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  1. More than likely one of your flings gave it to you because you posted this story somewhere else & said you haven’t had sex with your boyfriend in MONTHS. The fact 2 weeks went by & you had an outbreak, simply shows it was during that break. Roll with the punches. As he do research, he’ll eventually ask & or ponder if you slept with others. Also, it technically is his business what you do since y’all are sexual partners & more close than the flings. You put his health at risk with that mindset. That’s like whoever was the carrier saying oh it’s not her business i have herpes because she’s just a fling. So with that said, I don’t see where the confusion is. Only advice: You told him you have herpes, so let that be that & stop overthinking & worrying. Find supplements to build your immune system. Good luck
  2. All has been well, UNTIL I decided to wear some shorts that hugged closely to my genitals and literally within the next hour, the itching started. Then the next day more itching and sore odor. Now today, the pain to where I had to walk with a fake limp at times because friction near my butt causes pain. Smh I hate this crap. So, in summary 2 things i did wrong: wore lounge shorts commando AND was slacking on taking my l-Lysine. When i stay consistent with my vitamins, I go months without an outbreak. Triggers so far: clothing rubbing, non-silicone sex toys, excessive sugar, rough sex, inconsistency w/ vites, and brazilian waxes.
  3. I take garden of life raw vaginal probiotics & it’s great at keeping usual vag issues away. As far as hsv related i take l-lsyine 1000mg daily. If i stop, i usually end up with an outbreak.
  4. My last OB, i had got 2 yeast infections a few days before it
  5. Yes to every question. // as for length of pain, everyone is different. Some ppl have short outbreaks, others have more frequent & long term outbreaks. So, it’s possible, especially if you’re not taking care of yourself (stress, triggers, no vitamins/supplements, no antivirals).
  6. Yeah if you still have the sores go get it swabbed & get your blood drawn
  7. So of the 5 outbreaks I have had within the year of being diagnosed (May 2018), none of them ever had clusters of yellow/tan circles, but this time it does. I used a sex toy that was cheap a** bad material but with a condom on top and then the condom popped off, and that night the burning started and 2 days later an outbreak happened and now today I see pus pockets. Is this normal for some with herpes? Normally, I see a red cut or a red cut with a clear bubble looking sore, but never yellow. I hate myself for that sex toy, impulsive decision I made because that would be the 3rd one I have bought on impulse and TRASHED because the idea of toys get me more than the actual toy. SMH and so anyway, I leave for jamaica in a few hours and yea, I'll be there with a freakin OUTBREAK that I TRIGGERED!!!! FML
  8. Just break it to him like you did it to us...that years ago the DR tested the bumps and it came back negative but now you are leaning more towards it being herpes. However, to avoid causing unnecessary stress in his life, go to your gyn and get the blood test and sores swabbed this time to confirm.
  9. What was his response to the disclosure?
  10. Yeah, my first diagnosis triggered an outbreak and i had sex also against the rules lol and was diagnosed 5 days later. I havent had a Brazilian since because id rather be hairy than hurting. I also believed it was the Brazilian because she did hurt me in the same area i get the infections (perineum).
  11. Did they tell you if it was recent or dormant? I think the fact she has it & confessed, would be much easier for you to confess. It removes the shame & if your tests show it is a recent infection, then by telling her she’ll know that she did possibly infect others. They probably was too loose or ignorant to realize it was from her. I do understand why you would be upset since she didn’t disclose to you, but since you all are in a seemingly serious relationship, go through the motions then be like whatever. Don’t let it become an unnecessary stress between you two. I was diagnosed Spring 2018 from a 50 yr old man, literally 3 weeks after sex w/ him. I didn’t find out from him until 5-6 months later that the whole time he was having secret outbreaks. I had to pry the truth out of him but he refused to get tested & just blamed me & still until this day I blame him.
  12. Always a chance IS 50/50. So stfu & move along! Stop challenging ppls personal experience because you’re still in denial.
  13. Type 2 here. Only ever taken vitamins. When done daily, i have no outbreaks or prodrome symptoms. If i fall off schedule and get an outbreak then start back up the vitamins, the outbreak is gone in 2-3 days. L-lysine, vitamin C & d3, liquid chlorophyll, & echinacea & goldenseal extract.
  14. Yes, i take l-lsyine, vitamin C & d3, liquid chlorophyll and echinacea and goldenseal. Outbreaks do leave in 2-3 days. If i am consistent with the supplements, then i dont get any outbreaks or its prodrome symptoms. Diagnosed a year ago. Started this a month later.
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