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  1. I was diagnosed after sleeping with my first boyfriend in high school. Go figure. Not one OB for 9 years after initial OB. I was prescribed adderall 2.5 years ago to help my cope with chronic fatigue (borderline narcolepsy, let me tell you). After beginning to take it, I immediately broke out in the worst sores of my life that lasted nearly a month. After then, its been atleast once a month, even with Valtrex. I'm starting to lose it. Now its like the floodgates are open and its a constant in my life. Its consuming and no one seems to have any real answers. I mean, 9 years with NOTHING and now its all the time. I want to kiss my sex life and relationship goodbye at this point.
  2. I get the leg pain so bad too. I went 9 years without one OB since my initial diagnosis and now its pretty much constant. Not sure what spurred it to jump out of dormancy, but its been hell on my life and my relationship since. Doctors have no answer, same old same old. Its beyond frustrating.
  3. I have the same exact issues. Doctors seems to have no answer except for antivirals which are now working less and less. I'm at the point where I dont really know what to do anymore because its ruining my life and my relationship.
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