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  1. Hi Personally I think you should ditch the guy, he sounds like he is stringing you along to me. I don't think ghosting someone is a decent thing to d,o what ever! Then he comes back after some time & is just getting oral from you, WTF! I understand that you really like the guy & that makes it harder but you deserve better than this & this sort of emotional torment won't do you any good.
  2. Hi Cerul So sorry for your pain! Totally know how you feel & know how much it hurts. In my opinion you can not botch a disclosure however way you have done it, of course there are better ways of doing it but at the end of the day, you are telling the person, being honest & giving them the choice & that's all you can do. So don't be hard on yourself for the way you told him, if he is that great a guy he would still be there. Maybe after a while of digesting it, he may get in touch, you never know. It sucks big time when its someone you are really into, I still feel pain when I think about my rejection but these things only make us grow stronger. You will find another great person & you will find happiness! Good luck & Big Hugs
  3. Yep I do assume she is HSV negative but I was just putting it out there!
  4. Newbie 2018 Can I just stress that HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is a very different thing to HSV & as you wrote HPV-2 & everyone above has answered your questions about HSV-2, I thought I would point that out. As I don't know much about HPV & I did not know there was an HPV-2 version, maybe you do mean HSV-2 but think it is important we clear up what it is she has to give you the best advice/help
  5. Hi Riseandfall I believe swab tests are the most accurate but not sure if they have to be done in first 48 hrs & you definitely can not get a blood test to be certain as blood tests are inaccurate! HSV1 is contagious outside of an outbreak when you are shedding & although you can learn to read your body, you can never know for certain when you are. If you are giving oral to your negative guy, he will be safe as you have GHSV1 but if he is giving you oral, he can contract oral HSV1. Also if he was touching you in your genital area & touched himself genitally or orally it is possible he could contract it but it will only live for about 10 seconds away from the most areas it likes to live (genitals & mouth). & if he touched you & he had cuts on fingers that would increase chances. It is also possible for him to get "Whitlow" that gives you a sore on your finger. Hope that helps!
  6. Just thought I had recently (yes it did hurt! ) I have been with my GF for 6 years plus (apart from a 9 month split last year) but I have never passed it to her. But & its a very big but...……. How do I know for sure that I have not passed it to her? Sure she gets yearly blood tests, but as most of us know, blood tests are inconclusive & can be wrong! So it is possible that she could have it & be asymptomatic.
  7. I totally agree with "You're either okay with it or you aren't" comment, & as you say your not that invested then it is better to walk away so you can find someone who isn't going to mess you around. There are plenty of those people out there & I am sure you will find some good ones
  8. Hi Luna1088 If you have HSV1 orally, I think I am correct in saying that you can not get HSV2 orally as I'm sure they cannot live at the same place on your body, but if you have HSV1 genitally then it is possible.
  9. @Notgoingthere That is fucking awful The guy couldn't even do that for your birthday, even if he decided not to be with you, that wouldn't of been to much to ask just as a friends thing. I think you dodged a bullet there, you will find a guy a million times better than him. good luck!
  10. Hi sphire That is very cruel that you got GHSV1 in your childhood. One of the most common things I read about people discovering they have this virus, is that they feel dirty & disgusting. If you get any other virus you would not think that way so why is this any different? it can happen to anyone & as you know, it does. I've had this 8 years plus & can honestly say, you will still be able to love, be loved, marry & have kids, that I promise you. Yes it has its problems & rejection is the worse but luckily the world is filled with so many different people & some of them are fantastic human beings that can see past this shit & will want to take a chance on you. You have probably spoken to hundreds of people in your life that have herpes without knowing because it is so common. It can be a hard rut to get out of but you can get out of it. You are young, have your whole life ahead of you & you WILL find someone to love you. Be strong & when your ready start dating & you may find a few duds along the way but eventually your find yourself a great guy Good luck & keep your chin up!
  11. Hi Justagirl72 Your vulnerability is understandable, its normal when you come out of a longer relationship & have to think about disclosure again. & to answer your question & I think I have to answer it based on the outcome: After I have had a successful disclosure I feel great & don't worry at all but I am a very laid back person After I had a failed disclosure last year (that is what brought me here, I have had HSV for 8 years & it never really bothered me that much) the hurt was so hard to deal with. I wish you the very best of luck!
  12. Hi Mooeuk I'm so sorry for you, I know how bad it is to be rejected & much worse when its someone you really like but chin up because I guarantee you there are plenty of beautiful people out there, who will accept you for who you are. In my experience even when you think someone has accepted your disclosure, it can change in a couple of weeks as they have time to take it all in. I understand exactly how you feel when you say your struggling but it will get better. Wish you all the best & hope your pain eases, big hugs!
  13. Hi Firstly don't feel so guilty, I know that its not nice to pass this to anyone but you disclosed & he thought you were worth the risk. As he's not that bothered, that speaks volumes of what he thinks of you, what a great guy, enjoy what you have got with him. @UnluckyMan Totally agree with you, it seems they don't know fuck all about this virus!
  14. Hi Lost4ever43 I would not worry about that, the odds are incredibly low of him getting whitlow from that situation.
  15. Same for me with my girlfriend I would not say its about being popular or unpopular, its about the negative partner making the decision.
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