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  1. Hello I had a similar story except I’m female. Had the burning tingling itching pain in my vagina and anus. Had any and all tests everything negative. I was finally diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction. It can happen to men as well. Every symptom is caused by your muscles compressing your pudenal nerve which supplies all genital and anal functions. My perineal area was always on fire too. Please look into this as a possible cause. I’ve done physical therapy and finally got my life back and experience no pain anymore.
  2. This sounds a lot like my story except I’m a female. I had itching and burning, tingling pain that would go back to my anal region. So much pain and every test was negative. I thought I was going to be diagnosed with herpes so I joined this forum. Why I still look at it I’m not sure? You could be why. Men can get this too... I had pelvic floor dysfunction. All the pain burning tingling and even the rash. I was always very red and inflamed around my vaginal opening. I have been doing physical therapy for my muscles and have resumed my normal life and activities. I hope you see this message or better yet figured out your diagnosis and treatment by now.
  3. I haven’t gotten my final diagnosis as I’m awaiting the results. I am 25&female and about 6-7 weeks ago I had went swimming in a public pool and began to have itching afterwards, didn’t think much of it.. i work at a Gyno so i had an appt, atopic dermatitis here’s some hydrocortisone ointment, also with a negative vaginitis panel that excludes common factors of vaginal infections. Itching,burning persists so I see my doc instead of NP.. most of my issues were Vulvar- diagnosed with vulvar candidiasis-antifungal ointment that worked for a few days and symptoms returned more vaginal— Group Beta Strep showed light growth.. took kelflex.. felt better a few days.. comes back with a vengeance.. get another swab with culture that will grow bacteria that can survive with/without oxygen.. showed normal flora. Finally my doctor says it may be HSV as she did see a papercut type lesion at one of my exams. She began me on acyclovir 400mg 4x a day for 10 days. It seemed to help after 3 days, I’m on my cycle now and day 6 of meds and the itching with slight burning has returned. I know my diagnosis will most likely be HSV1 as my boyfriend of 4 years was positive on an std panel we both had gotten done when we first started dating and mine was negative. He has never had an outbreak-oral or genital so I didn’t think much of it. So now into a month with no sex, a lot of crying and anxiety I’m just wanting to be normal again so badly. I’m hoping after day 10 and the meds are done I may have some relief and not have another experience as bad as this. Sorry this is so long to anyone who is actual reading.
  4. Hi @PinkButterfly I am waiting on my diagnosis of HSV1 after swab and culture after and swab and culture and no explanation to my genital burning, itching, painful urination and a papercut type lesion my doc noticed. They didn’t think it was HSV at first but after so many tests and antibiotics and antifungals with minimal relief and return to symptoms I have gotten the blood work and swab done for HSV. My boyfriend of 4 years tested positive for HSV1 on the std panel he got when we started dating. I had gotten one too that was negative but he hasn’t even had a “cold sore” the whole time we have been dating so I didnt think much of it. Here I am 2 months after unexplained pain and misery. I am taking acyclovir and I’m on day 6 with minimal relief. I’m taking 4 400mg tablets a day. Your story stuck out to me and made me sign up. I am certain that HSV1 will be my diagnosis and I’ve spent a lot of time crying and worrying. I was just wondering if your first “OB” was anything like this.. I hate even calling it an outbreak. I thought maybe I was luckier that I’m not getting actual large lesions but this pain will not subside. Sorry you’re going through this.
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