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  1. Thank you. I left work early today because of my anxiety, but I’ve also been under the weather with everything going around. I appreciate it though.
  2. So... recently, it was brought to my attention that my herpes status has been made aware to some of my co workers. I have no idea how some of them know, and no idea why my name was discussed in the manner for my status to even come up. I was seeing someone not too long ago, and he was made well aware of my status by ME, and accepting. We were not exclusive, but co workers knew we were seeing each other. This may be my fault for sharing my “happiness” and seeking advice, as they may not have know that we were seeing each other. However, a co worker took it upon her self to drunkenly approach th
  3. My situation may be different from others, but I have read on here that others are having tingling and nerve pain either here and there or often. My situation is a bit different because it seems my tingling and nerve pain seems to start when I’m stressed, not had enough sleep, anxious, etc. I have chronic anxiety, so I’m always anxious, and lately I started taking my medication for anxiety again because my panic attacks have started increasing. I feel it is linked to the new guy I am seeing, and my fear of giving him herpes. I get this way in every new relationship it seems (if they do not alr
  4. Thank you so much! I have been so anxious and stressed about it, and being cautious, and checking every day for an OB. I appreciate the information.
  5. I have been having recent prodrome symptoms upon dating someone new. It’s like I was completely fine before we started dating, then as soon as it’s time to get intimate, I start to feel the prodrome symptoms. Tingling in legs, butt, genitals. I think I’m nervous about giving it to him, as I am with all of my new partners, but the symptoms are a continual reminder that I have it, and he’s fine with it, I’ve told him all about it, but I’m still anxious about it. My question is, if I’m having prodrome symptoms, but taking my meds, and we use a condom, and I have NO outbreak, is it okay to have se
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