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  1. Hello community! I had it in the back of my mind to watch this video recommended by Laureen HD and I finally got around to it. I'd really liked it, so I am sharing it with you. What are your thoughts on it??
  2. @CMB11 breath and try to focus on helping yourself heel. Eat well, exercise, don't drink or smoke///all the common sense things. This might sound obvious, but try not to judge yourself. Emotional stress has an impact in your immune system and that directly affects your recovery, specially since you are dealing with a virus. I would totally recommend you go to the doctor as soon as possible, because uncertainty can trigger anxiety and that's not going to help you recover. However, if you rather handle one thing at the time that's ok too. You need to consider what strategy works best for you. You are a worthy and resilient human being and you'll handle this like a boss. And let us know how it goes!
  3. @XoSasha Check your diet, exercise, sleeping patterns... literally everything that might be triggering your ob's. How much lysine are you taking. Some ppl up their intake to 3000 per day during obs. From your description I gather the problem is itching, so maybe a topical ointment would help. You could try coconut oil, oregano oil, peppermint oil or else some cold sore medicine, those are pretty helpful! Hope you get better soon.
  4. Not necessarily. Tests are pretty unreliable apparently. Please read other treads in the site, you'll find a lot of the information you want to know. Doctors normally swab only when sores are viable, which is around two days since they appear. After that they might not have enough virus to test positive.
  5. @Steve888 breath in. To answer your question yes, your ingrown hairs might have been H all along and/or yes, you could have had it and not know for x amount of years. It sound like you are going through a hard time, but even if you feel scared about telling your wife you need to trust she will be understanding and that your partnership will endure. Since she has a health history that could affect her immune system it is very important you disclose. It is possible she's already contracted the virus and she's simply an asymptomatic carrier, but it is also possible she has never contracted it, in which case you could talk to a doctor to guide you in keeping her H free. Stress is indeed a huge trigger of outbreaks, even if you never had pain or itching or tingling or nerve pain, you could be experiencing it now. It doesn't necessarily have to be your first outbreak. Many ppl in this forum have varied amounts of discomfort and even thou normally the first outbreak is the worst, it doesn't play out like that for every organism, it also depends on your immune system, your diet, your stress levels... and who knows what else. @Strength123 has given you some really good advice on how to disclose. I would only add that you need to come to terms with H first. H is not only something you get when you cheat or sleep around. If you read the experiences in this forum you'll see there is such a myriad of stories and you'll realize that literally anyone can get this. Before you tell your wife try know that this is nobody's fault and that there is no reason to put guilt in the relationship. Wishing you the best too!
  6. h opportunity also has a blog that could inform you on what you are trying to find out. Here's just one post on the topic, but please do further research on the site, @mr_hopp has put together a table on transmission rates depending on the type of virus. Here's the link to one post: https://herpeslife.com/good-herpes-virus-bad-herpes-virus-the-truth-about-hsv1-hsv2/ hope this helps.
  7. @Sam88 Good you came here while you are feeling low. Yes, what you are going through is completely normal and it will slowly fade while you realize you'll have a normal life after H. Something that really helped me go through the first weeks was concentrating on the task at hand. First healing and then figuring out how to control obs through natural remedies and a healthy diet. Don't think so much about what it means for your future with a partner just now. You'll cross that bridge when you get to that river. However, if you want to know how that might be, there are some really greats treads in this site. Focus on the success stories. it's also a good time for you to explore methods to manage stress since it really can trigger obs. For me breathing exercises have made a big difference. Hope this helps. Remember you are not alone in this and reach out if you want to talk!
  8. @Catsoutofthebag if you check old treads here you'll find many, many ppl with similar experiences. the short answer is you'll go back to normal, the tricky part is that it all depends on your body and when it will it get a hold on the virus. Sleep as much as you can so you give your body time to heal itself. Eat well and try to relax because stress does play a major role.. it´s like H smells stress and it freaks out too. Try breathing exercises or a yoga class. Your itchiness and nerve pain may be related to swelling, so you can take ibuprofen for it. I took vitamin b as well because it helps the nervous system. It works much faster if you find inyectables, but for that you'll need a doctor's prescription. Since your body has been battling a virus and another infection for so long your immune system might be run down, so you could maybe try supplements and extra vitamins. Hope you feel better soon!
