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  1. TequilaGirl

    Hormonal imbalance and OBs

    Hi! I have pcos and tyroid problems = hormonal imbalance and I have to say that i have ob's kinda frequent but i have to mention that i'm not taking antivirals. I always get 1 pimple during my period and sometimes in between but idk if it's because of the hormones or bc i'm kinda new to this. They have been decreasing and becoming milder tho. I got my first ob 7-8 months ago. Hope that helps!
  2. TequilaGirl

    Should I get tested?

    I'll recommend you to get tested for your own peace of mind.
  3. TequilaGirl

    I am not complete

    @unbreakable i'm in the same boat right now. I'm 25 yo girl who got this from my one and only person i have been with and it makes me so sad that the first time i had sex i got something (it was a long term relationship but now its ended), i feel I didn't deserve this... i mean my first time... its so unfair I feel so alone and i can't think anything else than people rejecting me because of this...
  4. TequilaGirl

    will my hsv1 turn into hiv?

    @Loyalloulou you are fine!! Stop worrying
  5. TequilaGirl

    will my hsv1 turn into hiv?

    @Loyalloulou if you haven't had any risky situation where you could contract it (ex. Having sex with someone hiv+, contaminated needles, etc) then you can be completely sure that your results are 100% accurate the window period it's from 4-6 months post probably exposure to the virus to show up in a blood test. So i'm confident to say that you are ok!
  6. TequilaGirl


    @gorgeoustechie ikr i'm just desperate to know what it's happening i've never been to a naturopath tho. Do you recommend it over a regular dr? Thank you so much for reading
  7. TequilaGirl


    Hi, before I say anything i know that this isn't the right place to know what it is but i can give it a chance I guess... So i was diagnosed like 6-7 months ago (don't know which type). I was extremely worried about this and you know, the typical anxiety to know if you have something else or so, because of lack of education about this I was extremely worried of hiv and i was always searching if i've have symptoms and so... so one day i was palping my neck and i felt a lump on the back of my neck (lets say under the hairline right in the cervicals) and i freaked out. I have to mention that sometimes the half of my head hurts a little just on that side. At first i thought it was bc of stress or bad position at night but i searched information and always pop up hiv or cancer haha so i freaked out even more... i got a blood test for hiv and was negative so i calm down a lot but the lump is still there. I went to the dr and he told me that was a muscular thing he gave me meds, i took them and the lumps was still there. Went to another doctor bc i had a flu and i told her about the lump so she palped and told me that it was a lymph node but it wasn't that big. I said ok i'm gonna freak out more haha i keep searching information and still was poping up the hiv and cancer results... i discarted hiv bc i took the test but now i'm very concerned about cancer. Then i thought if that lymph node could be related to H? I haven't feel any other lumps on my body, just that one and i wanna know if someone has had something similar to this? I'm planning to go to the family dr but idk when i could go (money issues). I'm so stressed about if it could be cancer or not I wanna cry bc i'm young (25 yo lady) and I don't wanna die. I was managing this topic very well but lately this has been worrying me so much.
  8. TequilaGirl

    will my hsv1 turn into hiv?

    @Loyalloulou hi! I totally understand you. Belive me. When I was recently diagnosed I thought that too but reading about this and getting the support of this amazing forum I learnt a lot about this virus. So I invite you to inform yourself about it and get some peace of mind you'll be ok!! Good vibes!
  9. TequilaGirl

    HSV2 and other health conditions (esp thyroid)

    Hi, I was diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism and pcos aproximately 5 years ago and i was diagnosed with h (don't know which one) like 6 months ago. I told my gynob if they influence on the ob's I have (milder than the first one but kinda frequent) and she said yes, because of the hypothyroidism suppresses the immune system and the pcos affects my hormones big package huh... anyways, have you tried boisting up your immune system?
  10. TequilaGirl

    What happens if you don't take antivirals?

    @Downfall it will get better you'll see!
  11. TequilaGirl


    @Star28 really? Omg i didn't knew that, which are the side effects?
  12. TequilaGirl

    What happens if you don't take antivirals?

    @seeker Oh that's awesome! Do you take vitamins daily to boost your immune system or your body did all the job by itself? Also, how do you protect your partner/talk about it with a potential partner?
  13. TequilaGirl


    Idk how stupid this question is but I wonder if lysine could be the "natural" antivirals for H? It's a safe way to protect your partner if you take lysine instead of suppresive therapy?
  14. TequilaGirl

    What happens if you don't take antivirals?

    @_a_rayofsunshine_ ohh that's interesting! If you have a partner how do you deal with the topic of taking antivirals to protect them? I mean counting that you just take vitamins. Because I wanna do the same, I just took antivirals for my first outbreak, since then I just treat the outbreaks with topical acyclovir and I recently start to take lysine and a mix of vitamins... and honestly I don't wanna take antivirals for the rest of my life but I'm constantly thinking about how would I protect to a potential partner if I decide to not be on suppresive therapy (and I don't choose to just because, I choose that way because I already take some thyroid and pcos meds so I don't wanna depend about pills for the rest of my life...)
  15. TequilaGirl

    What happens if you don't take antivirals?

    @Mindette thank you so much! Helps a lot!!