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  1. Hello there! I'm 1 year and like 4 months in this boat and and things haven't get better for me πŸ˜” I still have at least 1 OB per month and sadly it's a constant reminder that i have to deal with this for the rest of my life. I'm not taking antivirals or anything, i'm Just trying to have a healthy lifestyle but that isn't enough... I don't feel normal at all. Sometimes I get depressed thinking about how the person who gave it to me it's dating and hanging out with some girls just pretending that he is normal (you know what I mean)... I haven't dated anyone since I broke up with him and honestly, Just thinking about liking someone I can't imagine how could I have something with someone... Ugh idk if i'm getting cleaf but I Just needed to pour my heart out.
  2. I'm on the same boat. I'm getting my full check out asap just for peace of mind. Hope it's another thing and not this too! Good vibes!
  3. @Notgoingthere i hope this is it bc i haven't had a chance of doing my pap and i'm scared 😒 what kind of diet changes can I make? @gorgeoustechie she didn't made a test as it is, she just checked my discharge and told me that. I have gone 2 times for that and it's weird i'mean if that's what it is why it doesn't disapear?
  4. Since my diagnosis (8 monthis ago) i have been experiencing a considerably increase of discharge and still don't know why. I have asked my gyno and she says it's a bacterial infection so she gave me meds and it worked for like a week and the the discharge came back. I have been researching and some people says it's bc of H and others say that maybe is hpv. I KNOW. WTF?!... Since i read that i've been panicking and thinking that's the reason eventho i don't present any kind os symptoms besides that one, but honestly idk. I would recommend you to get a pap smear, in there yo can discart that one and if you have a infection there should pop up :)
  5. @forgivenessandpeace thank you so much for reading this, i really appreciate it 😒 sadly It's hard for me to accept that fact. I don't date that much, i'm always that friend who everyone sees as just a friend. And that's fine right now but what about in the future? All my plans got ruined because of this. I really wanna be married and have kids but i can't see that happening anymore and you know what sucks the most? That i have only been with one person and he gave this to me. I hate him so much, and i can't forgive him. I didn't deserved this 😭
  6. I'm in one of those days where I don't think this is going to get better. I'm closing my mind because deep in my soul i know that nobody it's gonna love me with this... i mean who would ever wanna deal with this?... it fucking sucks. I just got back from a party and some close friends were making jokes about it and I thought: fuck, imagine that I could have a relationship with one of them, how would they react? What would they say? Would they spread my "dirty little secret?"... it sucks to not have the same freedom as a normal person...I'm thinking that all my plans got ruined because of this...I won't have a partner in th future, i won't have children and i'm gonna die alone. Some days i'm positive but now, with tears in my eyes I feel dirty, alone, unworthy... i feel that my love life it's ruined. I read all this succesful disclosures and amazing histories where people find someone who love all of them and i just can't imagine that happening to me. I know that it's harder to deal with the stigma in here where I live and I get soo jealous when people in the U.S. say that it's pretty common in there and therefore the people it's more open minded and so... i just hate that I can't feel like myself because a stupid virus. I didn't deserve it 😭 I don't think someone it's going to read this but I just needed to pour my mind and heart out. I don't have anyone who I can talk about this... i just think about it everyday and honestly it's so frustrating and it brings me down 😭
  7. If you have hpv cleared out, you should disclose?
  8. Hi! I have pcos and tyroid problems = hormonal imbalance and I have to say that i have ob's kinda frequent but i have to mention that i'm not taking antivirals. I always get 1 pimple during my period and sometimes in between but idk if it's because of the hormones or bc i'm kinda new to this. They have been decreasing and becoming milder tho. I got my first ob 7-8 months ago. Hope that helps!
  9. I'll recommend you to get tested for your own peace of mind.
  10. @unbreakable i'm in the same boat right now. I'm 25 yo girl who got this from my one and only person i have been with and it makes me so sad that the first time i had sex i got something (it was a long term relationship but now its ended), i feel I didn't deserve this... i mean my first time... its so unfair 😭 I feel so alone and i can't think anything else than people rejecting me because of this...
  11. @Loyalloulou you are fine!! Stop worrying πŸ™‚
  12. @Loyalloulou if you haven't had any risky situation where you could contract it (ex. Having sex with someone hiv+, contaminated needles, etc) then you can be completely sure that your results are 100% accurate πŸ™‚ the window period it's from 4-6 months post probably exposure to the virus to show up in a blood test. So i'm confident to say that you are ok! πŸ™‚
  13. @gorgeoustechie ikr 😭 i'm just desperate to know what it's happening 😭 i've never been to a naturopath tho. Do you recommend it over a regular dr? Thank you so much for reading πŸ˜­πŸ’ž
  14. Hi, before I say anything i know that this isn't the right place to know what it is but i can give it a chance I guess... So i was diagnosed like 6-7 months ago (don't know which type). I was extremely worried about this and you know, the typical anxiety to know if you have something else or so, because of lack of education about this I was extremely worried of hiv and i was always searching if i've have symptoms and so... so one day i was palping my neck and i felt a lump on the back of my neck (lets say under the hairline right in the cervicals) and i freaked out. I have to mention that sometimes the half of my head hurts a little just on that side. At first i thought it was bc of stress or bad position at night but i searched information and always pop up hiv or cancer haha so i freaked out even more... i got a blood test for hiv and was negative so i calm down a lot but the lump is still there. I went to the dr and he told me that was a muscular thing he gave me meds, i took them and the lumps was still there. Went to another doctor bc i had a flu and i told her about the lump so she palped and told me that it was a lymph node but it wasn't that big. I said ok i'm gonna freak out more haha i keep searching information and still was poping up the hiv and cancer results... i discarted hiv bc i took the test but now i'm very concerned about cancer. Then i thought if that lymph node could be related to H? I haven't feel any other lumps on my body, just that one and i wanna know if someone has had something similar to this? I'm planning to go to the family dr but idk when i could go (money issues). I'm so stressed about if it could be cancer or not 😭 I wanna cry bc i'm young (25 yo lady) and I don't wanna die. I was managing this topic very well but lately this has been worrying me so much. 😭
  15. @Loyalloulou hi! I totally understand you. Belive me. When I was recently diagnosed I thought that too but reading about this and getting the support of this amazing forum I learnt a lot about this virus. So I invite you to inform yourself about it and get some peace of mind πŸ™‚ you'll be ok!! Good vibes!
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