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  1. Yes I’m from North America.. weird how laws can differ in different areas. Sadly he is in denial, and will probably not let the next woman know. We get judged because we know, while so many go along in denial never disclose.. some don’t even know their status.
  2. Lysine is the bomb! When I had my second outbreak it was way worse than my first.. I was in pain for 10 days.. then good friend since kindergarten who also has hsv-2 (found out when I lost my shit when I was diagnosed) suggested I take that supplement.. I take one each day with my valtrex. When I ran for exercise during outbreak, there were some days painful to walk.. I wore some shorts I had where the liner wasn’t too thick or fitted.
  3. Problem is there is no sure way to tell exactly how or who you got it from.. so not sure if it would stand up in court unfortunately.. I hate the fact that all I got from my last relationship is a broken heart and this incurable disease.
  4. I am pretty sure my ex of 1 1/2 gave me hsv2 since I was not sexually active for close to two years before we started dating. I believe, since he isn’t the type to go to the doctor unless it’s serious, he was asymptomatic and/or had very mild symptoms he dismissed in the past. I was shocked, very upset, but we moved forward. We just broke up for other reasons, I left him because of his emotional unavailability... I’m fearful as well about disclosure starting a new relationship/dating in the future.. but not going to stay in a relationship just because I feel accepted with hsv2. The right person will love you regardless.. it’s scary but it’ll be ok.. that’s what I keep telling myself st least..
  5. I am experiencing my second outbreak since initial diagnosis two months ago... now I have two ulcerated lesions and they hurt like absolute hell. I’m on daily valtrex too.. double up meds three days ago and yesterday it clearly seemed to be getting worse. Wth. Wondering if this is normal too... how can I deal with this pain. How long until these mfers heal?!? My boyfriend and I didn’t engage in sex last weekend, seems like it’s gonna be three weeks! He has shown no symptoms ny the way in our 14 month relationship.
  6. Thanks for your response. I know you stay busy answering everyone’s questions on here. I will suggest that to him.. looking online you see so much information you don’t know what to do. The different tests available and if they are accurate or not is straight up confusing!
  7. Newly diagnosed with hsv-2, after one year with boyfriend who says has zero symptoms. If we’ve had unprotected sex for a year, and I had no symptoms of herpes during this year.. what is the probability of me giving him the virus? Should we assume he more than likely has it now, or he himself brought it into the relationship and infected me?
  8. It will get better each day I think! I myself was just diagnosed almost two weeks ago.. I’m super emotional as well, crying off and on.. I already had issues of anxiety and depression, and this has made them both worse. My boyfriend of a year is sticking around for now, but I fear abandonment.. It’s 50/50 on who brought it into the relationship.. he says he hasn’t ever had symptoms.. that really doesn’t mean anything.. I just really fear the unknown, I don’t think it’s all about fear of having this virus.. hang in there! There is a man out there that will love you 100%, and of not they aren’t the one anyways. I just want to fast forward and see it work or want to not waste my time. Know your worth is what I keep telling myself. So many people have this shit they just don’t know it.. 1/5 men, and 1/4 women.. we are not alone chic!
  9. I was just diagnosed two weeks ago with hsv 2, and I’ve been in my current relationship for a year, and with only this one partner for the last three years.. my boyfriend is hanging in there but keeps saying he has never had symptoms.. only been with me and his wife in last 4 years, but his wife cheated with multiple people on him.. my question is in regards to dormancy of this hsv 2 virus.. we’ve had unprotected sex for a year btw.. So far my only symptom was one single ulcerated sore on my vulva, now anxiety has me waiting on something else to pop up.. ugh... We haven’t had sex since a week before the diagnosis.. he says he needs to do the research to be safe. I have told him that it’s 50/50 on who could have brought the virus into our relationship... he thinks since he has bad no symptoms, or so minor he didn’t think anything of them that he’s not infected I guess.. can someone help me out on some statistics here.. what can we do to move forward safely.. Is there a good chance he has been asymtomstic for the last 5 years and gave it to me ? He seems to think my recent death in the family and switch in birth control triggered the dormant virus in me..
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