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  1. Me too. I wish the same. And I do not really trust the blood tests because so many sites online say they are unreliable. Too many false positives and false negatives. I think that is a major reason why they don’t include them in the routine STD panel. I have yet to test positive by blood test but all my symptoms started directly after my exposure to HSV2. I hadn’t had sex with anyone else for 5 months prior and never had any of these symptoms like this before. All my symptoms are HSV2 related. All the other STD tests that are actually very accurate have been negative as well. So for me, it’s almost a clear cut case as to what is the cause. It just sucks that I had to waste all that time and effort trying to get a diagnosis and in the end I had to just accept it myself because every doctor I’ve seen has provided no answer and no solution. i feel like until they make a better test, the only way to truly know if you have herpes or not is to get a lesion swabbed. And I have none to swab anymore. But I wish you and your sister good luck and hopefully you are both negative. And thank you, Sarah, I hope things get better too.
  2. Yes. I am dealing with basically the same issues as you and have been for the last 8 months now since I tried to have protected sex with an HSV2 positive woman. But the condom broke seconds into it, and here I am today. Almost everyday I am dealing with some form of tingling, burning or itching in my genital or anus area. Sometimes I feel itchy in my legs and burning in my face as well. I may have about 5 days where I will go without any symptoms but they always eventually return. The beginning of my problems all started two days after the exposure. I was celibate for 5 months before this one time exposure and I had never in my life experienced any of these symptoms like this. I was sure my blood test would eventually turn positive, but every single test I took remained negative all the way up to 7 months. Doing my own research, I found out from the internet that the blood tests for HSV unfortunately are very unreliable. Its pretty sad when you have to diagnose yourself with a lifelong STD because no doctor can give you an answer. I just started trying lysine now, so we’ll see if that helps at all but I doubt it will. As the days go by, Im losing hope that my body will ever go back to normal again and I may probably just have to learn to live with these annoying sensations every day.
  3. It affects everyone differently. I am one of the unlucky ones. I have itched and burned almost every day for the last 8 months since my exposure to HSV 2 and it was only for a few seconds when the condom broke. I can’t tell you why, but I know I used to get sick often before this happened. Like at least 3-4 colds a year, Maybe my immune system has something to do with it. I am completely aware of my penis almost all the time now because there’s usually always some sensation going on, whether it be an icy hot feeling or a crawling feeling or a burning at the tip. The occurences have calmed down a bit over the 8 months. In the beginning it was constant and the intensity was higher. Anus itching is the most annoying thing. Also itching in the thigh area as well. I wish I could get rid of the itching the most. Also my bowel movements were affected by this as well. The first month or so after exposure my nerves were on fire all over my body, but that has mostly calmed down now. But every then and again I’ll feel some burning somewhere, usually in my leg area. Lower back pain can be an issue sometimes too. The only thing I dont get is the lesions. I got a bump in my pubic hair area 5 days atfter the exposure that lasted for about a month but that’s about it. Again, I don’t know why my situation turned out like this, but I promise you this all is the result of me attempting to sleep with someone with confirmed HSV2. Personally, if I could go back, I would have never done it. The attempt wasn’t worth all these issues my body deals with now and most of all the mental torment I’ve been through for the past 8 months. I have prayed every day to be in your shoes and make the opposite choice. But that’s my life. Maybe it won’t be yours.
  4. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/26755775/#fft Here’s one link to a study based in the Netherlands I believe that shows that the IGG test had a much lower accuracy rate than 97%. There are other studies I found online that also confirm this. But I’m at at work now, I’ll try to post other links later.
  5. Studies have shown that individuals who have tested positive for herpes by swab, will test negative by blood test. The blood test is not as accurate as they want you to believe. I’ve read some studies that say a chance of a false negative by IGG blood test can be as high as 30%. Even if you are truly positive for herpes, you may never show it on a blood test. In my opinion, this is one of driving factors if not THE number one reason why they don’t include it in a routine STD panel. The test is so poor by modern standards, the confusion it would cause would cause more damage than good. There is no way in hell a lifelone virus blood test should have an accuracy of only 70%. That’s ridiculous. And before my situation happened I would have never believed it. But I’m starting to fear that it’s true, and that doctors are very misinformed about these tests.
