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  1. What are the risks of transferring hsv 1 from mouth to penis? He already has hsv1 orally, but I know, despite what others have said, that you can still get it in other places, though the chances are lower. I just dont want to cause him any grief. We already had the discussion and he is fully supportive, but I dont want to hurt him.
  2. Ok. So, I started dating. Partner has plain old oral hsv1. I have genital hsv1, and oddly, no lesions in the oral region. Graphic questions coming... If he goes down on me, then we kiss, am I at risk for now having oral lesions? Since he already gets cold sores, is he more likely to break out if he goes down on me? Since he already gets cold sores, is he less likely to get it genitally? I know about autoinoculation, but that's less likely with hsv1. You can spread it to eyes, hands, etc. I just want as much information as possible so we can make informed sexual safety decisions.
  3. Thank you, both. No new skin lesions... it's the same spots each time. And it seems like, after the initial outbreak, they never really fully form and burst open and heal. I'll be patient, but I'll also ask the doc to be more vigilant. Thank you, both.
  4. Hi! I was diagnosed with ghsv1back in august. Since then, it has been a cycle of prodrome, OB, valtrex, easing up, but right back into the prodrome/OB stage again. It never really feels like it goes away. Last time, a few weeks ago, doc gave me 1000mg valtrex three times a day for a week, then 1000mg per day every day after. It's now a few weeks later and I'm feeling the tingles and burning feelings again. Is this normal? Is my body just having a hard time adjusting? Should I be concerned that there's something up with my immune system? Has this happened to anyone? Should I let it run its course without valtrex do my body learns to fight it off? I'm so confused. And annoyed. I thought hsv1 was more likely to be the one with few outbreaks. It's just kind of like my body keeps giving up the fight. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone dealt with the same thing? Any info would be great. I can't seem to find much info online. I have an appointment with my ENT for a sinus issue Friday, and while he's an ENT, he seems to listen and catch things better than my other docs, so I'll ask him, too.
  5. Thank you so much. I can't wait for the doc appointment tomorrow so he can be like stop, you're fine, and I can move on.
  6. Yes, I take a b-complex, 400 mg of B2 for migraines, garlic, cranberry, and Lysine. I'm also on a Keto diet (essentially, no grains or sugar), and I'm down 66 pounds as of this morning. (since last year - not overnight haha)
  7. Thanks! I've only been exposed about 6 weeks or so ago, and just go the positive blood test back this week. I'm in a second out break, in 6 weeks, but my life has been pretty stressful the last few weeks and I was sick, so that's probably the reason.
  8. Thanks! But the IGG levels are the antibodies, not the levels of the virus. So in my brain, the higher the antibodies, the better the chance of fighting the infection. Or is that wrong? If the antibodies are low, does that mean the viral load is lower? I'm so confused.
  9. So, I have genital HSV1. I was diagnosed via blood work (IGG and IGM) just this week, but the symptoms appeared about 6 weeks ago. I had an initial outbreak, took Valtrex, it eased up. Started a new job, was very tired and stressed, got sick, second outbreak happened about a week or so ago. Still dealing with it. The person I was dating got tested before hand, and lied to me, telling me he was clean. He only had HSV 1 (I asked to see the results - too late, unfortunately), and likely just thought of it as "cold sores," but still. Since when the first outbreak happened I was under the impression he was clean and didn't think it could be herpes, I don't know if I touched a sore while looking and then touched another part of my body, like my eyes, or nose, or whatever unknowingly. So, now I'm thoroughly convinced that it's in my eyes and ears and nose and sinuses and lungs. I know it's crazy, but I know it can be passed to the eyes, but I would imagine that if I was having an out break it would have all appeared at once. I think, truly, that I'm having a sinus infection and allergies which is causing any symptoms nasally and in my eyes and it can also be all the anxiety. I have a doc appointment tomorrow and will have him check everything so that I can quiet my fears, but if anyone else can offer advice, I would appreciate it. 🙂 Ironically, I have no oral symptoms of an outbreak. And my first genital outbreak happened about 2 or 3 days after we had unprotected sex for the first time (up until that point, it was protected, except for oral - also counter-intuitive, I know. Though, I don't think I performed oral that day... so maybe I just happened to catch him the day he was shedding). I also take Symbicort for Asthma, which contains a steroid, and not thinking, I've used Flonase spray for allergies, which also has a steroid. Steroids can squelch the immune system. So now I'm like "OMG if I had a sore in my nose the Flonase made it go to my eyes and sinuses!!" I know I'm being ridiculous, but these are the racing thoughts in my head that I need to calm. Also, his blood test showed IGG levels of 60 or so, mine only showed 2.05. Is it something that builds over time? Am I less immune and more likely to get outbreaks? I really need to quell the anxiety because I know it's not helping, so please, any information would help.
  10. I know this is an old post, but I was recently diagnosed, so I'm still learning and have questions. So, the person from whom I got this had a level of like 60 on the HSV1 IGG test. Mine was only 2.05. I also know I've only recently been exposed. So that doesn't mean his body is better at fighting it off? He says he never had any outbreaks. Is it likely that my number will rise over time as the body builds up more? OR that I'm less immune? Thanks. Sorry for dredging this up, I'm just... panicking. 🙂
  11. Hello, all. I am 39, separated and getting a divorce. Started dating again. Did everything right, asked him to get tested. Then dumb me believed him when he said he was clean instead of asking to see the results. Of course the one thing he has is the one thing that's incurable. HSV 1 here, and not in my mouth. Have a doc appointment soon but it's pretty obvious that's what this is. So, I'm just trying to deal. I was the world's biggest slut back in the day and never got anything and now I'm in a relationship and tried to be cautious and here I am. Ugh. I'm happy to talk to anyone - those with experience and those who have no idea. I go from being "eh I guess it's not the end of the world." to "OMG this is the worst thing that's ever happened!" Its gonna be a struggle for awhile. Let's figure it all out together.
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