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  1. You may hear or read that herpe blisters will pop up in the same area each time there's an outbreak. However that's not exactly accurate. There's been a couple of posts here from members who have HSV2 shared that blisters turn up in different areas in separate outbreaks. That has happened to me. I have Hsv2. Blisters at first outbreak was in the perineum area below vagina area. Another outbreak 2 years later was right on my Anus and it was a shock to me. I hand wash regularly and very careful during an outbreak so I'm not sure if I was able to transmit from point A to point B via my hand. And I have not had new partners or anal sex in many years. But that's two separate areas that I have had blisters outbreak. So I am no expert but from what I understand Hsv2 anal herpes is still the HSV2 virus and so it is possible to get blisters pop up in different areas.
  2. Update. So no infection. It's just the way it is. Takes a while for things to heal. I saw my new family doctor, she's in internal medicine And this was my new patient appointment. She was very nice. She's prescribed me Valtrex. And suggested using aquaphor to put on it. I do think the Lysine was helping too but I think needed the medication. I'm definitely going to keep away from chocolate and other trigger foods. I had chocolate prior to the break out and have been stressed lately too. Thanks for listening.
  3. The current outbreak I have is one sore very close to my anus. Sorry if that's TMI. It has been a week. And it doesn't seem to be reducing in size or drying up. It is in an awful place. And very painful to go to the bathroom. I also have hemorrhoids too So I have a double whammy going on. I am doing my best in trying to make my stool softer and easier to pass. I'm Eating Prunes and Apple and drinking water. It's definitely a herpes lesion as I've had prodrome symptoms and my groin lymph swelled and was very painful to touch but that has calmed down. I have been keeping it clean. Sitz bath with Epsom salts three times a day. I dry it well but I do put an ointment on it. I have put a preparation H with lidocaine in that area as I was trying to treat the hemorrhoids and get some pain relief too for both that an from the lesion. I have some lemon balm salve too but that just made it sting and burn more. I am taking Lysine supplement and upped it to 4000. I am currently in between family doctors. changing doctors. I see my new primary care doctor on Tuesday next week as a new patient appointment. And if this has not improved I will have to bring this subject up to her. I am always nervous of seeing new doctors but hope she will know about the herpes topic. I still have my lab results sheet from two years ago to show I have the hsv2 and I will take that with me to the appointment. ***So is it possible that a secondary bacterial infection can occur with herpe sores? Could this be my Problem as to why it is taking time to heal up. Or is it just taking time and a week is too soon to expect it to heal?
  4. I understand I do. I have an Autoimmune disease that started in my early 20`s it really messed up my plans for my life. It really effected my younger years as the autoimmune disease effects me physically. I know it not the same story as yours but I do understand about experiencing a sense of loss. You're grieving a sense of loss of your younger years, some things you didn't get to experience. Maybe you did want to play the field more, have more experiences with dating and girls. And you feel you've missed out on things. And it's possible you did but honestly you may have dodged some other bullets that may have been worse and you avoided just a lot of crap. Tell yourself you didn't miss out on anything. That might help. Lol. h Things happen to people in many different ways. Our plans, dreams can get changed in a blink of an eye and we end up on another path that we didn't expect. And it can suck. It sucked what happened to me and It sucks what happened to you. You were young, and I feel for you, that sisteen year old young man. So I think it's ok to Grieve, to feel sad, depressed about losing those years. It is natural and understandable to feel that way. I have experienced it myself. But it's not good to stay in that grief for long. You do have to move forward. Grieve your loss of your younger years, write a journal, do some kind of ritual, talk with someone about it, get mad about it but then move forward and let it go. Don't let it consume you. Maybe speak with someone regarding the depression., if you haven't already. Therapy can be helpful if you find a good therapist. I actually see one myself and she's helped me with things. I have anxiety but also have had Depression too. Maybe someone who understands chronic disease and illnesses and how it can effect people's lives. You sound like a really nice guy. And I hope you can find peace and acceptance in all of this.
