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  1. hey unluckyman. have you thought about getting the Western blot test in Seattle Washington? i'm sure you can contact Teri Warren online. a lot of people from what I read on her website has had the same problem your facing. it might be a little expensive but it would be worth it to have peace of mind.i hope this helps.Sarah
  2. hey Lovenhope.you will find someone. this awful disease doesn't define who you are. I'm sure there's people on this Forum that have there signifigant other and are very happy and have children of there own. give yourself a chance you will find someone.look at Adriail he is married and has a child. i'm sure he is happy as well. I hope this helps. Sarah.
  3. the IGg test will tell you which type you have.
  4. just take a deep breath. you will be ok. the only way you can get herpes 2 is by body fluid touching. I wish Adrail would give you the same comment he gave me.i was suicidal and was going to end it all. then Adrail gave me paper that had been written about ways that you can catch herpes 2. you can go on youtube and watch what Adrail says about herpes. it has a lot of information in it. Adrail is a great guy. I hope this helps with your anxiety.your friend Sarah.
  5. thank you unluckyman.i appreciate the kind words. I was wondering have you took the pcr herpes test? I heard it's somewhat reliable. my sister went to the doctor and she was swabbed from the inside of her coochie. she told me she wasn't having a breakout. so I don't understand why the doctor did that.she had took two blood test. the first one was Positive (she had hpv too) and her hpv went away and her hsv2 test was Negative.and now when she went to take the 3rd herpes test the doctor swabbed her. I really hope she is negative this time around. my last test I was negative. thank God. I hope you good luck with finding something out. Sarah
  6. You can't get herpes from a towel. I was paranoid about getting herpes that way myself. When you wash the towels in laundry detergent that will clean it.you don't need bleach to kill it just soap and water. I thought for sure I had herpes from a towel so it was years later before I had the courage to get tested and it was Negative. I hope this helps. Sarah.
  7. i'm sure there's people that are accepting out there. you just need to give yourself a chance to meet them. this is a great place to talk and make friends.i know when I thought I had hsv2 Adaril really helped me. I will forever be his friend.that was a dark time in my life. plus people on here really helped me as well. there are good people on here.
  8. hey unluckyman. I really feel for you.to be honest I wish nobody had this awful disease. my sister is waiting on her hsv2 results. I really hope she is Negative. I was tested myself last August I am really curious what it means for hsv1 test is 35 is that a normal number for hsv1? my hsv2 was <0.90 I hope things get better for you.Sarah
  9. I googled it and from what I read they swab up in you to see if you have the virus in you. I don't know how true that is.
  10. I wish I knew the answer but I can't tell you nothing.i really wish someone that has hsv2 can answer your questions.I wonder if Adrail would be kind enough to answer your questions? sorry. I hope you find help. Sarah
  11. my sister took her blood test it was negative but had been Positive before that. so this time around they stuck a giant swab up in her to see if she really does have hsv2 so my question is has anyone ever been tested this way for hsv 2? please let me know Sarah
  12. she is going back next week for her confirmation blood test to see if she actually has it.i just pray that she don't.
  13. My sister was positive with her swab the first time around and then she was swabbed again and her swab was negative.and then her blood test was negative and her blood test had been positive before.i wonder if she is a carrier but doesn't have the virus.
  14. they say to ignore igm that it doesn't mean nothing.that's what I have heard. good luck. Sarah
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