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  1. I've been taking it for two years and it hasn't stopped my enjoyment of an adult beverage that I enjoy quite often (yolo). Hope is right check with your doctor but if I remember my doctor also gave me the green light.
  2. I did find this on Facebook...the comments made me want to throw up. "That's herpes, shingles is different, herpes you get from having sex his mother should've taught him better." WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK. No knowledge all ignorant bullshit spewed into the world from people too lazy to care. This needs to change. I know everyday this site grows as does the community within it and with each gained member there's another person making a change but things like this make me feel like all the progress I've made has been for naught. It won't stop me nor does it hinder me...but what about the people who haven't found their acceptance? What about the kid? What about his girlfriend or friends who are now terrified for what herpes could be. What about his teammates?!?! I am furious for them.
  3. So you're going through the healing process :) and it's good to read you have a spark in you to fight your way out of the hole you've found yourself in. DONT GIVE UP! I promise it gets better if you keep fighting. I've had relationships with H+ and H- people after I found out. I thought I would end up with a dating pool of zero people and now I am one of the people you speak of looking at this as a positive! I find myself being more selective now not out of fear of rejection but really looking at people to see if they're worth my time :) I found a lot of love for myself through this journey and I think you will too. Don't give up. But allow yourself to be mad or sad or whatever you are feeling because you need to...just don't stay there! <3 it gets better
  4. Okay I had a few moments to stop shaking with rage. Maybe I can add a little depth to this post. Sorry for my long stint off the boards I've been away from the web and out in the world. Herpes is such a small part of my life now I have days where I don't even think about it. The people close to me in my life know and so does every person I consider being intimate with and through numerous disclosures I haven't been rejected...I thank all of you for that by the way for all of you have offered strength and knowledge for me to take a long journey and accept myself. This is why I'm so angry!!! This once HUGE life shattering moment in my life has now been reduced to next to nothing. I'm strong and confident and I refused to let a rash beat me and I won. Person by person I am changing the world around me...each disclosure I have doesn't always end in sex (I have learned to say no to temptation! Even in the face of eager acceptance) it has ended in a win because I have an educated talk with someone and they look at a part of the world in a new light. I started having hope that soon I would see changes due to the ripples I have been making. THEN THIS TRASH POPS UP. How dare not only a news channel but a FAMILY do this to a human being?!?! This isn't news! Okay I'm angry again and I'm gonna stop before I start throwing around profanities and saying things I haven't had time to fully process. Ugh.
  5. Thanks Fox News. REALLY. I need your input guys...right now I'm so disgusted with the media. This kind of shaming and ignorant (excuse my language) bullshit needs to stop. http://www.myfoxphilly.com/story/26310922/viral-disease I can't believe this is A)considered news and B) handled so poorly.
  6. So I know totally how you feel...how I overcame that was realizing that I was still holding onto that stigma. I knew all the stats and had come a looooong way in terms of acceptance but I was still in that "I'm a walking contagion" mind frame. Even as it lessened and I was able to function out in the world like a normal human being the thought of being physically intimate was downright SCARY. It's hard to think of being close to someone and not think "omg what if this is the one day I'm asymptomatically shedding" or some crazy thing like that...that's how my brain worked at least. At the end of the day if you are knowledgable and open and honest with your partner and do everything in your power to keep them informed and they still think you're worth it then relax because anything that happens from that moment on is out of your control. Now, that being said, it seems like there are other things at play here that may be causing your feelings of unease when it comes to sex. Herpes may be the lead role in that show but emotional abuse takes a big toll on ones self image and can do a lot of damage in the self respect and self love departments. Again I speak only from my experiences but I have also been in situations where verbal abuse ran rampant and after hearing the million ways I wasn't good enough I started to believe it and once I was out of that relationship I couldn't feel sexy because I couldn't love myself. Just recently after a breakup I found myself slipping back into that very dark realm and the best advice I have for you is work on loving you. Do things that make you feel good and smile. Do things that take your mind away from the negative and make you feel accomplished even if it's just taking a walk around the block. The more you work on loving you the more you'll find love for yourself and the more love you have for yourself the more beautiful you will become to yourself :) after that it's sexy land again!
  7. Everyone deals with herpes a little differently...I've been on suppressives for almost two years now (with a couple months off while I was single here and there just to see how my body reacted) just because if I happen to be put in a situation where I feel comfortable disclosing I want to already be on medication....so it's really up to you and what you will feel will be good for not only your body but tor peace of mind...I know the first year suppressives helped so much with me not overreacting to every little itch or ingrown hair. It's a lot to take in...but once you shed that stigma life gets pretty normal. You're letting a stigma born out of misinformation become a catalyst for your negativity and self doubt...YOU ARE NOT A VIRUS! And your boyfriend is probably just as upset as you are going through all the same feelings :( take a deep breath....it's gonna be okay. Start reading the success stories on here...going through and reading dancers posts will help a lot she's an amazing woman full of strength, wisdom, and a hell of a lot of knowledge and she tells it like it is. Everyone who has just been diagnosed will tell you their world is shattered...everyone that's had this for a while and started their journey of self acceptance will tell you that when they picked up the pieces, the picture they started to make was even more beautiful than the one they saw before :) make sense?
  8. @dancer if you could let me know the name of that program...I feel this is something I need to see...for science ;) and then to figure out how I can do that hahahaha @inspired I do really like the idea of becoming close with someone on another level and @dancer is right tantric sex is pretty intense...trust and open communication is very much an important factor in a healthy relationship and if you two have found a way to strengthen that bond that's amazing :)
  9. The closest I got was having my one dr at planned parenthood write down the name to this forum because she said she'd pass it on to other patients...but that's it :( I wish that along with the cdc pamphlet people could get the address to this site...
  10. Well my whole confusion is this: I'm all for expanding sexuality but this just sounds like regular forplay to me...but with gloves. So I did a little googling and HOLY CRAP ITS EXPENSIVE. I like the idea of separating an orgasm from climax though. Have you ever thought about exploring sexuality and climax through other parts of the body? It's quite amazing how much of our bodies we take for granted. :) just a little food for thought!
  11. Epsom salt bath followed by a blow dryer on "cool" setting instead of toweling off...trust me ;) that was the most comforting moment during my first OB and it helped dry everything out a bit so it didn't sting so bad! Also you're not dirty. Knock that off. :) I say that kindly!!!!! You are not dirty or any of the negative things going through your head. Everything's gonna be alright :)
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