  6. I do not get blisters anymore. I got the one big bump in the pubic hair area at the beginning and that was it. Doctor didn’t swab it. She tried to convince me it wasn't herpes. Even though I told her it appeared five days after having sex with someone who has HSV2 and that it’s unusual for me to get bumps there. Told me I would know if it was herpes because the lesions would be painful and most likely on my penis. Never got any of that. I may never get anything to swab again. But my symptoms are very real and very annoying and they never go away completely, and they all started nearly 8 months ago after HSV2 exposure. 8 months of this ongoing everyday crap. All thanks to 5 seconds of sex. I pretty much know what I have at this point anyways. I don’t need a swab test anymore, so if nothing ever pops up again, oh well. It’s just sad that herpes is so misunderstood by doctors. There are so many stories Ive read online of people going through what I’m going through and finding no answers. But they are dismissed because of negative blood tests, even though it’s a known fact that the blood tests are exremely inaccurate. It’s also a known fact that many people who have HSV don’t get lesions. Stuff that gets mistaken as other things like ingrown hairs end up really being herpes. This is all stuff I had to learn with a simple Google search, and not from one of the various doctors I visited. I wish I had known all this before. But the fact is all my issues that I have started with HSV2. After the condom broke, two days later my body went through some serious changes. Negative blood tests be damned, I know all those changes weren’t some damn coincidence that all just managed to somehow occur at the exact same time I get exposed to HSV2. But the doctors try to make me believe that. I wanted to believe that I was negative, but when this shit doesn't ever completely go away, the hope and faith slowly does.
  7. That’s EXACTLY what I got after having sex with a HSV 2 positive female. A fucking big ass bump that appeared in my pubic hair five days after exposure. Didn't look like typical herpes but i never get anything like that in my pubic area. So I knew it had to be herpes. Lasted for weeks. When it burst the second time, it bled like crazy. I’ve been dealing with herpes symptoms ever since for the last 7 months, but get all negative blood tests. All other STD tests are negative as well. I was perfectly healthy before I had sex with this HSV positive woman. Now im itching and burning in my groin and anus almost every day. Maybe five days I’ll feel normal, then the bullshit restarts all over again for weeks. It comes in cycles just like herpes. I don’t trust anyones advice about herpes. No one truly understands this virus. I know that I’m infected. The medical community knows jack shit about this virus. The blood test is fucking bullshit. So many people probably have herpes and don’t even realize it because they cant fucking make a proper test to diagnosis it. False positives and false negatives bullshit. This is a lifelong fucking virus. There should be no fucking false anything. Shit pisses me the fuck off. I feel sorry for you and your boyfriend. I truly do. I’ve been suffering everyday with this shit. I’ve seen numerous doctors and they all give me bullshit answers. “Drink more water, drink cranberry juice.” Yea fuck off. I wish i could give them this shit so I can look them in their fucking eyea and go tell them to drink some fucking cranberry juice.
  8. It’s laughable when one person complains of these things and blames it all on herpes even when he’s testing negative, but what if I told you my penis entered an HSV2 positive vagina for less than 5 seconds, condom broke, and over the next 6 months I would develop almost the exact same symptoms as him? Suddenly, it’s not so laughable anymore. What blurne’s situation screams to someone who is experiencing very similar symptoms after being directly exposed to HSV2, only to see negative blood test after negative blood test, is that you may not understand herpes as well as you think you do, and that perhaps this virus may in fact just be capable of being all time, next level everywhere type shit with some extremely unbelievable stealth power.
  9. .91 is considered equivocal. It basically means you’re in between a positive and a negative result. Anything <.90 is considered negative. Anything >1.1 and <3.4 is considered a low positive and needs a confirmation test to ensure it isn’t a false positive. Anything above 3.5 is considered a firm positive. The higher it is after that the more likely that it isn’t a false positive. You should either take another IGG test in at least two-three weeks to see if your results have increased to a more firm positive or lowered into a negative. If you want better confirmation you can take the Western Blot test, that’s the gold standard but only offered by one place in the whole country, and it has to be at least 16 weeks since your last risky exposure for accuracy.
