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  1. @sweetlove884 That’s how I got it from my boyfriend. Now I have genital and he has oral...what’s worse? I was crushed for months after finding out. I couldn’t think about nothing else, but this and sometimes I even wonder if he knew better, but then something comes over me and I believe he didn’t know I could get it, outside of a sore being present. My only issue is...I didn’t know he had OHSV to begin with. 2 years ago I remember him complaining about a sore on his mouth, but he never called it a cold sore and he didn’t make it clear to me that he had OHSV at the time. I won’t let myself get mad at him, because I don’t want to become consumed with anger, but part of me wonder if he knew he got cold sores even before that incident 2 years ago.
  2. @sweetlove884 I’ve contracted it in September 2018, so it has only been about 5 months for me. Would that make a difference? I’m on daily antivirals.
  3. @sweetlove884 Do you know anything about kissing someone after they have had an oral outbreak. Here is the thing, my boyfriend gets cold sores which I didnt know until, I was diagnosed with GHSV1 September 2018, after 2 years of knowing him, a little over 1 year of a committed relationship. My boyfriend had recently had an outbreak and I have been afraid to kiss him, despite me knowing I’m already positive genitally. I have already had to deal with the emotions of him passing this on to me genitally, but I do not want this orally too. Has your doctor spoke on this? Do you know if I should stay clear for some time even after the sore clears? If I even think I’m about to have an outbreak I stay clear of him, but now that his sore cleared just 3 days ago, he wants to kiss. Is it too soon?
  4. @Mka59 I have contracted GHSV1 from my BF who told me after the fact of oral sex that he gets cold sores. I found out in September, by that time we had been dating for 1 year. The other day I noticed something on his lip and I asked him about a cold sore, he said that he got his lip burst playing b-ball and that it wasn’t a cold sore. I wasn’t sure so I was staying back but then he came kissing me on the lips and trying to kiss very deeply. The next day when he came over he said he got a cold sore, not the area that I noticed which was at the top lip but it was at the bottom corner. My question, do you feel tingling or have any signs that you’re about to get a cold sore before it shows up? He has already given me GHSV1 already, what is the likely hood of me get OHSV1 from him too?
  5. @Jenn88 Just a follow up to my previous response. Since taking Valtrex I feel like i have nightmares every night. My dreams are so vivid and I remember an unusual amount of details. I’m so tired right, but sleep just seems impossible. Maybe I am dealing with stress and anxiety as well. I’m thinking about seeing a therapist. Anyone else experience nightmares or just really vivid dreams?
  6. @Dandelion333 Hey I’m GHSV1 positive and I use Nair. That’s right, Nair! I use the sensitive formulation on my bikini line. (Sometimes I wear panties during the process) to prevent it getting too...well too close, if you know what I mean. Honestly, I haven’t had any issues. There is no pulling associated, so maybe that helps. I am also on Valtrex 1 gram and Lysine 1 gram daily. I was diagnosed in September this year. I plan to take antivirals for the first 6 months or so and then back off slowly to see if I really need them.
  7. My Igg value was 1.29 I believe, I was diagnosed at age 30, GHSV1.
  8. I have been taking Val 1 GM daily and Lysine 1 GM daily since September. I have not experienced an OB since my intitial OB and to my knowledge I have not experienced any side effects.
  9. Hello, My first outbreak came 2 or 3 days after I removed my nuvaring. I really feel like it triggered something for me. I found out I am GHSV1+ in September. I haven’t started back on nuvaring out of fear. I have started antivirals, so I may try restarting soon. I
  10. @Ishmael I know I was assaulted and it makes my heart sink to even think about it, but I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to prove my case. & if I even try that means I would have to tell my story not from behind my keyboard and others will know my business. My boyfriend doesn’t even know. I told him he tried to kiss me & I moved but he doesn’t know the aggression behind it. I’ve considered talking to a counselor about it. I just feel stuck.
  11. @Amando Have you heard of a swollen lymph node being a part of an OB? I got a swollen lymph node 2.5 to 3 months before I had an actual OB.
