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  1. @cerul No I don't have anxiety about transmitting while having sex, its just not worth putting yourself through that! I would be horrified if I passed it but I'm confident that I wont! I also don't have anxiety that I'm going to crash when someone gets in my car & the odds are probably higher the way I drive If you find HSV dating apps appealing then use them but from what I've seen most people don't even show their face on them
  2. Hi Dwnsouf7 I have used Zorilax cold sore cream & found that can clear up OB's very fast. Some use oregano oil, CBT oil & Apple cider vinegar, to mention a few. We are all different so what may work well for one may not be great for another. Good Luck
  3. Amando


    Hi Rob1980 I'm so sorry your disclosure did not go well & I know it hurts like crazy! I wouldn't blame yourself for having to much alcohol either, it happens & I know there are "correct procedures" to disclose but that's not why he rejected you. I've never known someone to change their mind after making the instant decision to reject but sadly have known them to accept then reject a couple of weeks later, think that's more common as they have thought it through. I've been where you are now & know how much it hurts but you just have to keep going, disclosures will get easier & you will find someone special who will accept the whole you! I wish you the best of luck
  4. Amando

    Herpes giver on Tinder...triggered

    Hi Anna I would think its pretty normal to be angry with the person that gave you H & something like him popping up on Tinder or FB isn't going to help. So I don't think that means you need therapy, just means your normal
  5. Amando

    Terrified to disclose

    Hi I know its hard disclosing & a lot of us on here have been rejected along the way but it does work the other way too & some beautiful people accept you as you are. It may be trickier if he knows some people you know but its not that likely that he'll go around talking about it to others. Be brave & just do it! I'm not one for that line "they aren't rejecting you they are rejecting the virus", to me that makes it worse because I can understand being rejected for something they don't like about me but that leaves me feeling cheated! Good luck, you can do this
  6. Amando

    How to disclose my "situation"

    Hi mate, I think all you can do is disclose that you are HSV1 positive (cold sore wise) although you never have OB's. I don't not know much about HPV but I guess you disclose that too if it is possible to pass on. At the end of the day, you deserve to have fun, you deserve to date, so just do it! the worse thing that can happen is that the person rejects you but that can happen anyway without this virus. There's all sorts of people out there & some will see passed a virus & some won't, but you know you have found a great person who does good luck & think positively
  7. Haha, that's great news, congratulations & well done! Wish you both all the best in the future!
  8. Amando

    How do I urinate without dying?

    Well contact your Doctor again, explain they are not working & ask to try something else.
  9. Amando

    How do I urinate without dying?

    Hi, Go to the Doctors to get a prescription for the peeing pain, I was the same as you when I first got this & was terrified to pee. I waited a week then went to the Doctor who gave me something that stopped the pain pretty quickly
  10. Amando

    Need help from veterans

    Hi Lostatsea I am assuming you have genital HSV2, as you then say that you got worried over Christmas with blemishes on your face/lips. If that is the case it is extremely rare to have it orally too. Blemishes around your face can be lots of things & stress & worrying can also cause them. Please don't beat yourself up about passing this to your niece & as the nurse said it is unlikely. If your nieces mother has oral HSV1 (cold sores) there is much more chance that she has got it from her mum but hopefully it is just the viral infection she has at the moment. Oral HSV1 is incredibly common, personally I think more people have got it than haven't & factually it is 85% of people that are aged 50+ have got HSV1, most are asymptomatic (don't have outbreaks) So please give yourself a pass & work on yourself & coming to terms with having HSV2 because it really is not that bad & in time will get so much easier. Big Hugs!
  11. If you feel you need to read it out, that's fine, do it the way you feel comfortable. I really wish you the very best of luck
  12. Amando

    16 weeks post exposure to HSV2

    I would say you are safe, so stop stressing, relax & enjoy your life
  13. Haha that is brilliant, I'm so pleased for you What a great guy you have found. Hope your story is a great inspiration for anyone who wrongly thinks differently. I have told so many people that there are many beautiful people out there, that will see beyond a shitty little virus & your story clearly shows that. I wish you both all the happiness in the world!
  14. Amando

    Diagnosed yesterday... I feel numb

    @Lstgryl Please don't think like that It will get better & you will be able to have a normal happy life, just give it more time. & just so you know, I would be suicidal if one of my children left the earth before me. Because if you think having HSV is bad, I can think of nothing worse in the world than losing your child, just the thought of it destroys me! Seek counseling, it will help. Big Hugs!
  15. Amando

    Can herpes (physically) cause anxiety?

    Absolutely yes, just as anything that causes stress to a persons life can do!