  5. Thank you. I am doing better today emotionally. I am trying to stay focused on the here and now and not what's past, and not do the "if only" I know I can't change things. I haven't gone to my doctor, no. And I can't just phone up and ask for a script. I would have to get an appointment and be seen by someone. I am trying to deal with it without having to do that. I did see a doctor and get a prescription the first time I had an outbreak but I don't think it did much for me anyway. The sore took ages to heal up, the tingling, prodrome, weird feeling vag, it went on for months after. I'm not sure how quickly we are meant to respond to the medicine. (I have forgotten the name of the medicine I had) But it didn't seem to do much. I think the natural stuff I'm doing is of some slight help. I do Epsom salt Sitz bath 3 times a day. I have lemon balm salve, and lidocaine ointment. I'm taking oil or oregano and lysine. Thank you for responding and just being kind. It is isolating dealing with this.
  6. I think it could be stress related but I don't know. It's awful too because it is right near my anus. So flipping painful. It's one sore blister and I think there's a smaller one. My other break outs have been in my vag area. I don't know how it moved to the anal area but it has and is freaking me out a bit. It started off with itching in that area. And then the prodrome tingling and buzzing all in my pubic area . And vaginal pain, shooting pain. I have been doing Epsom salt sitz bath. I don't get many sores in the breakouts but even with just one or two it is so painful and is awful every time going to the bathroom. I wish I had been taking the l lysine but I had stopped. I think that must have been helping. I just started taking it today again now three times a day since this breakout but I think it's like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted and also oil of oregano. But still, Maybe it'll help clear it up quicker. However I perhaps should be taking the supplement all the time for prevention. When I get a breakout it brings up all the emotions and regret and shame again. I have been free from breakout for months and months and it felt like I could forget about it and everything But now it's reared its head again. I do have some stress going on and I do also have a chronic pain due to autoimmune disease so that doesn't help either. Just feeling very sore, painful and crappy and wanted to vent. Thanks.
  7. If you have no desire to leave the relationship and that option is totally off the table then I won't tell you to end things. I will encourage you to work on finding a way to love your wife. Have a fresh approach to the situation. Maybe learn to love the one you're with. See your wife in a different way. With fresh eyes and heart. Develop the desire to want to love her. Like, wouldn't that be great if you did love her? So work on wanting to love your wife. I believe there are self help books on the topic and meditations and all kinds of things you can do to develop love for someone. Maybe you do love her in a way, there are different kinds of love, but you're not "in love" or have ever Been "in love" with her but I'm sure you care for her. There must be some kind of connection there between you. So build upon the positive things that you have with her. Think about all the things you have in common, weigh up the positives versus the negatives. You could look at this in a practical way. You're certainly not the first Person to have married someone because it was practical or convenient and seemed the right thing to do at the time. And sometimes those kinds of marriages can become strong and work well. Comfortable and solid. And there is nothing wrong with that. You can even learn to love someone and that can grow into a deep love. Arranged marriages in other cultures often work that way. Maybe give up the romantic idea of love which often can change over time anyway. And Not think that the grass maybe greener elsewhere or have regrets about your decision. Make a firm decision that you'll be the best husband you can be and find love within yourself for your wife. Also, how does she feel about you? I hope she's not unhappy. Is it possible she senses it from you that you don't love her? Maybe it is something you could talk about with her. Not necessarily tell her that you don't love her, but find out how she's is feeling about your relationship now. But like I said I think it is possible to develop love for someone. You make a conscious choice about it and build upon the positive things about your wife that you enjoy. And you could be a lot happier if you shifted your mindset.
