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  1. So most of us can tell when an OB is about to come on & it usually starts with itching. Well, I already had a double wammy outbreak 3 weeks ago & REFUSED to tolerate another OB. This is what I did to basically stop one from forming: I stopped eating sugary items (I was splurging daily on desserts), started taking my 1000mg L-lysine Tablets daily (normally it’s every few days), APPLIED undiluted TEA TREE OIL on the itchy spot daily (3 days total, itching stopped on day 2), & blow dried the area after every shower & did my usual commando (no panties). This is day 5 and there is n
  2. Yes there is a sick odor. Not BV (fishy) odor and yeast (the kind ive experienced) has no odor.
  3. Currently on my period AND have an outbreak in a new spot (left labia). Super uncomfortable. Walking with a fake limp to avoid friction & awkward wide legs in private. Thank God for the invention of period panties because it helped minimize the discomfort. Normally, period-free outbreaks I go commando. Anywho, what have you found comfort in to ease pain, especially during shower time? Normally I don’t have much pain when I’m washing, but this area has had me breaking down in tears & anger daily.
  4. Where do those with penises tend to get outbreaks? The guy who gave it to me never wanted to discuss his outbreaks Or would claim he didn’t remember. I’m just curious because so far for me as a woman, it started at my perineum, on one of my labia majoras, very close to my vaginal opening, & then my anus.
  5. You can use any fake number or anonymous service to inform him. I did it but i didnt like the Anon Service because i like to know for sure a msg is delivered. So i used apps like textnow. And next time you hear ppl saying that, remind them of what cold sores are that are normalized and accepted. Educate them.
  6. There are percentages Of how likely you can pass it to someone else when 1) u have an outbreak and 2) you have prodrome symptoms. I don’t know the numbers because I personally just keep it simple by telling new guys 50-50 chance. However, no one has said they got anything, so there’s that. And yeah the guy who gave it to me didn’t say anything and i was stupid and had unprotected sex with him. He was a cop i knew through someone else 6 years prior and idk just being naive. 3 weeks after we had sex, i got a brazilian and literally that evening i had an outbreak. I thought it was from the waxing
  7. Short explanation, everyone has a different experience. But yes, we’re always contagious regardless, only thing that changes is transmission rate. I cant speak to the bumps part. I have confirmed type 2 genital & bumps only come during an active outbreak then leave. I have had oral issues but nothing to where i assume its herpes related but i am sure it is. Really painful sore throat on one side that a DR once said it’s viral & wasn’t strep etc, so I believe that was an oral herpes outbreak. I believe i only got those when the scumbag was having his own outbreaks, or prodrome symptoms
  8. Start keeping journal of foods you eat, your thoughts, clothing, sex lifestyle (including self sex), worries, etc. Find a trigger. Also, start taking L-lysine 500mg or higher daily. When I take it consistently, I don’t get outbreaks. As soon as I stop, they come back but ONLY if it’s triggered. Ive had it since May 2018. Ive had less than 10 outbreaks for those two years. Currently have one now in a new place but still genitals and i havent been taking my supplements & also possibly triggered it through sex acts.
  9. Hey! I’m a 28 yr old black female. There are plenty of black men w/o stds who would be willing to date & marry you. Change your perspective, change your mindset. There is always hope. Life isn’t over. Forgive yourself and forgive that ex so you can be free and receive new beginnings. Also, remember satan sends ppl too. You were vulnerable then, lonely, and satan knew what you liked. Remember wolves walk around in sheeps clothing. The past is the past. You’re loved! You will get that love life you desire! Don’t dwell on being single and alone. Use this time to improve you, heal you, start b
  10. Have y’all tried taking L-Lysine supplements? It’s geared towards skin restoration. When I take it (500mg works for me) consistently, I don’t get outbreaks at all. As soon, as I go a few weeks without it, an outbreak happens. I also never took the anti-suppressives.
  11. Hey! I’m a 28 yr old black female. Convinced i got this from a black male 24 yrs older than me. Anywho, Ive had 2 partners since being diagnosed & I told them both BEFORE we got into a sexual environment & they both did their research & still slept w/ me protected of course. I’ve only ever had 1 guy reject me & 2 past guys not want to deal w/ me even though I was just telling them since the DR claim i had had it for at least a year. I figured i be responsible and tell past partners, hoping theyd confess or go get tested. So, i say this to tell you that dating is not over for an
  12. Keep trying l-lysine (a higher dose, daily) along with liquid chlorophyll during OBs as well as echinacea & goldenseal (10 days max for that). Ive never taken the prescription meds. Cut out sugar, dont wear friction clothes, if you’re removing pubic hair by traumatic ways (wax) STOP or if you are not, trim it some. Use witch hazel toilet approved wipes & blow dry the area after showers & no underwear to bed. Those are all tips & tricks to try until it goes away & see what works. Personally, taking the supplements at onset of a OB makes it go away in less than 4 days. Contin
  13. Idk if this is herpes related but since being diagnosed spring 2018, i can thankfully count on my hands how often I’ve had an outbreak. However, ive noticed i get pain, like an ache, like sitting on your butt too long kind of ache, but on my labia AND around my anus, simultaneously. Every time I google it, it’s only pregnant women relating to it but I’m not with child & never have been. My period did just end today, pain started yesterday. Guess i need to journal this episode & when it happens again, journal & compare.
  14. This is old but I told every partner from the past year before diagnosis. You can always find a way to submit the message anonymously.
  15. Waxing triggers it for me but so far the schick women’s electric razor works fine. However, im also not shaving in the target areas.
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