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  1. TequilaGirl


    @Findingmyself did you got a conclussion?
  2. TequilaGirl

    Hemorrhoids because of herpes?

    I have similar problems since my first OB. My doc told me that the hemorroids were caused by stress... idk if someone could inform us about it would be awesome because it sucks!
  3. TequilaGirl


    Hey! @Jason totally understand you and to be honest it's ok to feel like your are feeling. IMO time, reading about this and focusing on take care and improve yourself will help you a lot! You are not alone and work every day in change your focus!
  4. TequilaGirl


    Why it's "ok" or "normal" to not disclose if you get cold sores but if you have them in your private area it's wrong to not disclose? I know that it's for the stigma and bla bla but wtf I mean at the end of the day it's the same virus...
  5. Also I know that staying with him it's a comfort zone and it's scary to get out of it... but hey! maybe life has something better for us out of the comfort zone!
  6. Hi @monolaurinismyfriend i totally understand you. I was feeling the same way you described. And i'm gonna tell you that 4 days ago I broke up with my bf, my first time EVER and of course my giver. I broke up with him for another reasons and let me tell you that I feel so much better. I would be lying if I tell you that i'm not worried about dating or if I would find a couple in the future but what calms me down it's to have my mind focused on another things to improve on myself than dating or wondering if someone would love me knowing that I have this condition... The time would say! And my advice would be that if you are no longer happy or whatever reason you are thinking in break up with him do it! And date yourself and make yourself happy Good vibes!
  7. TequilaGirl

    Good or bad idea couple therapy?

    @Amando thank you so much!! I've never been with the psychologist and now that I think I need it I have high hopes of it Blessings!
  8. I'm planning to go with my bf to coulpe therapy (mainly for another reasons) and my question is if it's a good idea to bring up the H topic with the psychologist? Or it's not the place to do it? And can I be very open about it or should I stay reserved?
  9. Someone in this forum it's from México? How do you cope with the stigma in this country? Or any place where it's not so open mind like US. Any comments are appreciated.
  10. TequilaGirl

    Silly question?

    @MissGuided thank you so much! Some days are better than others but I guess with time I'll feel better. Blessings!!
  11. TequilaGirl

    Silly question?

    The other day I told my mom that I was going to wash my towels and she told me to wash hers together with mine but then she stop and asked me or better not?... i felt sad after hearing that question bc I knew it was about the H topic... anyways my question is: Can I wash my towels together with the towels of my family? Or should I wash mine separately? Any risk?
  12. TequilaGirl

    How hard it is to find a couple?

    @sweetlove884 no no no, I mean a partner, someone who will accept you with H. Hahah sorry english it's not my native language.
  13. TequilaGirl

    Dental dams???

    @bubbles0990 visually because my gynob told me that I had to wait lika 6 months to take the test... so i think i won't know if it was a new infection or not right? Just the type But I mean, i wasn't having an ob how likely it is to transmit it to the mouth?
  14. TequilaGirl

    IGG levels through time

    @sarahsfocus omg that's confussing! I haven't had any blood test but looking to get them soon to know which strain I have (i was visually diagnosed like 5 months ago) so that's why I'm very confussed . Thabk you so much !!
  15. TequilaGirl

    Dental dams???

    Omg im shy talking about this haha... So, yesterday was my first time recieving oral after I knew I had herpes but we didn't used protection... (my partner has H too but also don't know which strain...) It is truuully necessary to use dental dams/condoms when your partner gives you oral sex? (In my case that idk if I have hsv1 or hsv2 )