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  1. maybe you should get retested. maybe the next test will make sense. I would take the pcr test. but just my opinion here. Sarah
  2. hello I'm confused here do you have herpes as well? or just your husband.Adrial has hsv2 and he takes anti-viral pills everyday.he has been married for 4 years and his wife hasn't gotten this disease yet. I don't have hsv2 so I can't tell you nothing. I hope things get better for you. take care Sarah
  3. it looks like your hsv1 result is negative and your hsv2 is positive. my test result was higher than 9.11 my hsv 1 was 35 and my hsv2 was <0.90 negative. I hope that helps.Sarah
  4. I think you should talk to Teri Warren.maybe she can help you figure this out.
  5. have you thought about maybe it could be hpv? I heard somewhere that your Penis head could be swabbed for hpv. I don't know how true that is.my sister was misdiagnosed she took the blood test and it said she had hsv2 and hpv and her second blood test said she had just hpv and that her hsv2 test was negative. thank God she had the kind of hpv that would go away eventually. she took another test they swabbed her inside and her hsv2 was negative and her hpv had disappeared. do you know with a shadow of a doubt that this woman has hsv2? I'm just curious about that. I hope that helps Sarah
  6. hey TBarr maybe you really are Negative. and those mild symptoms are in your head? I'm just suggesting this. I'm sorry if I sound mean about it.i hope things go good for you Sarah
  7. my sister told me something the day I finally decided to get tested.she told me I was driving her crazy and I have drove myself crazy.she told me I needed peace of mind. so I can get rid of this worry once and for all. I was at the point of wanting to kill myself. I was so effected by this thought that I had hsv2 I had told myself that I had it and I was a piece of Sh%t. plus the amount of strain I had put on my marriage.i was so terrified I didn't have sex with my husband for almost a year. I was so afraid of infected him. I was delusional.now that I know i'm hsv2 negative I have been working on putting my marriage back together.i just hope my husband forgives me for acting like a crazy woman.just my opinion here but if I was going to start a new relationship I would make sure he didn't have anything.as I'm sure that if you start a relationship it will be intimate.you really need piece of mind.your driving yourself crazy.you should really know your statues.i am here if you need any advice.Sarah.
  8. I know how you feel I was terrified and I aggravated the secretary's everyday calling. they complained to my doctor and she told me.i waited 9 days for my test results. but in the end i'm glad I got tested. I think I was overreacted though thinking I could herpes 2 from a towel.it really helps me mentally. I wish I could come with you if you decided to get retested. I think when your facing something like this you need a friend. I wish I had someone that would have went with me when I got tested.listen don't let nobody tell you what to do.you have to do what's best for you.take care Sarah.
  9. when she was tested they told her it was hsv2 and hpv together. I think the test was screwed up some way. i'm not sure but I think you have to ask for a hpv test. she went to the E.R. because she was in so much pain. when she got to the E.R they swabbed her and gave her the blood test. and that's when they told her she had hsv2 and hpv.she was devasted. they gave her the herpes med she took it and it helped her. Adrial is the administrator that runs this Forum. he's a good guy.he talks about the herpes stigma. i'm here for you Sarah.
  10. sounds like you could have gotten it in both places from your boyfriend.i have also heard that unless the test specify's which kind it is the test is no good. I hope this helps. Sarah
  11. well if it was me I would retest. it's better to be safe than sorry. plus if your going to be intimate you don't want to give him something.plus I'm assuming your partner is negative..i really believe everyone should know there statues. plus you could be positive and never have a breakout. just my opinion. Sarah.
  12. I don't want to give you false hope but my sister was misdiagnosed. she took the swab test and the blood test and they both were positive. as it turned out she had hpv. so to confirm her diagnoisis she was given 2 blood test in I think in 9 months and they were all negative. and the hpv she had was gone in 6 months. I told her the Lord had blessed her and had given her another chance. she should stop sleeping with the men she had slept with.hopefully she will change. the same thing happened to her as she tried to contact the guy that gave her hpv he didn't want to talk to her either.i'm so sorry this is happening to you. I really wish there was cure for this awful disease like I said.i go to therapy because I was dealing with Anxiety and depression because I thought I had hsv2.it has really helped me.i am so glad I finally had the guts to get tested after being so scared for a year.also I appreciate Adrial (the administrator) for helping me.also have you thought about going on youtube and watching Adrials video's? they really helped me. i'm here if you need me.take care your friend Sarah.
  13. I don't have hsv 2 but when I thought I had hsv2. I feel your pain.i wish they was a cure for this awful Virus. there's a lot of stigma associated with this. I think you need time to cry and let your feelings out. maybe you should go to therapy. maybe someone can help you handle this burden your facing. I had so much anxiety from thinking I had hsv2 I had to go to therapy.please think about talking to someone if you decide not to go to Therapy.i hope you the best Sarah.
  14. hope27. I hope your test results are a false positive.it could happen. my sister had a false positive she was tested three times.her first one was positive and the last two test were negative. but I think the test confused her results with having hpv. I hope things turn out good for you I hope you can move on with your life.take care Sarah.
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