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  1. Appreciate your responses. I always have but it seems like much of the adult community has it but never disclosed from what I gather. It makes me wonder how many people have it and don’t disclose or are judging without knowing they have it.
  2. No, I love your outlook I was just super discouraged. Appreciate your help ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Do you disclose? Be honest and please explain!
  4. It’s good that you’re worried for him but after three months just have him tested. I’m sure he’s fine.
  5. If you disclose to someone you have herpes and they stop talking to you and begin telling others do you deny it? I disclosed for the first time in a very long time and the guy isn’t talking to me much anymore and I just disclosed last night. I know I’m assuming because it was just last night but it’s a big step and if he can’t see past it then that’s fine but if he tells people I’ll be embarrassed. Do you guys always disclose? Do people typically talk about this to their friends? I’m feeling uneasy and seriously angry with the one who I know have this to me..
  6. I know and I really appreciate all of you. Coming on here and sharing/communicating has helped me realize I don’t need to run to this man for validation by having sex. I need to remain celibate and focus on h and face my true feelings on how to move forward, not continue making the same mistake.
  7. He was the only one I slept with in four months when my blood test came back negative but culture was positive so the doctor said it was definitely him. When we see each other out he acts like things are fine. I told him I was having an outbreak so I couldn’t have sex and he wanted to anyway so I did it for closure. I now know he has it if he’s fine with having sex with me on an outbreak. And yes he messages me and then says I need to stop texting him, that I’m blocked, goodbye. Hahahaha. He’s nuts. Better yet, hes 49 and I’m 26. He sings here and there for a band and hosts an open jam so he’s always so worried about his reputation. Let me remind you that it’s my NOW brother in laws uncle. Wouldn’t you try to kiss someone’s ass to make sure word doesn’t get around? This is why I think he’s socially off. Somethings not right with this man. A friend of mine said they saw pictures of me including one of my ex boyfriend and I in his phone when he was scrolling. She said it didn’t appear to be on Facebook and that it was saved to his phone. She also said whenever we’re in the same room he’s got his eye on exactly where I am. I can’t tell if he has a crush or something and is handling things in the wrong way because of the family situation and how far apart we are in age. This is definitely a situation that is coming to an end but I may never fully understand it.
  8. No is the app called kik? I’ll have to get one.
  9. So the guy that didn’t disclose to me does some singing gig here and there and hosts an open jam. Like in high school he’s worried about his reputation. Well back in June he wasn’t worried about disclosing he had herpes before he infected me with it. My blood test came back negative and the culture from the lesion came back positive. A couple months after the blood test came back positive meaning I contracted this within the last few months and he was the only one I had slept with. He says he doesn’t have it but will sleep with me during an outbreak. I know I sound nuts but I had to do it for closure to see if you would have sex with me if he knew I was having an outbreak. Because he said yes and followed through I know he has it. Well anyway way we have a couple friends in the same group and every time I get friendly with someone (not in a sexual way) or he hears my name he gets paranoid and messages me. I don’t know if this is a threat or just a reminder but he does have major anger issues so I don’t know how to take it. What do you guys think? (Yes I saved him as maybe scam because I don’t want anyone knowing who’s messaging me 😂🙄)
  10. I slept with my now brother in laws uncle. You would think it would have made him want to be a more honest man seeing as we may have to run into each other here and there. He says he doesn’t hve it but I know it’s a lie. He was the only one I slept with in the four months prior to getting H. At first I got the flu like symptoms and my blood test came up negative. The culture of the lesion is what came up positive. He never disclosed but he would continue having sex with me even if I said I had an outbreak. I know I sound nuts but going back and sleeping with him answered a lot of my questions. This man is going to infect all of my town bc he doesn’t disclose. He randomly messages me to make sure I’m keeping my mouth shut. People are whacked.
  11. Yes! Let’s keep in touch 🙂 I’m having difficulties as well 😕 Hopefully we can be H buds. Lol
  12. Back in July I found out and have had monthly outbreaks since. The doctor I spoke with said I shouldn’t try to suppress it because you could lower your immune system by taking it every day? He made it sound like suppression can do more harm than good. I’m always stressed between work, school, my daughter and I just totaled my car so there’s always some sort of new stress entering my life. Im a walking h. Lol. Im not really in the dating scene bc im so busy and don’t want to stress over disclosing. The guy that gave it to me has also been harassing me to keep his name out of my mouth so that’s been super annoying. I guess I’m handling everything the best way I can for now.
  13. It could take a few months before he tests positive if he was just exposed to it. I’m okay. Having my third outbreak in just a few months 🙄🙄
  14. Do you have hsv1 or hsv2? & I haven’t tried it but you never know til you give it a go!
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