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  1. No, my original post in regards to what happened to me explains it. I had contracted hsv-1 from someone I was previously dating who had it on their mouth (they gave me oral) and then I got infected. My now boyfriend and I were intimate shortly after I had an outbreak but it was clearing up for the most part from what I could tell. He obviously didn’t go down on me then, I try to keep him from doing that because of my situation. Does this clarify better?
  2. I got it down there from receiving oral, and my bf now must’ve gotten it when I was at the end of an outbreak from sex so I was still active. Idk I’m still trying to understand this stuff myself. It’s more frustrating than anything.
  3. I have hsv-1 and I would assume he got it from sex. I don’t have it in my mouth.
  4. He’s been receptive of it..not mad or anything because he knew the consequences.
  5. So I was diagnosed last June. I met an amazing guy in August and told him my story and every detail. He accepted me and my HSV-1 and we started building a life together. He knew the repercussions of having unprotected sex but he didn’t care because he wants to spend his life with me, as I do with him. Now 7 months later he finally caught it. I’m not sure how he feels, I know I’m upset because it’s my fault. But a small part of me is happy because now I’m not alone in the relationship with something like this. Is that wrong to feel that way? I don’t want to seem self-centered but it was beginning to feel lonely and I felt like a damn leopard. And now that we share this idk it’s comforting? Just wondering if anyone else has gone through this and how did it turn out for you and your relationship
  6. Any male/female buddies in the philly area?? 28yo female, diagnosed about 7 months ago looking to make new friends in the area or just chat
  7. Actually yes it does. I thought it was in the bloodstream. 🤔 I’m having one of those days where I feel desperate to get rid of this curse so thinking outside of the box (or more or less crazy) starts to take over my thought processing.
  8. So I don’t have a medical degree but I have worked in the medical field before. But just as an idea, or if anyone could explain why this can’t be done. Why has no one considered blood transfusion/dialysis to eliminate herpes in people who are positive? I know dialysis works to remove certain things and replace with “clean” blood but couldn’t that work to eliminate the herpes virus? I guess I’m just wishfully thinking hoping to find a cure somewhere so I don’t have to take pills every day the rest of my life and worry about passing this on to my children during pregnancy.
  9. So I’ve read a few different things about this and I’m still just confused. Can you pass genital herpes through oral? I’m not sure if I have 1 or 2 yet (just recently got diagnosed in june) but I’m curious if it’s possible to give it to someone if they were to perform oral on me.
  10. Thank you that means a lot to me. He showed me his true colors and just isn’t worth my time anymore
  11. I found out about a month ago I got herpes, from a new partner I had recently started seeing (just my luck right) and while I tried to keep the relationship going and make it work it was clear that I was starting to feel anger and hatred towards him, since he was the one I had gotten it from. It began to be too much and I just recently ended it. I was taking my anger out on him and it wasn’t fair, not to mention a whole bunch of other things about him drove me insane. He then has the nerve to say to me “good luck finding someone who understands that you have it”. To which resulted in me flipping out and putting the blame on him, Which is rightfully so. This has made me so much more angry, as if having to deal with watching my health and checking down there for any outbreaks wasn’t enough on top of my daily life!! I just really want to know if those of you who have been single and got into a relationship if there is hope to finding love after getting herpes. I know I’m not alone but dating outside the positive realm has kind of frightened me because i don’t want to be rejected because I’m positive for a common STD. Has anyone found hope in positive dating sites?
  12. I just found out 4 days ago as well. I’m 27 and for the most part of my life have been careful or just lucky but thats usually how it happens the 1 time you trust someone they give you something you can’t get rid of. I’m not sure how it all actually happened to be honest. I was seeing a guy for over a month and had just gotten tested when we first started talking, came back negative. Then things went south and I ended it. Fast forward a few weeks/month or so I meet a new guy, things are going perfect/amazing/everything i could dream of. Then this past weekend i notice a few bumps and I’m like hmm that looks worrisome lets go to the clinic. After said and done doctor says the words i regret hearing the most “genital herpes”, cue uncontrollable sobbing and shaking. New boyfriend has none the less been truly amazing but i’m Still not me, i still don’t feel great and its hard keeping this in aside from the select friends i told. How is there no cure for this by now?!?! It’s friggin 2018!!
  13. Sooo i just found out i have herpes...first started with some “pimple” like bumps that i just felt weren’t normal so i went to the clinic right after and sure enough a big bomb was dropped on me. My blood work just came back and confirmed that I’m positive..while having my new boyfriend by my side it was nice he was there for me (and is getting tested soon as well) but i dont think he really understands what I’m going through, even though he’s trying and being super supportive. I just want to talk to someone who has been in my shoes and can help me cope with this. I live in Jersey, but soon going to be moving to Philly. Female is preferred but either works..i am a 27 year old female.
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