  9. @lakegirlit is super hard to judge or try to help ppl when things like this happen. Many of us have been in your shoes. We were not given the chance to decide for ourselves, we simply woke up to this new reality and this huge burden of being roomies with some extremely sneaky virus we have to reveal to our future partners. The way I made the decision to end the relationship was not about him or why he kept this important information from me, I made it by really doing some soul searching and being brutally honest with myself. To me this guy was incredibly attractive, he was smart and funny and I really wanted to make that relationship work, but once H happened I realized that there were more important things for me, like honesty and kindness and the strength of the partnership. I don't know if that will help you and i realize this will be extremely hard, but know that you are not alone in this. Good luck!
  10. very good question. I don't know if it might be that I´ve had this for a short time, but I think i can feel when the virus is active because I get prodrome symptoms...I also wonder if asymptomatic means more like you don't get lesions instead of actually not having any symptoms... It would be great if someone has more detailed info on this one, because I actually think it might help to cut off transmissions if you just abstain from sex during either ob's or just discomfort that you can pin to H. Hope we get some more light in this.
  11. It is normal to feel sad and alone and angry and what not. Just remember you are not a virus, and from now on is even more important that you shield yourself from other ppl's uniformed opinions. Evidently your friend is pretty ignorant and did not care to look up information before deciding to rescind your invite to the party. To tell you the truth, I don't really think she reacted as an actual friend would. There is absolutely no chance you are putting anybody at risk by attending such event. Actually this pregnant friend of yours is at more risk from getting H from an asymptomatic person who has it in their face and happens to kiss her, than from you. just as a reminder 80 to 90% of american adults have hsv 1 Telling friends and family about the diagnosis might be a pretty useful thing when you get their support, but if you find reactions like the one this woman gave you it can be pretty detrimental for your self esteem.I don't want to say you should be careful who you confide in, it's more that you have to be prepare to get any kind of reactions and I can assure you there will be ppl who will be understanding, kind and supportive. So, don't take the bad reactions personal, because they say more about their holders than they say about you having H. You could also search for H support groups in your area and you can always come to this forum! xx
  12. @JustCurios Hello! i see you made your own salve. I am not sure this is your case, but i tried my own salve with coconut oil, oregano oil and peppermint and it actually made me itchy because my skin is too sensitive. Maybe try the coconut oil on its own and see if that helps. Good luck!
  13. JulyP

    Nerve pain

    Just like all of you I had the burning sensation, pinning sensation, odd rashes and pain all over my body, including joint pain. I am sure they were related to H since I never had any of those symptoms before. One thing to notice is that stress makes it much worse and exercise, breathing and overall rest and properly dealing with stress makes it almost unnoticeable. Literally no medicine, vitamin or supplement will work its magic unless you get a hold on your mind...at least that´s what I´ve noticed. Other than that melissa has really helped with the nerve pain and vitamin b is really helpful too. Hope these help!
  14. @Tanari, @mr_hopp and @Sunshine75 Thank you all for your kind words. I had the talk last Saturday and it was kind of a mess... puffy eyes, 3 shots of whiskey to get the courage to say something, a lot of tissues and a lot of mix emotions... however, it felt necessary. I'm still a bit in the dark about what he really thinks since apparently he was very scared I was going to say I had something worse. He told me that he was relief when I finally told him. I am not sure if that's why he was so nice. He said I hadn't done anything wrong and that I am still going to have an amazing live. He also said that inf anything H will be like a "litmus test" for future partners. Whatever happens with him I guess it was a good exercise for me to tell somebody out of my family and particularly someone I still care about so much. Thank you all for your input... I'm still a long way from the "babe, I have herpes" and it's all cool, but I guess I had to start somewhere.
  15. @kinatorHello there, thanks for sharing and congratulations! your post made me very curious about a few things and I was hoping you could share with us a bit more info 1) did your dr. tell you how could you have gotten genital H from your cold sore?? isn't it the case that if you have HSV 1 your body should already have the antibodies to respond to the virus? 2) could you share the essential oil blends that worked for you?? Thank you so much and congratulations on your marriage!
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