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  1. I'm having tongue issues. Did the garlic help your tongue? need advice with tongue herpes.
  2. I’m one month and symptoms started for me. Psychological impact of this condition is difficult to except especially at first. So far I let this condition impact friendships and even work. I almost called out again from work. Feel like a medical community in general does not understand the condition nor do they prepare patient for the impact it has on day-to-day life.. This forum has been a place for me to cope reach out for support. Try to have improved communication with your doctors, physical and psychological aspects of this diagnosis. I keep reading it gets better with time and I know that is very difficult there’s no quick fix. I’m lucky to have a good therapist it’s close to me that you’ve been diagnosed with herpes 1979 and if it’s easier. I lost a girlfriend already because of it and think that maybe for the best. Allegedly this is very common virus. You are not Virus you are a human being deserves to feel good and to be loved. Thoughts are with you
  3. I’m sorry you are having such a rough time. I am M 36 and was recently exposed to the virus. My symptoms have been going on for a month as well and has made maintaining life difficult. I’ve missed work and events. I have a constant burn in my private area and I think blisters on my tongue. I’m not taking meds now and am hoping my body will adjust. The anxiety is overwhelming so I can relate to that. I feel like the only relief I get is taking a hot shower, bath would be better but I don’t have a tub. This forum has been helpful. 2 people have reached out and responded to my post and it helps. Everyone says it gets better with time and I pray it’s true. Please reach out to us on this site for support. L lysine seems to be helpful for people so try that maybe. I’ve been avoiding chocolate and peanut butter as well as acidic foods. Thoughts are with you. A therapist may help as a sounding board if needed.
  4. I guess allegedly they RAN Img and IGG again and they were negative but that was 3.5 weeks since exposure.
  5. No soars or blisters still. I don't know whats going on but the rash is disipating already. If I don't take the valtrex will my body learn to fight it off? Thank you every one Im in bad shape now.
  6. How long since you contacted? Any relief at all?
  7. Now i feel and see a rash on my buttocks. Will see if it turns ti soars or blisters. Man this is hard. I hope sleep and rest will make this pass after time. Im 4 weeks past exposure and still new things are coming up. I can accept it i think but want to feel normal again thats all. Im sorry just need help. Can i make it without the valtrex? Don't want to take pills every day.
  8. Thank you for sharing. i am going through a lot now with a similar issue. Reading this helps others to not feel so alone in my opinion. Im glad you have someone there with you. Im told it gets better with time and lets hope thats the case. Thoughts and prayers out to you!
  9. Hello and thank you for the help (M, 36). Im here today because I called out of work due to stress about herpes. This has been an emotional month. I want to share my story for support and feedback. Im very down and drained. Anxiety is killing me mentally and physically. On 8/7 I kissed and received oral from a woman who claims she is clean and has been tested in june. The weeks prior to this I had been having a lot of sex and masterbation. The months prior to this encounter I noticed I had trouble starting to urinate and it would take a while to start. I noticed my penis was soar and my sperm looked different (thick) 1.5 weeks prior to this encounter. Anyway about a week or so after this encounter I began to have a constant burning in my penis, my scrotum was red, and burning in my prostate area. I immediately implanted in my mind it was herpes and it was all i could think about. I was hoping it was a UTI and dealt with it for about 10 days before seeing the doctor. It burned every day all day and night.It seemed like my penis was shriveled and my libedo was zero. Small erections when i would first wake up. I went to the doctor and told her what happened. I showed her my penis and she couldn't see any soars. She took some blood and had me tested. I went home that day distraught. I noticed 3 small white bumps on the inside of my lip that same evening. That freaked me out too. The bumps did not tingle or burn and disappeared in 2 days. No blisters, soars, or scabbing. (Please let me know what you think of the bumps). That was odd and a real curveball. The lab work was done on a Thursday and the doctor was closed friday. It was labor day weekend and i was told i wouldn't find out the results until Tuesday. That weekend was hell. Every second of every day was a nightmare. I called the doctor on Tuesday and was told she had left for a personal issue and to call the next day. Doctor called me back and said IGG was negative but ImG was reactive. I panicked. She told me vaguely about the Img test how it doesn't say much but I have had a recent exposure. I told her about the constant burning in my privates still and she prescribed 1gram of Valtrex for 10 days. I was and am crushed as a person. I would go to work, barely make it through, and go straight home. I would anxiously await until 730pm when i would take the valtrex and tylenol PM. I would then sit in the shower with hot hot water pouring on me. Felt like the only relief i would get is in the shower. I started to noticed a tingling sensation shooting around my face and right eye. It felt weird and produced even more anxiety. My tongue was very dry and i noticed a irritated area on the side of my tongue that is oval in shape and red. This freaked me out as well. 6 days on valtrex and no relief. On the 6th day after diagnosis my doctor called my phone at 6:00pm. I missed the call and she left a message for me to call the office in the am. I thought that was odd as it was so late. Maybe she wanted to call to check in? I called the next day and spoke to the office. The woman i spoke to said this "We got new lab work back for your HSV test and the results are negative". I couldn't believe it and still don't. I asked if I should stop the valtrex and they said yes. I was emotional and I heard the doctor in background say "He has nothing to worry about". This still did not provide comfort as i have researched this virus. I told them about the burning and they want me to go to a urologist. I'm so confused and broken. I was told i have herpes and was given valtrex. What test did they get back six days later? Im so lost and depressed. Staring at my body waiting for soars or blisters to come that never do or haven't yet. The tongue thing, the tingling in my face, the racing consuming thoughts of having this condition then being told you don't. I deep down don't believe them. Thank you in advance as i really need help from the H community on this forum. This forum is probably one of the only things keeping me from complete shut down and loss of life as i knew it i.e job, friends, interests....Thank you.
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