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  1. Don’t feel like “if it wasn’t for me, he would never have herpes and he could be with lots of other partners herpes-free and never have to worry about this”. Herpes is VERY common. Sure, it’s not 100% likely for him to get herpes from someone else (if he hadn’t slept with you), but it would’ve been certainly possible! You haven’t ruined his life. It’s just an unfortunate thing that LOADS of people go through. Don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s not your fault, you didn’t ask for any of this either.
  2. Thank you all so much, the advice and reassurance is so greatly appreciated
  3. Hi. I’m a 20 year old female going through my 3rd OB. Also think I have genital warts too. Are genital warts as common as the internet says? I feel so so so disgusting and ashamed in myself, I can barely look in the mirror. I know self pity doesn’t help but I feel so awful. It’s my 21st birthday in 2 days and I just want to celebrate like a normal person!!!! Do other people have HSV2 and genital warts too? Please tell me I’m not alone. Also, should I go to the clinic to have a doctor look at these warts? Whilst I’m having an OB? Or should I wait until it starts clearing up to deal with one thing at a time? Advice please, I just feel so lost with no one to talk to.
  4. The glands in my groin are still swollen and I still have cold/flu symptoms, that’s why I assumed it was herpes related. But it’s odd how the lump on my lady bits doesn’t hurt at all. It just feels hard. I guess I better get myself to the doctor! Is this not a normal symptom of herpes then? Because I haven’t had sex in ages so I don’t understand how it could be genital warts?
  5. I’ve just had my second outbreak and have slowly been recovering from it. The main blisters have gone, and so has the itching and soreness. but I’ve noticed a strange lumpy sort of thing on my ‘lady’ lips. It kinda looks like it could be a blister, but it doesn’t hurt at all, no itching or anything. is this my body still getting over the OB? Is it safe to assume this weird growth thing will disappear in a few days? opinions please! Thank you X
  6. Absolutely love this, thank you for sharing it! Gives me so much hope!!
  7. Just wondering if anyone on here has ever had to disclose to their school/college/uni. I’m having my second outbreak and I’ve been completely bed-bound all weekend. I’m in excruciating pain, and literally can’t sit at my desk to do my dissertation research, although I have meetings with my tutor soon. I know I’m going to fall behind if I can’t keep up with work over the coming week, and so I’ve considered meeting with the welfare staff in my department to explain my situation. I know they’ll keep it confidential, but I still don’t know if this is the right thing to do. Will they have heard similar stories before, or will they think I’m just making excuses for being behind on work? I don’t know what to do. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  8. What’s the product called? I’m in the UK.
  9. Hi everyone... my second ever OB has decided to rear it’s ugly head. I’m going to get some antiviral tablets from the doctor but is there any ointments or creams you can recommend to put on the blisters (genital) as they are SO sore and it hurts to walk!!!! Any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. Are these orescripted drugs? I have no idea what I antiviral drugs I should be taking to prevent outbreaks and prevent transmitting it to partners? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Xx
  11. Hi. I’m not too sure about which is worse or more frequent than the other, as I only have HSV2. But don’t be scared of judgment: you don’t HAVE to tell anyone at all. It’s good that you’ve told your boyfriend and he’s supportive, but why do your friends need to know? Unless you tell them everything and want their support too, you can find heaps of support on forums like this, where everyone understands how you feel. I’m sure your parents & boyfriend have your back too. You’re still the same person you was before your diagnosis, having this virus changes nothing. Most adults already have the virus in one way or another, just not everyone shows symptoms. Be strong and do whatever is best for you. Drop me a message if you’d like to talk
  12. I’m in the UK and everyone seems to be from the US... but I’d love to talk if anyone needs someone to speak to I’ve just been diagnosed and feel so lonely about the condition... I’m 20 years old by the way
  13. I’m so glad you’ve said this. I’ve just been diagnosed and thought I’d never ever have sex again because I can’t bear the thought of rejection and someone possibly telling other people about it. But it’s my body and it’s just a skin condition! As long as we’re careful and taking preventative measures, why should anything change?
  14. I’ve just found out too. I’m devastated. I feel scared, alone and confused. I guess we’ll all get through it together. We can’t let a medical condition define us. Please please message me if you would like someone to talk to - I’m in exactly the same position! X
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