  12. Help! I was diagnosed with GHSV1 in September 2018, but other than that, a part of me is torn because of something else. Let me share a little background. I met my current boyfriend in 2016 & coincidentally I was tested months before we met for HSV and I tested negative. Within a few months of dating my boyfriend appeared with bumps on his bottom lip which I didn’t identify as HSV and neither did he say that it was a cold sore. Fast forward to July 2018 a guy friend of mine asked if I could go somewhere with him so he could vent about his breakup. I told him I’d ask my boyfriend if I could come out & my boyfriend reluctantly said yes, so I went. We didn’t do much went to two bars and I had two drinks, which isn’t a lot for me. But by the end of the night I was very dizzy & felt unusually tired. The way I felt was very weird, I fell asleep on the way back home & my memory is in & out. Once we got to my place I threw a pillow and cover on the couch for my friend thinking the 2.5 hour drive is too far for him to drive home since he had been drinking and I went to my room and fell asleep. I woke up with him holding my hands down and trying to kiss me, I remember moving my head, I didn’t want to kiss him. He started yanking on my clothes against my will & being very aggressive. I had on my night gown & I remember not being able to kick my legs. I don’t remember much of what he said, but I remember saying I will never have sex with you and I started talking about my boyfriend. I said that I loved him and we were going to get married and start a family. After that moment, I don’t remember anything else, I believe I passed out. When I woke the next morning, I saw him getting his things together and he said something unusual like, I was his girl first. WE NEVER DATED. I have asked him several times about it and he says he is sorry he was drunk and we didn’t have sex. My boyfriend and I had a date 2 nights later & I was intimate with my boyfriend. A week had passed and a lump appeared in my groin area. I thought it was an ingrown hair, abscess or something. The lump didn’t completely go away, but I was told by doctors to not be too concerned. My love life with my boyfriend continued as it was. By the time September rolled around I was diagnosed with GHSV1. I was devastated, I felt like how could it be. How do I tell my boyfriend. I hadn’t stepped out on our relationship, where did this come from? I started to wonder did the guy that I called friend take advantage of me, while I was passed out? Why would only two mixed drinks cause me to feel that way? The gaps in memory, was I drugged? I cried out of fear of losing my boyfriend in all of this, but my best friend encouraged me to tell him my diagnosis. I started to talk about it & in my story I asked him if he had ever had sores or anything and his response to me was somewhat nonchalant, he reminded me that he had cold sores just months after he and I met in 2016 and that his parents told him as long as he stays away from me during a cold sore outbreak that I would be fine. There are no words that I can use to accurately describe how I felt. I was so confused, should I be mad, should I be relieved? what now? Through this forum he & I both learned that HSV can be transmitted through oral to genital. (My boyfriend seems to enjoy giving oral) Furthermore to confuse me my boyfriend still wanted to have sex give oral and have unprotected sex, despite my GHSV diagnosis. I wasn’t ready & I’m still not completely comfortable. I’ve dealt with a lot this year. MY QUESTIONS 1. My boyfriend & I met in Oct 2016, stop dating around March 2017 (6 months). During that time we did not have intercourse, he only gave me oral. We started dating again in Oct 2017 & decided to have intercourse. Our relationship has been consistent since Oct 2017. I had my 1st OB Sept of 2018. How likely is it that it came from him? My bf test positive, cold sores since 2016. 2. The part that worries me the most is worrying was I raped when I was passed out? Did he take advantage of me? Did I get this from the person I called friend? I specifically said I would never have sex with you. He keeps saying no we didn’t have sex, but my 1st OB came 3 months after hanging with him. 3. The sad reality is this. Do I believe my boyfriend gave this to me? Or do I believe that I was taken advantage of? Not sure what to think & it makes it hard for me to find peace. Thoughts?
  13. @benzgtx I may call my doctor, I’m just really unsure.
  14. Hey everyone, Just want to see if anyone has experienced this. A few weeks before I had my first OB I noticed a swollen lymph node. My first OB came in Sept right after I removed my nuva ring and had a cycle. From my knowledge that OB has come and gone. I have no lesions or any of the symptoms that I was experiencing during that time. Like others have stated, it is a miserable time. 😢 I have been on antivirals for a little over a month, but the lymph node is still here. It seems to have gone down some, but it is still here and evident. Im not sure what to think? Doctors seem to be so nonchalant. Help please!
  15. @Disgusted I contracted GHSV1 from my current boyfriend. When I found out and started having symptoms, I told him and his response was, he gets cold sores. (I didn’t know that) He seemed to not be worried about it at all, which made me very suspicious. He had a sore on his lip 2 years ago, but he never once said it was H. I thought he burst his lip or something. Never did H cross my mind. He told me his parents said to him as long as he stays away during an outbreak then I would be okay. (This was 2 years ago) he recently told me they had that conversation. I just started having symptoms in September this year 2018. This tells me that he knew he had it, but I can’t really say if he knew I could get it or not. Or if he knowingly or unknowingly put me at risk. The other thing that makes me suspicious is that because he has OHSV1 and I have GHSV 1, I would think he would want to follow precautions not to get it genitally, but he seems to not care and still wants to have unprotected sex with me. Its been 1 month since I found out and I’m not even ready for sex. I’ve noticed a bump on his penis before, but I didn’t think H, when I asked him about it, he said, I don’t know it just shows up and goes away. I’m suspicious that he really has both GHSV and OHSV and I’m suspicious that he has known this for years, but didn’t tell me.
