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  1. Hi all! did anyone have an outbreak when they found out they were pregnant? like I’m saying, have had herpes and then started having pregnancy symptoms then an OB around time to test? just was curious if anyone had anything like that happen to them. thank you!
  2. So, let me start with the fact I got diagnosed with H a little over two years ago. I take acyclovir 400 mg/2xs a day as I was having regular OBs. Anyways, I’m happily married and I think I’m pregnant, it’s too early to test. I will he testing in a few days. But I haven’t had an OB in a long while and a couple weeks ago I had an OB and it seems to be lingering. Is this OB potentially linked to the change in hormones? And is this why I can’t quite seem to kick it to the curb? Thank you!
  3. I was with my then-bf, he was fooling around with other females. I started having weird symptoms and my dr said it was most likely a yeast infection. I got them chronically after my period each month. He kept fooling around with others so I broke up with him. I had my first “official” OB with the symptoms I had before but with sores. That’s when I went to my dr and she said that’s probably what I had all along. By this point I had already moved on and was with my now-bf. he’s been absolutely amazing and supportive. From words of encouragement to leg massages from the nerve pain. He ended up contracting it from me a couple months after I was diagnosed. I felt like the biggest scum bag. But he assured me that he knew the risks and he wanted to be with me and loved me the same. Here we are a year and a half later, stronger than ever.
  4. I work as a surgical technologist on a labor and delivery unit. I was diagnosed last summer with HSV2. With as common as STDs have become, the unit will make comments about “the herp” quite frequently. Sad but true. I try to keep my head down. But one day I was actually able to educate a few nurses about herpes without disclosing I even had it. It was a freeing feeling. And last night a friend was asking me about sex and condoms, if I used them etc. I used that opportunity to educate her about protection. And was able to again successfully do so without disclosing I had it. So if you did decide to see that guy again, try educating. Describe to him, exactly what you said...it’s a skin condition! Not a death sentence! I feel like it’s a very therapeutic way to release stress from the comments and questions.
  5. I’m going to start by saying I’m a female who transmitted to my boyfriend. When we became exclusive, I went to get checked for STDs. Everything came up fine (which everyone knows it’s hard for clinics to show HSV+ if you’re not having an OB) but a few months into the relationship I got diagnosed. My bf was extremely supportive and loving. He (a few months later) had an OB. We aren’t sure who had it first. But we’re still together and manage it together and are each other’s support system. It’s tough at times, but we manage. I’m on suppressive therapy. He is not. His biggest complaint is the fatigue and the leg pain. Which was my biggest complaint. Either he’s tougher than I am or just doesn’t show it, but his leg pain seems to be more of a nuisance. Mine was brutal. He was massage my leg and buttocks and I remember there was one night I just cried because of how rough it was. I try to suggest suppression therapy, vitamins etc. but he’s a tad stubborn 😑 I feel like the mentality, knowing it’ll pass helps him a lot through the OBs.
  6. I think this is a HUGE topic in this discussion forum. I got H, I believe as well as my Dr., from my unfaithful ex. We were together for 2 1/2 years and I caught him cheating 2 times. While we were dating I was having vaginal discomfort, I assumed it was yeast infections. I continued to get otc medication to treat the ‘yeast infection’ every month right after my period. I got with my now boyfriend and had found a couple ulcers. I went and got tested, even though I already knew what it was. Tested positive for hvs2. She said it looks like I’d had it for a while, as it didn’t look like a primary OB. I told her about the ‘yeast infections’ and she and I just kind of looked at each other, and she said ‘yeah, those probably weren’t yeast infections’. It took me a while to get over it. I don’t believe my ex knew he had it. I wanted to go off on him for giving it to me, HOWEVER...I didn’t want him to know I had it(who knows who he’d tell) and ultimately it wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve found peace with it. im still with my boyfriend, who was with me when I found out. And I’ve recently transmitted to him. That was harder than dealing with my own diagnosis. I don’t agree with the non-disclosure movement one bit. I’d do anything to not have to deal with a disease with such a terrible stigma. Having to bite my tongue and hold back tears when friends joke about herpes is the hardest part at this point.
  7. Thank you all so much for your kind words and love. Things are getting better, he’s feeling better too. Things are going well! I appreciate all of you so much for easing my thoughts, everything’s going to be okay, it has to.
  8. Just feeling low, I found out about three months ago I have genital herpes. I’ve been in a committed relationship for a while. But when I got diagnosed my dr. Said I’ve probably had it for a long time. ANYWAYS, my bf just showed me that he has blisters on his penis. He’s going to a minute clinic tomorrow, but the guilt I feel right now is unreal. He knew I had it, he’s been there for me throughout my diagnoses, rubbing my legs for the nerve pain, reminding me about my meds, etc. he reassured me it was fine. And that it’d be okay, he knew the risks. didnt know if anyone else out there has been in a spot like this, or had any advice for either of us.
  9. Give it some time to build up in your system. To me...I’ve honestly gotten a new sense of “normal” but it gets easier and better with time. I’m still fairly newly diagnosed but give your body time to adjust. It sadly takes time. Just be patient. And yes...it is hell when your dr is all in your business downstairs 😩 And honestly you have to listen to your body. I won’t ever tell anyone to “de-stress” your life. I think that’s the biggest joke. It’s life, it’s stressful, ESPECIALLY when you first get diagnosed. But if you feel sick/exhausted try to take it as easy as possible and make sure you get enough rest. That’s key for me.
  10. After my second OB (which was only a couple weeks after) I was put on acyclovir twice a day for suppression therapy and it helps with the leg pain. It’s still there when I have an OB but so much better and easier to manage since being started on suppression therapy, to me, the nerve pain was so much more painful than the actual sores were and that’s what mentally broke me.
  11. I get severe nerve pain in one of my buttocks and down that leg. Epsom salt baths help as well as massage! It’s only temporary but that’s the only thing that I’ve found to help. My SO will massage my leg and I bought a roller type thing and that helps too.
  12. Thank you both for letting me know I don’t have some form of a super virus! Hopefully it’ll decrease in time then. I’ll just keep on keeping on then, and continue to take care of myself!
  13. Does anyone get outbreaks regularly? I’m on suppression therapy and am still getting breakouts shortly after I finish my period. It’s right when I start to get my confidence back and can relax when I’m back to square one with sores, leg/butt pain and tingling. Just discouraged.
  14. Wear baggy pants (with no undies) whenever possible, I took baths, icing helps, keep up with the pain meds. Anti-vitals help tremendously, and if you’re not getting relief talk to your dr!
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