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  1. So I’ve recently started using CBD oil & have seen unbelievable results in my sleep, joint paint, stress, & even managing another chronic illness. I have always been largely skeptical of this topic, but the benefits are undeniable & it’s now a part of my daily regimen. I’ve been reading up on some studies & am wondering if any one has noticed an affect on their HSV? I’ve read that topically it can help reduce a break out, & also reduce shedding due to its ability to reduce stress, as well as inflammation. (Of course, this is all from very early studies) If this
  2. I had nerve pain in my lower back, it hurt so bad that I had to spend a couple nights in bed with a heating pad & ibuprofen. I also used a muscle roller that helped.
  3. I am a GHSV1 lady, taking daily anti-vitals with only 1 outbreak under her belt (that pun is kind of too literal).👩‍🎤 Shaving is hard guys. I’ve pretty much always had razor burn & I still cut myself accidentally all the time. I am no longer obsessed with being 100% hair free. However, I’m still dating around (at least trying to ...We’ll see) & yeah I prefer being smooth over rocking a Bush. Girl power though. When I shave right now, I get paranoid that every spot is a new outbreak. How do you tell the difference between a normal vaginal bump, & a viral bump?!
  4. I was diagnosed with GHSV1 a couple months ago & have decided to take the daily antiviral. From living with type 1 diabetes for most of my life, I’ve experienced how autoimmune diseases consistently create a chain reaction of medical issues. I assume that I largely have my disadvantaged immune system to thank for contracting this new virus. But, not here to complain! I’m wondering if anyone here has HSV + a similar disease? Have you made connections to outbreaks with other illnesses? Do your outbreaks take longer to heal? For example, high blood sugars can cause frequent
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