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  1. _a_rayofsunshine_

    What happens if you don't take antivirals?

    I’ve never taken the antivirals because of the many negatives surrounding them. I took the holistic route by taking vitamins & no longer getting Brazilian waxes. I was diagnosed in May 2018. It’s now end of December 2018 & in that time frame I’ve only had about 3-4 outbreaks (counting the initial one). The last one came because I got too comfortable & stopped taking my vitamins.
  2. _a_rayofsunshine_

    Permanent changes on glans?

    Take a high quality photo of it when it is most visible and show that to the doctor AND when you see them try to schedule a same day appointment.
  3. _a_rayofsunshine_

    Dry lips? Dry “canal” ? Outbreaks?

    I researched and realized not only is it due to the weather but also licking your lips dries them out. Thanks though
  4. _a_rayofsunshine_

    Are you still with your giver?

    Yes. He told me 3 mos later aftee i told him another guy claimed he had gotten a cold sore from kissing me. Then he decided to confess he had an OB a long time ago. I felt betrayed lol idk why. I just feel like we both know our situation so why not share what you’re going through?!
  5. _a_rayofsunshine_

    Super confused about my body

    Just have them test u for herpes to ease your mind then go from there
  6. _a_rayofsunshine_

    HSV-1 genital infection cause odor?

    I have ttpe 2 & notice an odor. Smells unclean. Like not washing well after a bowel movement. I mean it is open skin, sick skin.
  7. _a_rayofsunshine_

    Finally trying to find a way to start disclosing

    I’d ask him if he has it. He could, & also be struggling or feeling bitter/anger & that’s why he said what he said. Idk. I’d press him more on it. That’s not a coincidence.
  8. _a_rayofsunshine_

    Are you still with your giver?

    It was surprise to me. His response was “nooo it can’t be.” & that he was there to support me. Not many men will say that, so idk if that was his desperation for sex at the time (he’s 50, im 26) or his guilt. Before him, I hadn’t had sexual relations for 3 months. None of them prior said they had anything. The old man & i had unprotected sex and maybe 2-4 weeks after my Brazilian, i had my 1st outbreak. So, idk what to believe. My DR claim my results show I’ve had the virus for atleast a year, but based on research, I don’t believe that. Then the fact he kept his OB from me for 3 months, is suspicious to me.
  9. _a_rayofsunshine_

    Are you still with your giver?

    I would tell her, but that’s just me.
  10. _a_rayofsunshine_

    Are you still with your giver?

    Yes. He said he’s still dealing with the reality of having it, so idk. Men are weird. He’s weird. He shuts himself off to people too often. He didn’t want to go into details but I pulled it out of him and testing, he keeps saying when he has time, in which he’s being saying for over 6 months now.
  11. _a_rayofsunshine_

    Think I feel a outbreak coming

    Echinacea & Goldenseal extract & Liquid Chlorophyll
  12. _a_rayofsunshine_

    Are you still with your giver?

    Wow! Mine said the same. He’s like well you were tested, so I don’t need to be. Then he keeps his OBs to himself. I didn’t find out until 3 months later that he had one.
  13. _a_rayofsunshine_

    Are you still with your giver?

    Im convinced he’s the giver... so, yes we’re still together. Unfortunately not in a way I desire, but he’s there. He keeps it to himself when he has outbreaks smh. Don’t ask why because I don’t have an answer lol. I’m currently going through one after being clear for 5 months. I had lots of sugar this past week & wore too many thongs, & also hadn’t been consistent on my daily vitamins.
  14. _a_rayofsunshine_

    Preventing Outbreaks

    I mean it’s better than having an OB.... only things I don’t take daily is the E&G and the chlorophyll. I only take those when I feel my immune system is getting attacked (onset of aches, sore throats, etc).
  15. _a_rayofsunshine_

    Help pls

    How do you know you have internal lesions? Sex these past 2 times have felt uncomfortable like friction on one side of my wall. Doesn’t burn or anything like my external lesions did. Just makes me feel dry even though im lubricated and rubbing it against it just hurts.