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  1. Hi Tay Sorry you have contracted HSV. but you have a virus that 80% of people have by the time they are 50, & it really isn't that big deal! Now I know you are only 21 but in truth if you are going to get HSV, having it orally & it being HSV-1 is probably the best option. Common sense needs to be used when you have a cold sore although you shed at other times which is possible to pass on. & Yes of course you can have children & kiss them. In fact I would take a bet that everybody on the planet has kissed a person with HSV-1 once or more in their lives be it a past lover, current lover, aunt, uncle , any relation or even a friend.
  2. You are right to feel no shame! It seems very common from reading on here that people feel shame & disgust with themselves after they find out they have HSV, Why?..... personally I have never understood this as I have never ever felt this myself. Shame for what? daring to have sex lol, I just don't get it! You are not defined because you contracted a virus, it doesn't make you good, it doesn't make you bad, you are still the same you & can still be whoever you want to be, this does not hold you back
  3. Hi If you have finished taking your prescription, you don't normally need anymore, it will heal on its own. I used to put cold sore cream on sores to finish them off. I would advise you not to shave until at least being clear & even then be careful & make sure razor is sharp. Wish you all the best
  4. Firstly sorry that you have joined the HSV population That line is so common when people get HSV but I can promise you that it is totally untrue, There are still plenty of beautiful people who will love you for being you! Stay strong it will get so much easier Big Hugs!
  5. I'm from the UK too To be honest most of us on here were not that educated on HSV until will contracted it, I know absolutely nothing about chlamydia but I bet I would if I ever caught it. I think its about time schools educated youngsters on all STD's in a lot more detail. Personally I do see sense in not blood testing for HSV, because it is not conclusive & you could still have it if your test came back negative or vice versa, so what is the point? @WCSDancer2010 Don't diss the NHS, they are incredible
  6. I have had this thing about 9 years now & it really is not that bigger thing! I can understand that people that have really bad outbreaks are going to find it a big deal but for most of us, the OB's get easier & almost stop happening. What you are feeling right now is pretty normal but it will get so much easier. When I contracted HSV, unlike many people, it did not depress me or get me down & my first disclosure went well. In fact for me the worse thing about HSV is having to disclose & being rejected. Rejection feels like shit & leaves you feeling cheated out of something! But one thing I can promise you is: you can still get married, you can still have children, in fact you can still do all the things you want to do. The only thing that will hold you back is You!
  7. I don't think there is ever a right & wrong way to disclose, it is down to the person who is disclosing to do it the way they feel best. So if the way you have done it works for you, so be it. Hope it ends in success!
  8. Hi There, Just a thought! Have you ever questioned that maybe he had HSV-2 & that's why you had a first outbreak days after last time you had sex with him? its possible I really don't think you should beat yourself up & worry about him, the fact that he hasn't contacted you since speaks volumes. Personally I hate people Ghosting others as I think Ghosting's for wimps but in your case I think you should wait to him to come to you. I have been in a relationship for 6 years (apart from a 9 month breakup period last year ) I do not take suppressants & we do not use protection (her choice) She gets yearly tests & is still negative although as we know, blood tests are not conclusive but obviously that's all we can go on. Life is too short, I know its easier said than done but try not to worry so much, its just not worth the torment it will cause. Best of luck!
  9. Hi Personally I think you should ditch the guy, he sounds like he is stringing you along to me. I don't think ghosting someone is a decent thing to d,o what ever! Then he comes back after some time & is just getting oral from you, WTF! I understand that you really like the guy & that makes it harder but you deserve better than this & this sort of emotional torment won't do you any good.
  10. Hi Cerul So sorry for your pain! Totally know how you feel & know how much it hurts. In my opinion you can not botch a disclosure however way you have done it, of course there are better ways of doing it but at the end of the day, you are telling the person, being honest & giving them the choice & that's all you can do. So don't be hard on yourself for the way you told him, if he is that great a guy he would still be there. Maybe after a while of digesting it, he may get in touch, you never know. It sucks big time when its someone you are really into, I still feel pain when I think about my rejection but these things only make us grow stronger. You will find another great person & you will find happiness! Good luck & Big Hugs
  11. Yep I do assume she is HSV negative but I was just putting it out there!
  12. Newbie 2018 Can I just stress that HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is a very different thing to HSV & as you wrote HPV-2 & everyone above has answered your questions about HSV-2, I thought I would point that out. As I don't know much about HPV & I did not know there was an HPV-2 version, maybe you do mean HSV-2 but think it is important we clear up what it is she has to give you the best advice/help
  13. Hi Riseandfall I believe swab tests are the most accurate but not sure if they have to be done in first 48 hrs & you definitely can not get a blood test to be certain as blood tests are inaccurate! HSV1 is contagious outside of an outbreak when you are shedding & although you can learn to read your body, you can never know for certain when you are. If you are giving oral to your negative guy, he will be safe as you have GHSV1 but if he is giving you oral, he can contract oral HSV1. Also if he was touching you in your genital area & touched himself genitally or orally it is possible he could contract it but it will only live for about 10 seconds away from the most areas it likes to live (genitals & mouth). & if he touched you & he had cuts on fingers that would increase chances. It is also possible for him to get "Whitlow" that gives you a sore on your finger. Hope that helps!
  14. Just thought I had recently (yes it did hurt! ) I have been with my GF for 6 years plus (apart from a 9 month split last year) but I have never passed it to her. But & its a very big but...……. How do I know for sure that I have not passed it to her? Sure she gets yearly blood tests, but as most of us know, blood tests are inconclusive & can be wrong! So it is possible that she could have it & be asymptomatic.
  15. I totally agree with "You're either okay with it or you aren't" comment, & as you say your not that invested then it is better to walk away so you can find someone who isn't going to mess you around. There are plenty of those people out there & I am sure you will find some good ones
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