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  1. My husband gets it on his penis, a little tiny bump that goes away in a day barely noticeable..and I get it on my anus too which is very very uncomfortable and I thought was a little odd because we dont do anal but I've found that when we have sex with me on my back when wet goes to my anus then I get an outbreak there. We do doggy style a lot now
  2. I would say maybe it's just from lack of exercise (just not getting out as much) or the alcohol maybe, alcohol makes me look horrible. It could just be a random bump. I wouldn't be too worried about getting an outbreak other than the normal place
  3. I know it's a little late now but..Ice packs have always made things better for me and also not rubbing anything down there and wearing cotton panties..I've learned if I go commando I will have an outbreak so I've recently stopped that. When in the shower if you have a shower head that comes off try to hold it on the outbreak and let the water hit it it makes it feel so good. I've laid in the tub with legs up to let the water from faucet hit an outbreak it kind of numbs it a bit warm water.
  4. My husband and I decided to try and have a baby. We are very excited I am already 24 weeks and just as much as I am excited I am so very worried. I want to have a vaginal birth but I'm afraid with all the hormones my medication won't work and I will have an outbreak before I go into labor. I haven't been on this site in a couple years at my hard times and now I'm feeling kind of lost and worried again I wanna have a perfect babygirl I am not sure how my body will react
  5. I just found out that my health insurance was cancelled and now I cant get this months meds..idk what I'm gonna do I definitely dont have $200 for 1 bottle..just when I begin to not think about this of course something had to happen..why couldnt I have gotten a heads up..
  6. Oh okay. Well thank you for replying!:)
  7. Would it not be a huge risk to have one naturally I know the antiviralss help but even just shedding could effect the baby couldnt it?
  8. I have been wondering lately, when you decide to have a baby. Are there things you can and cannot do...do you have to have a C-section. Is it a good idea to plan to have a baby or decide to never to do so? We do want a baby some day but I would never want to risk an innocent baby
  9. I was diagnosed in august also and I get outbreaks every single period cycle. I also get the same pain it feels more like a burning to me in my muscles. I wish there was an answer
  10. Okay everyone, its been 6 months since I was diagnosed it was very hard to get through. It has been 5 months since I have been on this site and I think I am doing very well handling everything now. It does get easier and more normal I know summer will probably be more difficult with the heat but one day at a time. The problems I'm having lately is having alot of out breaks everytime I get a cold or start my period I get them. But I now know to take my antiviral before I get an outbreak I still get depressed because of it sometimes but not a lot my boyfriend has stopped feeling as guilty as before and that males me so happy bevause I mever blamed him but he beat himself up about it...thanks guys for them help in the begginning
  11. Do you take your antiviral before or during your period thats what I do
  12. Hey he thinks he gave it to me because of her but of course she denied it and said she was tested but she probably thinks it shows up in any std test I dont know but she denied it I think she have it to him through oral. He got tested today...it took his dr a while to have a opening but he said it may come back negative sonce be isnt having a out break and suggests he makes an emergency apointment when he has an out break so he can test it my boyfriend gets an outbreak usually every month
  13. Yes he gets tested tomorrow. I realize how my post made him seem a bit mean but either way if I had it or his ex wife gave it to me be supports me I just feel weird talking about it after she denied it.
  14. Normally I am a very high spirited and happy person I am usually always sure to be the person telling everyone its okay just be positive. But a month ago I was diagnosed with herpes, it was a horrible outbreak I just wanted to sleep and cry and that was before my doctor had the test results and when my results came back positive I lost myself for 2 days and I lost my job. After those 2 days and up until now I decided to live with it and be positive with my thoughts. But now I'm feeling down again I normally can talk to my boyfriend about it but now I dont feel like I can because he asked his ex wife if she had it and she said no it mustve been me( she has never been tested) she also has lots of cold sores and she sat and blamed it on me! I just started having sex with my boyfriend 4 months and just started having symptoms a month ago I know I didnt have it before him. But I feel like in the back of his mind he wonders what if it was me and she doesnt have it which we will never know unless she was to give us results of her not having it and I know she would never do that...idk I dont know what to do or think anymore its all stressing me out because every bump paranoids me
  15. I didnt have insurance at the time and the gynos around here wont take you if you dont have inaurance until I found one that will give you temporary insurance you should call around and see what you can find out. Also walk in clinics wont do anything a hun I should around it so it was hard for me at first....honestly the medication helps so much and you should be able to figure something out call around search on the internet whatever you have to do...my outbreak lasted fpr 3 weeks and it was horrible and my first one( this was a month ago) I didnt everything to male myself feel better...I bought ice packs, I bought cotton panties (helped a lot) I drank a lot of water because peeing just water helps the burn, I used aloe induced wipes when I peed because toilet paper hurt too much, I was even in so much pain at one point I layed under hot running water and it helped alot because it numbed it ( very odd position though) I work in a hot factory and sweat all day and wear jeans it was not at all fun the cotton panties helped a lot
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