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  1. I agree with amando so far I really haven’t had a bad reaction from a lover I’ve disclosed to though I know eventually I might but so far the women I’ve been with have excepted me without hesitation
  2. I’ve not been a good person since I found out. It’s been about 6 months since I contracted hsv2 from an ex and I found out after I slept with my best friend I’ll call her Brittany for ease of reading of course I told her the same day I found out and it was probably the most nerve wreaking thing I’ve ever had to do. Brittany took it a lot better than I thought she would and we even talked about dating but we both freaked out and went our separate ways. I am not proud of it but I got insecure and slept with Brittany’s best friend and I didn’t disclose. Well long story short I started chasing other women to make her jealous because I was to insecure to fight for the relationship. I started seeing another girl Kelsey who I knew was in love with me and accepted me as soon as I told her and I really tried to make it work but I left her as soon as the Brittany told me she wanted to be with me. We tried again and both ran away again afraid of ruining our friendship again and I ran back to Kelsey and her to ex. Kelsey, literally gave me the world while her life literally fell apart then I just left at the lowest part and as soon as Brittany called and wanted to try again. Brittany and I agreed to take it slow because we don’t want to ruin what we have but at the same time I know I’m a monster for what I’ve done to Kelsey. I’m honestly not looking for validation I just wanted to share this and get it out of my head I know what I did was wrong I was just so afraid of being alone and rejected that I hurt someone who was a good person just not right for me.
  3. Well I don’t think your fucked up it sounds to me like he pressured you into sex though yes you should have told him before intercourse he pressured you after you told him no refused to use protection and didn’t inform you that your “protection” had broke honestly this doesn’t sound like a good guy if he had contracted hsv from you he would most likely be showing his first symptoms by now and if he already has it his levels will be much higher than if he had. This dude is trash in my honest opinion and my advice is to steer as far away from him as possible
  4. I understand that I didn’t tell my mother either though I think she knows from someone who saw my medical paperwork and is waiting for me to come to her about it. An option I’ve heard of is therapists and support groups which I would like to try a support group I do think talking to someone can help a lot I got caught in my head a lot the first few weeks thinking my life was over but hearing someone from the outside tell me that nothing was wrong with me really helped me through feeling angry and worthless.
  5. Honestly I found out at the end of June and it has gotten better for the most part and I tend to not really think about it most of the time anymore. It sucks though because when I start having chemistry with someone it immediately pops into my head and I am terrified about what opportunities I might loose out on. I’ve been more than fortunate that I have had someone who has supported me since she found out and I owe her the world for that. Really the most important thing is to find someone that will really support you.
  6. It sounds to me like you need to get tested that sounds exactly like herpes you should go talk to your doctor immediately.
  7. Calm down this really isn't the end of the world and it sucks I know I just found out myself on June 29 myself and I did come clean to both my most recent partner and the girl before her. My most recent partner actually took it very well and we're hoping she didn't contract it. The best thing you can do is educate yourself about herpes, reach out and talk to people in safe places like this and learn to except yourself. I got very fortunate and my friend/recent partner has been very supportive and helped me over a lot of my hurdles and through the personal challenges I've had to deal with recently. Honestly a good support group is the most important thing to have. The constant nag starts to fade away after awhile and you'll find normalcy it just takes some time. I do urge that you try and be safe and disclose to potential lovers in the future. Honestly right now I'm happier than I've been in awhile and it has nothing to do with my diagnosis but the people who I have in my life.
  8. It's been a weird couple of weeks I've been really craving sex a lot and I'm not ashamed to admit I'm probably a sex addict but the h changes quite a bit I've honestly only ever had one long term relationship in my life and it was only 8 months (the girl who gave me the h) when I'm sober I'm fine I can resist the temptation but when I drink it's a different story I did fuck up and sleep with a friend which she knew about the h but it was irresponsible of both of us. Honestly I could use some advice on how to go about finding new relationships.
  9. Yeah I got put on a 10 day supply when I was diagnosed and it caused me to have diarrhea aggression and I'm pretty sure my kidneys started to fail. The doctor took me off of it for a week and I'm supposed to try finishing my last five days tomorrow
  10. I'm on the other side of this I think it is the responsible thing to tell him. I had sex with a friend before I found out and I broke out so I went to the doctor and got tested then again after I healed up and before I got my results. I told her and she accepted me though we are going to get her tested. She has helped me except myself a lot through this. There is always still the chance or most of us probably wouldn't have hsv. If you were in his position wouldn't you want to know.
  11. I've noticed since I found out I've been a lot more popular with women it's weird I'm not really trying but women seem to be gravitating towards me, but I'm not ready to date yet not because of the H but I've just got too much other stuff going on right now
  12. Yeah it really comes in waves sometimes I feel down cause my life just changed and sometimes I feel fine. Its good cause now I know the next person I sleep with isn't just gonna be a meaningless hook up or one night stand, but on the other hand I know I will face a lot of rejection in my future dating. I had a chance at some random tonight but I really don't want to do that to anyone I just hope I found out before I accidentally infected someone.
  13. We didn't use protection two days later she had back pains that moved from her lower back to her pelvis and down into her legs but no outbreaks or painful urination so far at day 10 but she says she has a bad gut feeling that she's infected.
  14. I found out about a week ago and I've taken it well so far but suddenly today at work a depression came over me. This really sucks I had to leave for lunch cause my focus was all off I'm hoping I can put myself back together before I go back in.
  15. I just found out I contracted herpes sometime in the past. I think this is my first year because I've never had breakouts before, but long story short I came out of a 9 month relationship and hooked up with a friend one drunken night. 2 days later I had a rash so I told her I was going to get checked out went to get checked and when I got to the doctors the rash was all but gone and I had no scabs just a little redness. Well a night or two later we had sex again the rash was gone but the next morning I had a scratch or lesion on my mons pubis and since then I've felt like I have another outbreak coming on. The next night I found out my girlfriend of nine months had been cheating on me with multiple other men and when I got my results back I came back positive for hsv 2 I told my friend who really didn't react as bad as I thought but she feels like she's infected it is weighing more on my mind then my positive diagnosis what are the chances I infected her.
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