  16. Do you have to tell them exactly what it is? Could you just tell them health related issues. Could the university doctor issue you an excuse? That way you could tell the doctor and not potential future colleagues.
  17. I don’t have any answers to this. I’m very new to the community. I just wanted to say, I’m sorry you’re going through this and hope you find relief soon.
  18. @KRS17 Thank you so much. I almost cried reading your post, but these are tears of laughter and joy. Joy that someone else understands. I have tested negative for everything else, HIV, HSV2, HPV, thankfully. The truth is, I am not ready. I’m learning to laugh again and accept my life just the way it is but sex... I’m not there yet. I will ask for his results for HSV 2 and have a conversation about what needs to be done for me to feel comfortable with sex again. I really appreciate your response. All that for someone you have never met, says a lot about you as a person. You are caring and I just can’t thank you enough. I’m really a down to earth, caring, straight forward person myself. Thank you again! You never know how a simple response could be the blessing that someone else needs. 🦋
  19. @KRS17 Thank you for caring and responding. My boyfriend is supportive for the most part. He listens when I talk about it, which every time I do, I cry, so I don’t talk about it as much anymore. I’m not upset with him for giving me H because I truly believe he didn’t know I could get it. I actually believe he has both OHSV and GHSV because every once in a while I notice a bump on his shaft that he says he has been getting for a while, but it comes and goes. I asked about it at least a few times (every time I saw it) and he didn’t think much of it, so I didn’t either. After reading others stories I’m beginning to think that it may actually be H. I don’t think he even pays the bump any attention and I didn’t either, but being apart of this forum has really educated me & I now believe he has GHSV and OHSV and has had these since we started dating. The only thing that bothers me is that, he tells me he is being patient with me to feel in the mood again, but then he tries to feel on me. I get it, my boyfriend is attracted to me. It has been about 2 months now since we’ve had sex and he says he is okay until he gets around me, then he gets in the mood and want to have sex. My barriers: 1. Need to make sure we both are safe. No further transmission to other areas of the body. 2. Ensure that outside of this our test results are negative for anything else. 3. Will I have OBs after every sexual encounter (read some stories about that) I’m on suppressive therapy by the way. 4. Confused about using protection or not. 5. There is just a buzzing in my mind curious if he really knew or not and just didn’t take it serious. What do I do about that? I turn 31 in 2.5 weeks and I’m hoping I can try and get myself ready by then.
  20. Okay everyone! I found out that I have GHSV1 last month, which I am certain that I got from my current boyfriend. He has OHSV, I got this from receiving oral from him. Since my diagnosis in September, I have not been in the mood and really haven’t been intimate with him AT ALL. I haven’t because at times I feel disgusting or I feel like God is punishing me. I just don’t feel sexy anymore. I’m having such a hard time “bringing my sexy back.” As my H family, I am looking for advice on how to get back to intimacy with my BF. He really wants me to be myself again, but I’m struggling with that pretty bad in that area. He has oral which some people seem to accept, but genital seems to be a whole other ball game. Please help me get back to the intimacy with him. I feel permanently out of the mood.
  21. @Lotzoh I found out when I went in for routine testing. Then my current boyfriend mentioned he gets cold sores which I feel like he mentioned a bump on his lip 2 years ago, but I didn’t know it was H. I know I got it from him performing oral on me. He believed as long as he didn’t have an active sore then he wouldn’t spread it, which we now know isn’t completely accurate. I also experienced the yeast infection, headaches, flu- like symptoms & mourned the loss of a baby earlier this year. It’s been one rough year for me, so I completely understand how you feel.
  22. Hi @MarieH I was diagnosed last month and I know exactly how you feel. I find myself feeling more and more normal everyday. I have heard some H jokes from my sister (who I haven’t told) & I’m getting quite tired of them. Our pain/reality is not a joke. I would tell her, but she talks too much and would probably tell my business. Day by day you will feel like you. Last night I laughed so hard at my nieces and nephews and I genuinely felt like myself. 1 month in...a lifetime to go.
  23. @imkeewa My BF is HSV positive. I got this from him. Not a risk that I agreed to. He gets cold sores and didn’t know I could get it through oral, so it wasn’t something he really talked much about. I didn’t realize any of this until my first OB 2.5 weeks ago. Why me!? I catch myself laughing and enjoying myself like any other time and then I remember my situation and it takes my smile away.
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