  10. @Fml93 and oh, i believe the western blot test is after 16 weeks. So im going to get another IGG test next month at 16 weeks and if thats negative, and the urologist cant help me, then ill probably end up going that route. Finding a lab to draw my blood and give it to me to ship out will be the toughest part. Blowing another few hundred dollars also sucks. But my biggest fear is that my body may never make the antibodies or enough of them to be detected by these tests. I have read stories of people online saying they've tested negative for herpes blood tests including the blot, and then end up finding out they have it later usually by swabbing. That makes me worry. I just wish doctors could go in my damn spinal nerves and see if this bullshit virus is hiding down there so I can know without a doubt whether or not i have this.
  11. @Notgoingthere yes, I went to the doctor three times. The first time was a routine appointment 4 days after the exposure. I told my doctor about my encounter and got tested for HIV and the urine STDs. She examined me and basically said since I didn't have lesions there was no way to tell if I had contracted herpes yet. It became a waiting game. Right after that a big single bump that felt pretty hard appeared in my pubic hair region. I remember looking in the mirror, my heart pounding thinking this is it when i first noticed it swelling up, but it didn't look like herpes, so I thought it was an ingrown hair. At that time I was expecting herpes to look like blisters, and be painful and clustered and whatnot. It wasn't painful. It wasn't itchy. It just was a bump. And it was hard. Went back to my doctor again 11 days after exposure to take my first herpes IGG blood test, another full STD panel, and even give a urine sample. Everything came back negative again. Even the herpes test, which I expected because it was still too early to develop antibodies. Weeks later at the 6 week post-exposure mark, I asked my Dr for another herpes IGG test, which she was highly opposed to. She is the infectious disease specialist where I go, and she doesn't believe in the herpes blood test. But she caved in because she could see I was very stressed out. That came back negative. She looked at the single bump that was still there in my pubic region, and she also wrote it off as an ingrown hair. But I wish I had gotten it swabbed at that time. But I trusted her, and wanted to believe her. Now it's just a scar, and the scar has been there for over 2 months now. I can even still feel like a smaller hard bump under the scar when I press on it. She said there's nothing more she can do and set me up to go see a urologist. They gave me an appointment in November back in August. Sucks for me. It's been over 3 months now, and every day I have waited for some bump to appear on my penis. Nothing has. @Fml93 I wish this was all in my head, but unfortunately it isn't. The penis tip tingling/burning/irritation has been with me almost every day. I could be in the happiest of moods and it does not matter, it will show up eventually and remind me that something is not right with me. I never had this issue before I was exposed to HSV-2. I became extremely constipated for a few weeks as well about a week or so after that night. My body also began to burn in random places during that time, which the internet let me know is nerve related. I was having intermittent lower back pain out of nowhere. That's when I pretty much started to believe I was infected with herpes after reading about so many others infected with the virus having similar burning symptoms. But my IGG test is negative still. I'm going to take another IGG at 16 weeks when I go see the urologist. Hopefully he has some answers for me. But I'm just tired of waiting.
  12. Just wanted to update you guys. Took another blood test at 12 weeks and it came back negative for HSV 1 and 2 still. Sad part is I still am just as worried that I have it and that I’m going to infect someone. My penis tip still almost always burns after I piss for at least a good 10-15 minutes and it burns after ejaculation too. It also seems to start to burn when I feel like I need to pee... like when I wake up in the morning or Im washing dishes at the sink. And all of this started after I tried to have sex with an HSV-2 positive woman for 5 seconds but Mr.Condom failed me. Thats why I feel like I still have it. Have a urology appointment next month. Im going to take another blood test then too and see if anything changes. Still no lesions on my penis, but the veins seem a little more “out there” now sometimes. Like I can feel them too sometimes. Its kinda strange. I dont really trust the blood test though. Wish it was as accurate as HIV blood tests. Getting a negative result should make you feel relieved, but it doesnt and its pathetic.
  13. LOL why do you say Terri isnt an expert? I kinda agree with you about that, but i’m just wondering why you say that?
  14. Yea I’ve haven’t read anything that supports it either, but Terri Warren seems to strongly advise not to take any before testing so I just rather play it safe so that I can have the most accurate test result I can possibly get with the IGG.
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