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  1. Hello, just wondering if you ever got any final results.
  2. He needs to get tested because he in all likelihood gave it to you. It doesn’t matter if he’s never had a symptom — lots of people don’t. There is no reason to end a marriage over something as tiny as hsv-1, which 65% of people have. Don’t accept his disgust. Praying for you.
  3. Honestly, this is my advice — don’t take the western blot. I really wish I didn’t know. Ghsv1 does nothing and you’re married. I would just let it go.
  4. No, it will not be worth it to get another blood test because it will show the same results. I tried this and got almost the exact same results each time. I got a western blot through Terri and thought she was great. Yes it is a complicated process but it can be done. I don’t know anything about any other stds because I’ve never actually had sex — I got it through an unfortunate oral encounter.
  5. I am one of those 30% who tested negative by blood test (almost a decade apart) and tested positive by western blot. The upside is if it’s hsv-1 as in my case it’s super hard to pass genitally, so it might explain why you haven’t given it to your wife if you haven’t, and it might help console her. Also, I was super depressed at first, but I literally don’t care about it anymore, if that helps.
  6. I know, even if they don’t reject you I still wouldn’t want to give this to anyone. So neither rejection or transmission are good scenarios. I have strain 1.
  7. I’m so depressed I can hardly move. I also like someone and could never go for it because of this.
  8. Thanks for this. It made me cry. Happy for you.
  9. You are so fucking lucky. I’m going to die alone.
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