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  1. I'm happy for you. I'm glad you found someone that accepts your situation. I really hope you find happiness. I think relationships are hard anyways. best of luck. Sarah
  2. I appreciate you helping me in my time of need with your information. thanks I appreciate your help.
  3. No I Have Never Been in that Situation.. it sounds messed up. Sarah.
  4. I am so sorry for you guys.but like you said you all are into it for along haul. I wish you guys a lot of Happiness. he may luck up and only have one or two outbreaks. good luck I hope things work out for you guys. take care Sarah.
  5. ok I understand. sorry for the misunderstanding. take care Sarah
  6. that's good. i'm glad you and your boyfriend are doing well. I was curious though about Sunshine75. I hope her boyfriend is negative. she said he had a spot on his penis. take care Sarah
  7. hey Sunshine75 I hope all is well. I just read your comments. so can you tell us if your boyfriend's swab was Negative or Positive? I hope it's Negative. I wouldn't wish this Virus on anybody.I'm here if you need to talk take care Sarah.
  8. ok. I think it wouldn't matter as long as you take it everyday. Sarah.
  9. hey SeraLyn, do you take your suppresent everyday? just wondering.Sarah
  10. well I don't know. I'm sure it's fine as long as you take it everyday.I hope this helps Sarah
  11. never think your dirty because your not your a human being and made in God's image.God loves you and you have Purpose.people are immature about this. if you have Love in your heart for God that's all you need. please there is people out there that care for you.take care Sarah.
  12. I think having hsv1 is better than having hsv2. you have more outbreaks with hsv2 and it's milder. I hope you a lot of good luck. I'm here if you need me.take care Sarah
  13. tay1989 i'm sorry you got this.you shed less with hsv1 than you would with hsv2. I do wish you well. your not the only one with this.take care Sarah
  14. oh so scared.I'm so sorry you have this Virus. but your life has meaning. I'm sure you will get married and have children you have purpose. you will be happy if you let yourself. I'm sure you will meet someone and fall in love.please try to think positive.the Lord made you for a reason. please if you need anyone to talk to I'm here.take care Sarah
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