year (needed help to deal with herpes, shame I felt, disclosing etc) at one appt I mentioned that my counsellor thought it was important I continued my suppression tablets whilst I was working my way through mental health issues and the doctor quickly changed his tune and gave me the tablets. It seemed that the mention of a mental health impact from herpes made him keen to help. Good luck it’s not easy getting what should be basic medical help but bit of persistence goes a long way and at least it’s free 🤷‍♀️
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