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  1. Its not as easy as ppl make it seem they spit facts at you. You read and do your research but doesn't help with the pain of the outbreak. The discomfort. The fact that you have it. I try not live a normal life then boom outbreak constant reminder that this is my life.
  2. I was diagnosed with GHSV 1 in 2017. It was hard i still get depressed with outbreaks happen but hey its life. What i wasn't expecting was that years later i would have oral HSV 1 outbreaks! 😱 My first one was a few months ago i wore a face mask to and told everyone i had a bad cold. Now im having another oral outbreak. I never have symptoms but as soon as i saw a small bump on my lip line i knew what was coming. This time i decided not to wear a face mask but i still feel ashamed. I found myself holding my head down alot today and isolating myself so noone would see my lip. As many facts as i
  3. I understand the need for closure but racking ur brain upsetting urself wont change ur status . This is a big adjustment.
  4. I found outi was hsv 1 positive in 2017. Me n my significant other don't use protection. He still doesn't have any symptoms or visible outbreaks. i have outbreaks once a yr
  5. Just make sure you are comfortable & trust them enough to disclose. Try to provide them with enough knowledge and give them time to process it
  6. Sorry to hear that pumpkin its his loss not yours. Atleast you have the strength and confidence to disclose. This is not the end. You will find someone who will accept all of you
  7. Me and my significant other were together a yr before i contracted hsv 1 in 2017. I usually have a OB once a yr. This is the first time i had a OB on my mouth. Its hard not to get depressed when the OB happen but its nice to have someone who still loves me when i cant love myself
  8. I have been going through this Ob for 5 days first the cuts, the itching those symptoms went away. now i have nerve pain and its intense What do u do when this happens?
  9. a swab it was 4 days into my first outbreak
  10. @mr_hopp whats crazy is i have genital type 1 i guess its ppl weird way of trying to comfort me
  11. i asked that same thing i have Type 1 and i keep hearing oh well you have herpes but its not the bad herpes ..like wtf? lol
  12. @Mstanya1234 thank you! you are in my thoughts!!
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