  8. Over a year ago I was diagnosed as I broke out with this one sore Right in the perineum area. incredibly painful. Just awful. I had no clue and went to the physician and the test results revealed that I had hsv2. I was devastated and in utter shock. My husband and I have a good relationship and we've been together for many years and I had to tell him. It was awful but he was not cheating on me or anything. And nor I on him. My husband has never had any kind of symptoms. The doctor said it's possible for people to have the virus for years before having a breakout or never have a break out. My husband hasn't got tested. I looked it up and did research and read other people's stories and experiences and it is true. It can lay dormant in the body for many years. Who knows where I got it from. I honestly don't know. I've had more than one sex partner in my life. I don't know if my husband could have it and be a carrier. That's something I don't know much about. I was under stress and I do have an autoimmune disease so we put it down to the reason as to why the virus became active and surfaced a year ago. I was given the acyclivor which I Don't know if it helped or not to tell you the truth. The sore lasted for 2 weeks or so and I was in pain. I wasn't working which is a good thing so I could go around not wearing anything other than a skirt as underwear and clothing hurt to wear. I did self treatments and remedies that I read about in this forum. Epsom salt sitz bath helps. And lemon balm salve. L Lysine plus supplement and oregano oil. I do it all when I have a break out. I have had a couple of more outbreaks over the year since then slightly less severe than the first one and I use the natural approach that I mentioned. I don't visit the doctor and am not on a daily prescribed medicine and so I manage without. I feel that it isn't too invasive in my life and I deal with it. I obviously wish I didn't have it but can't do much about it. It is a horrible virus to have. And I feel badly for Anyone who has it. I am happy that you have it under control and you're in good relationship and your partner is understanding and kind about it. That's cool.
  9. I couldn't edit my post. But just wanted to add. It is possible he didnt know. And it is possible he Did know and was irresponsible and withheld that info from you. Also some sufferers of herpes are ignorant and believe that they're not contagious if they don't have a blister. But that's not quite accurate as I explained in my above post. I get tingling and signs prior to a break out. A break out is when a blister sore actually appears. Once I get a breakout and a blister appears. I can be having the "tingling" sensations go on for a 2, 3, weeks or even more even after the sore has healed up. It is very possible I am still contagious in this time.
  10. "My question is..can somebody have hsv2 with all the symptoms just not the blister or that he had to have a painful blister somewhere and just not tell me seen as he had the rest of the symtoms with your first herpes outbreak" He could have been "shedding" where the virus is active and can be contagious but not have broken out into blisters at that moment you had sex. That's from what I have gathered is possible going by the amount of info I've read myself in this group. And so this person you had sex with may have been in that stage and not have any visible blisters. And may have not even known he had herpes. OR he could have had a blister somewhere in his groin area, genital area, but not realize it was herpes and thought it just was a pimple or something. It is very possible that he didn't know he had herpes. Not everyone breaks out in a ton of sores. I didn't. I have hsv2. After being diagnosed and learning and listening to our bodies Some of us herpe sufferers know that we are heading into a breakout when we get "tingling buzzing vibrations" sensations in our genital area, or feel an itch may feel under the weather etc. That's when it is possible to be contagious in this "shedding". Period And not have any blisters emerge straight away.
  11. Hi Doglover. Yes it can be dormant for decades. I know it may come as a shock. It was for me too. I am in similar situation as yourself. Married long time nearly 30yrs. In good relationship. Had sexual encounters years ago before marriage and then stupid choice I made, I went outside my marriage years ago. Ugh. I had an outbreak out of the blue in Feb. I did post about it here so don't want to repeat the whole thing but you can find my story. I believe for me the trigger to bring on the outbreak it could be hormone related. I'm heading into menopause. Also stress can be a contributer. Anything can awaken the virus I suppose. The main advice I see offered is to build immune system up, take the suggested herbs, vitamins, supplements etc. and eat healthily and not to stress. Easier said than done I know.
  12. Thank you Username. I'm definitely tested positive. And I believe I contracted it years ago. Since posting the original post I am more informed and understand better just as you have explained. These doctors, I tell ya. They are just not on it.
  13. I'm glad I could help a little. It might well be the pill, I have read around here that outbreaks can occur around period time because of hormones. So it wouldn't be far fetched to suspect that the pill and hormone changes are due to the persistent herpes you have. I hope that stopping the pill is the solution, hopefully you'll find out soon. And I understand about the dietary changes. We do need to be in the right mindset to make the changes. I myself am use to Changing my eating habits, diets, with having an autoimmune disease I've done different things to try and keep it under control and reduce pain. Keep us posted about if you found the solution and stopping the pill helps. Good luck.
  14. I hear what you are saying for sure. I understand. I think it's great that you disclosed to her what you did. I don't think you were deceptive at all.
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