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  1. sweetlove884

    Back on the scene

    Breakups are hard. Give yourself a little time. I'm sorry you're feeling this way. Hugs.
  2. sweetlove884

    Back on the scene

    Yes I see what you're saying, but I don't have all that time to invest. It's just not possible for me. And on the apps, matches are plentiful, so it works. If I only had a few prospects, my method wouldn't be ideal.
  3. sweetlove884

    Back on the scene

    I've experimented a bit on regular dating apps. I posted a thread here about my experience. My method was to disclose quickly after matching. That way I wasn't emotionally invested in the outcome. Bottom line--about 1/6 of my matches hung around. Some simply disappeared, but the remainder were all sweet and understanding. So it was nothing to fear.
  4. I've been reading the "What's the Risk" info sheet and I was wondering--are the transmission rates different or higher if you have both types? If it matters, I get fever blisters, but have never had a genital outbreak.
  5. sweetlove884

    GHSV1 to GSHV1 transmission

    Hmm. I guess I would feel genital is worse, but is it really? I will say I was married many, many years and I only vaguely knew I couldn't kiss or give oral if a sore was present. I just had no idea how potentially serious my fever blisters were. My husband never got it, at least never had a breakout. Your boyfriend was probably like that (uninformed and unaware.) And since it sounds like his sores pop up rarely, it just may have never occurred to him. You're very kind. My partner was furious with me and unleashed his anger full force for a few weeks. I can't blame him, but it hurt.
  6. Oh wow. I'm so happy for you
  7. sweetlove884


    Vihsv1 I'm sorry for the late response. I honestly don't know how to tell if you will ever have oral sores. I can only say, I have both 1 and 2, and even though I've never had a genital outbreak I do consider my vagina "contagious.". Yes, it sucks. I personally, if I were in your situation, would also consider my mouth "contagious.".
  8. sweetlove884

    A few questions...

    I also have both types,but I've never had a genital outbreak. I have had fever blisters many years and transmitted to my partner's genitals through oral sex. I went for testing and found out I had 1 and 2. I also felt dirty and disgusting. Like a whore, really. I'm sorry, I don't know the answers to your questions, but I wish you the best.
  9. sweetlove884

    Never thought it would Happen to me

    Oh that's so wonderful. I'm happy for you
  10. sweetlove884

    GHSV1 to GSHV1 transmission

    I know they always say it's safe to kiss when there's no sore present. I say bullshit. I gave my partner genital H through oral sex when I had no sore present. I did develop one about a week later.
  11. sweetlove884

    GHSV1 to GSHV1 transmission

    I'm so sorry I got confused on the year. Yeah, I think I would wait a while and maybe talk to your doctor.
  12. sweetlove884

    GHSV1 to GSHV1 transmission

    My doctor said I have antibodies built up, so shouldn't contract genital. I would think you should be safe orally since you contracted genital over a year ago. I read on here somewhere it takes about six months. Now, please don't take that as authoritative advice. Lol.
  13. sweetlove884

    Chances of transmission oral to neg female?

    Hmm. I don't know. Do some research. Meanwhile, I would err on the side of caution
  14. sweetlove884

    For those of you who gave someone herpes

    MarsAttack, I'm sorry you're feeling down and I don't judge you. Take precautions to protect your girlfriend. It sounds like she's a good woman.
  15. sweetlove884

    Oral HSV2 sufferer needing advice

    I've read that he would develop antibodies after a time, maybe 6 months. It's only been 3, so have been cautious. Also, are you sure you haven't passed it on? They say most people have no symptoms, so how can you be sure? I know I am very paranoid. Lol.