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  1. you sound like your fine. I thought I had herpes and after a year of worrying I took an IGg test like you I was hsv1 Positive .35 and hsv2 Negative <90. my sister was misdiagnoised with herpes and she is negative. I hope that helps.Sarah
  2. did you specifically ask for a herpes test? the doctor will not test you unless you ask. I hate that for you.I wish there was a cure for this disease.
  3. you could always ask Terry Warren but she charges $20 for your question.
  4. hello, I really do think you should take the IGg herpes test. I was in Hell for nine days not knowing .but in the end. I am glad I got tested and now I know my herpes status my hsv1 was 35 positive. (I get cold sores) and my hsv2 is <90 Negative. I think everybody should know there std Status. you will feel better once you know instead of sitting around being worried about it. please get tested for peace of mind. Sarah
  5. just my opinion but it doesn't look like Herpes but I'm not a doctor. I thought I had Herpes too from a towel. I went a year thinking I had herpes and I was crazy. so I will tell you like my sister told me. you need to get tested. it will give you piece of mind. I took my blood test but I had to wait nine days. I was going crazy. but when I found out I was Negative I felt better. so maybe you should be tested for piece of mind. let me know what you think Sarah.
  6. pardon my French but your husband sounded like a A hole. it sounds like he might be in denial about his herpes status. I think everybody should be tested and know there statues. I would have mixed emotions if I was infected with hav2. I know I have hsv1 I get cold sores. I really think I infected myself with hsv1 on my genitals. I did take a IGg test and my hav1 was 35. and my hsv2 was < 90 but I try to not think about it I'm glad you found someone understanding and he makes you happy. hugs Sarah
  7. good for you. I'm glad you found the right person with you through this. most men wouldn't be understanding. I'm so happy for. I hope you find all the love and happiness you deserve. hugs. have a nice day Sarah
  8. I really thought I had herpes 2 the depression you feel really takes a hold of you. that's how I felt.your in my prayers and I'm so sorry you feel like your alone in this. but remember your not the only one with this disease. there's other's and things will get better. I'm sure your boyfriend will be understanding.we here at herpes Oppurtunity will help you through this.hugs. Sarah
  9. I can relate. I thought I had herpes for a year. I am so thankful for this site and the support of Adrial and my sister convincing me to get tested.I think everyone should get tested and know their std status.
  10. I'm happy for you. I'm glad you found someone that accepts your situation. I really hope you find happiness. I think relationships are hard anyways. best of luck. Sarah
  11. I appreciate you helping me in my time of need with your information. thanks I appreciate your help.
  12. No I Have Never Been in that Situation.. it sounds messed up. Sarah.
  13. I am so sorry for you guys.but like you said you all are into it for along haul. I wish you guys a lot of Happiness. he may luck up and only have one or two outbreaks. good luck I hope things work out for you guys. take care Sarah.
  14. ok I understand. sorry for the misunderstanding. take care Sarah
  15. that's good. i'm glad you and your boyfriend are doing well. I was curious though about Sunshine75. I hope her boyfriend is negative. she said he had a spot on his penis. take care Sarah
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