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  1. I get what you are saying 100% I just had my initial outbreak almost a month a go and am just now finding relief from the itching and nerve pain. My foot is still numb on the bottom and my left Labia is still numb to a degree. My bottom still itches but not near what it had. I went a week without sleep bc my itching and it felt like I have restless leg syndrome! I can tell you what I have done to help and maybe you can try it too. I started taking baths in Epsom salt with about 10 drops of maleluca oil and peppermint. This helped a bit but I needed something else so I started putting oatmeal in the bath with only maleluca and pat drying for the itching and to help with the healing. This made me feel great until I was laying in bed a few hours later then the itching was back. I made my own salve (researched it a TON, really wanted to try lemon balm but the ordering process was longer than I could wait) it was melted coconut oil with the maleluca and peppermint oil mixed in. This was so helpful! (Peppermint is very strong so be careful not to use to much when you make it). I did take Tylenol and try ice with no change in my itching or pain. Best of luck to you I think nerves take the longest to heal and seem to be the most troublesome. Hopefully this helps you!
  2. Thanks JulyP. I think I know why yours may have been to strong too. Oregano oil is a “hot” oil and should be used topically only with heavy dilution and peppermint is really strong maybe the 2 combined caused your skin to react? I’m starting to think there is so much itching for me bc it somehow damaged my nerves a bit. On the bottom of my left foot it’s like a numbness to it and on the left side of my bottom where everything started. I have been doing oatmeal baths and that has helped as well. I can actually sleep at night 😁
  3. I talked to them and they just blow me off saying it’s part of the healing process. I did ask about Benadryl and they said I can take it at night to see if it helps. I did make my own salve of coconut oil, peppermint essential oil, and maleluca.
  4. I have not tried Aloe Vera yet. I did try a bath with oatmeal, Epsom salt, and baking soda that did help enough to where I could sleep for about 4-5 hours before the itching woke me up. The cool compress or ice don’t seem to do much. Thank you for the suggestions. I will ask my dr about the cream you used and see if I can try it. I am literally desperate for sleep and relief.
  5. Hi, I just was diagnosed with HSV 2 about 3 weeks ago by a swab test. I started having some discomfort that led to what I thought was an infection from some new meds I started taking... OB swabbed my sores and sure enough positive. I started taking acyclovir for 5 days and it made my sores go away. The pain was more than I could handle to the point I literally could not eat for 3 days for fear of using the restroom. Now that I’ve gotten past my sores I feel so much better but I have an intense itching that I can not get to go away. I am big on trying natural things so I have been taking Epsom salt baths with lavender and maleluca oils which helps some but at night I literally can not sleep bc the itching is so bad. I made my own salve with coconut oil, maleluca, and peppermint oil. It helps but still not enough... i tried the ice pack and it does nothing. I am at my little end with this itching. I know I need sleep to help keep my body from being stressed and bringing another outbreak on but it’s impossible. I am also 5 months pregnant so I am limited on what I can do. Any ideas?
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