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  1. Yeah, my first diagnosis triggered an outbreak and i had sex also against the rules lol and was diagnosed 5 days later. I havent had a Brazilian since because id rather be hairy than hurting. I also believed it was the Brazilian because she did hurt me in the same area i get the infections (perineum).
  2. Did they tell you if it was recent or dormant? I think the fact she has it & confessed, would be much easier for you to confess. It removes the shame & if your tests show it is a recent infection, then by telling her she’ll know that she did possibly infect others. They probably was too loose or ignorant to realize it was from her. I do understand why you would be upset since she didn’t disclose to you, but since you all are in a seemingly serious relationship, go through the motions then be like whatever. Don’t let it become an unnecessary stress between you two. I was diagnosed Spring 2018 from a 50 yr old man, literally 3 weeks after sex w/ him. I didn’t find out from him until 5-6 months later that the whole time he was having secret outbreaks. I had to pry the truth out of him but he refused to get tested & just blamed me & still until this day I blame him.
  3. Always a chance IS 50/50. So stfu & move along! Stop challenging ppls personal experience because you’re still in denial.
  4. Type 2 here. Only ever taken vitamins. When done daily, i have no outbreaks or prodrome symptoms. If i fall off schedule and get an outbreak then start back up the vitamins, the outbreak is gone in 2-3 days. L-lysine, vitamin C & d3, liquid chlorophyll, & echinacea & goldenseal extract.
  5. Yes, i take l-lsyine, vitamin C & d3, liquid chlorophyll and echinacea and goldenseal. Outbreaks do leave in 2-3 days. If i am consistent with the supplements, then i dont get any outbreaks or its prodrome symptoms. Diagnosed a year ago. Started this a month later.
  6. Well hopefully you wouldn’t have sex before figuring out if he’s trustworthy. But since this is the world we live in, if sex is discussed and is the mission, then you should disclose BEFORE the meet up. If he declines, then he wasn’t worth your body in the first place. Don’t take the turn downs to heart. I’ve been diagnosed for almost a year and my life is fine. Told a guy i knew for years since we were planning a vacation, he ghosted me. Oh well. Told another guy, he researched, asked questions, & made the choice to still sleep with me. That was 6 months ago, so far he is still herpes-free.
  7. However, to answer your question, yes different manufacturers = different products even if it’s the same medicine name, they mix and handle differently depending on lab creations. Just like with vitamins and supplements, some are stronger or more authentic depending on company. Always remember big businesses will cut corners and put out a cheap or less effective product to meet demand and take in more profit.
  8. I’ve heard in general from many that the antivirals do not work or that they contribute to more outbreaks. Personally, I’m not a western medicine fanatic. I go for the natural cures before suppressing my body with chemicals. With that said, i take daily vitamin c, Vitamin d3, l-lysine, & a multivitamin. when i feel a trigger coming on, i add to the above, liquid chlorophyll & echinacea & goldenseal extract. I was diagnosed in may 2018, had 3 outbreaks last year & one this year (going through now due to stress & because i ran out of C & D3.) however, when i stay on schedule, i dont have outbreaks or prodrome symptoms and if i do, it only last for 3 days.
  9. Every time i have a Brazilian, it triggers an outbreak. Also, next time wait a few days after the wax to have sex.
  10. I’ve never taken the antivirals because of the many negatives surrounding them. I took the holistic route by taking vitamins & no longer getting Brazilian waxes. I was diagnosed in May 2018. It’s now end of December 2018 & in that time frame I’ve only had about 3-4 outbreaks (counting the initial one). The last one came because I got too comfortable & stopped taking my vitamins.
  11. Take a high quality photo of it when it is most visible and show that to the doctor AND when you see them try to schedule a same day appointment.
  12. I researched and realized not only is it due to the weather but also licking your lips dries them out. Thanks though
  13. Yes. He told me 3 mos later aftee i told him another guy claimed he had gotten a cold sore from kissing me. Then he decided to confess he had an OB a long time ago. I felt betrayed lol idk why. I just feel like we both know our situation so why not share what you’re going through?!
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