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  1. The spots I have arnt ulcers , blister or a sore in general the spots are completely flat
  2. I know about the asymptomatic shedding but how do I know if he got it from or previously if I’ve jever had a visible sore’s
  3. Yea it happened almost 2 years ago I was just thinking about it recently , he said he never had anything like that before but I know that means nothing especially since his EX had multiple sex partners while they were together .. nothing came back since then that he has told me about .
  4. It was type 1 negative for type 2 . We’ve been together a little over 2 years and had the had outbreak 3 months or so after us dating .
  5. recently actually I was positive for cold sores , I’ve never had a cold sore . He’s never been tested at all.
  6. Oh brother .. his ex before me had 5 other sex partners while dating him & didn’t get tested after her . How are u able to pinpoint where u got it from if we’ve been together so long .
  7. I’ve been with my partner for 2 years and a little bit ago he got something on his groin that looked like a long paper cut 2 days later it spread into what looked like a big rash that had spread all the from his groin to his scrotum . Few more days later , he had some sores on the rash and a few white fluid filled bumps . Does it sound like herpes?
  8. Are herpes sores always painful ? I have 2 white flat spots on vagina . It is not a sore , blister or ulcer . It does not burn or hurt when I wash down there with soap ..
  9. Ok thanks for all of your help on my 3 posts @mr_hopp
  10. If oral hsv1 is cold sore’s and someone has ghsv1 . What’s the importance of disclosing the location of the hsv1 virus . When ghsv1 sheds less and genital to genital transmission is rare . You have a better chance of catching hsv1 from someone who has is orally then genitally . So my question is why can’t you tell someone “hey I get cold sores (hsv1)? It’s not like your lying ? Especially if you never have recurrence’s besides the initial.
  11. @mr_hopp and if it is genital what’s the chances of my recurrence, considering it’s been six years
  12. Will do , what looks common to ghsv that they are able to confuse it with ? I figured it was not legible (not saying he was wrong but he could be right or wrong ) I wasn’t even prescribed any medications so I’ve never been on any medication the whole six years & I haven’t received any sores or anything . & I’ve had major stressors IM TALKING ABOUT SOME SERIOUS STUFF. Maybe a itch hear or there when my pubic hairs grow but nothing that caught my eye as irregular . @mr_hopp
  13. Him & a lot of other associates I know thinks a cold sore is just a cold sore nothing less .. and that’s completely wrong @mr_hopp
  14. Ok @mr_hopp I ask because my boyfriend of2 years told me he has only gotten one cold sore in his life
  15. Ok @mr_hopp do u think the visual diagnosis from the doctor is legable ? Considering no swab or test was done ?
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