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  1. I take L-lysine 2000mg daily. I also eat clean and do a lot for gut health. I also avoid chemicals, such as lotions, detergents, makeup etc.
  2. I am reading so much hurt in these comments. I can empathise, but please know even if you don't have herpese, heart ache happens. It took me a long time to find my guy. Lots of disclosing and rejection. Theres nothing wrong with being single, but dont do it out of fear of rejection.
  3. @Fmals, dont give up hope on the L-lysine yet! My understanding is it takes a bit to work. Also your on a very low dosage. Maybe try uping it a bit! Recommended for herpese is 3000mg a day. Best of luck!
  4. Its actually low. My doctor recommends 3000mg daily. Most research ive done on my own suggest 3000mg daily as well. Recommended in increments of 1000mg 3x daily. I take 1000mg 2x daily.
  5. I have been taking it for almost a year, 2000mg a day. No outbreaks!
  6. For home remedies I take L-lysine daily and lavendar essential oil on the sore. Hope this help!
  7. I have done the online thing and even without Herpese its a beast. I had a rule with myself to either disclose before the first meeting or no later then the 3rd date. 10 months ago I disclosed to a guy before our 2nd date. He said he "needed to think about it". I said "I was a great girl herpese doesnt define me and the right guy will see past it and I wasnt ok waiting around for someone to think about if I was worth dating". We agreed to be freinds instead of dating. He became my best freind! (Strictly platonic). Not once did he blow me off or even miss a good morning text. He also quickly started seeing me as more then my herpese and actually without prompting apologized to me for even saying he needed to think about it. One month ago we decided to start a relationship. We couldnt be happier! My advice is, its fine he needs to think about it but its not fine for him to blow you off or make you wait on him to decide. I think you deserve better then to wait around for a guy. I think sometimes we feel we need to be patient and understanding towards peoples reactions, in the end thats not true. Dont forget herpese doesnt make you less lovable, less worthy of common courtesy or even freindship!
  8. Each situation is different. I do not take meds daily. I use L-lysine daily which is a natural supplement to aide in suppressing the virus and some other natural meds to boost my immune system. At first diagnosis its scary and you want to do anything to never experiance it again. Understandable! However, you may never get another outbreak! So no need for daily meds right! I like the natural approach, it works for me. Thats not for everyone, but maybe keep it as an option or discuss with your doctor as another option then daily prescription.
  9. I have yet to find someone accepting of my diagnosis. I find a lack of education when it comes to my potential partners and it sounds like your partner may have been as well. On a positive note I have two freinds who married men with herpese. They both contracted it from them over time. They love their husbands and chose a life with them regardless of a virus. If its the right one, they will not care and my freinds are proof that those people exist!!
  10. I think its great to hope for a cure, but at this time I have found no evidence of one. I avoid chemicals and eat clean, take care of myself, get good sleep etc and I dont get OB unless i get severely sick, which only happened once. I think the best we can do is keep our bodies healthy. If you find a cure, shout it from the rooftops as there are plenty of us who would love it!
  11. God and I have parted ways. Im not sure if herpese is to blame or its the thing that opened my eyes. Every relationship needs give and take. I have given everything for years and have gotten nothing in return from Him. I wish someone could explain why the God of the Bible is no where to be found 😞
  12. I feel everyone is different when it comes to an OB. I had one sore with mine, lasted 3 days. When the sore was gone i was swollen and slightly tender at the location for 1 week. I treated mine with Lavender essential oils which can aid in itching, my itching subsided with the oil. So yes its normal to itch but there are things you can do to alleviate it. It will get better 🙂
  13. Never acceptance then rejection, just rejection. It amazes me how uniformed people are on herpese. Ultimately it gets so old having to disclose.
  14. If you think your period brought it on you may want to talk to your doctor about taking birth control continuously to not get it. Thats what i do. Also ive only had one OB but i used lavendar essential oil for the itching. It worked great for me. But it may not for everyone. Hope this helps!
  15. Ive only had one OB and my sore lasted 3 days but i live a very natural life style (chemical free). I also applied lavendar essential oil to my sore 3x daily and when at home and overnight i wore no underwear. I only use baking soda to wash "down there". I use a spray bottle filled with coconut oil and lavendar essential oils to spray my whole body after a shower and to shave. I take and diffuse essential oils to relieve stress and boost my immune system. Hope this helps!!
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