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  1. How do I do this? I have someone I potentially love and he has needs and doesn’t want to entirely risk himself at least not yet... I’m scared too and the only solution I see is losing him and so great and I just don’t know what to do 😢
  2. Also with this being said should I take the whole prescription of antivirals or just until the sore subsides?
  3. I have been diagnosed with hsv2 about a month ago well about two weeks ago I got a kidney stone so staying on the potty quite a bit and and a large bump come up in between my anus and vagina and was pretty sure it was a hemorrhoid so just kinda put it at the back of my mind... well it just started itching and I looked and it seems like I have an open sore on it now... is it an outbreak 🙄 should I just start on my antivirials just to be safe
  4. I find that I am ready to date and it’s not like a relationship where we constantly see each other it’s us going on with our lives like normal but having each other I understand friends are great for that part but it’s the type of relationship I’m comfortable with and growing to know each other that’s why I’m ok with taking it slow. We play so it’s not like we’re going without we just haven’t done the risky things yet he motivates me to be better and doesn’t tell me what to do just suggests and it motivates me and I appreciate them I just don’t wanna feel like I am holding them back from anything I want them happy and they’ve expressed to me that they are and they don’t regret being with me they are very supportive and I appreciate what y’all say I take in every bit it’s really helping my head space... I know I’m going to have my highs and lows but I’m going to learn from my lows and build myself up. I know it’s a journey a scary one at that but I’m glad I have multiple resources for support thank yall ❤️
  5. I get to a point where I process it and I cope and then I tell a doctor or tell someone or talk about it and it’s like I start over again with the whole process. I think if we stay together for a while I think there will be more of a chance of us sleeping together but with learning how my body is going to react I think it’s better for both of us to wait... we have fun and find other things to do but when you hear they’ve had a long day and they just want to relive some stress having sex and you not knowing if it’s a good time to do so it just puts a damper on things makes it a bit more difficult... but I appreciate all the feedback thank y’all
  6. Thank y’all but like even with a condom they can get it and asymptotic shedding and you never know when that is so when do you know if it’s even safe and with me just finding out shouldn’t I be trying to figure out how my body reacts to the virus. Like some doctors say once you’ve had th initial break out usually people don’t break out again but I’m just so scared and don’t want to expose them to it. I stay in my head constantly and feel so dirty and fragile like one wrong thing is said and I cry all day... I think maybe we will one day get comfortable enough to have sex together but we just really got to know each other we gotta see if it’s worth exposing them to it. And I’ve got to see how my body reacts with it.... I’m just scared that if I lose them I’m not going to find anyone else who accepts me with everything I come with
  7. I’m 21 and had a feeling that something was up down south being alone and scared went to the doctor got tested. Well went to work like usual the next morning and a total stranger saw me and just had to talk to me so they asked for social media account. I hesitated but in my mind said fuck it if they’re a serial killer I had a good run... we started talking then that horrible night I found out it came back positive and I was hysterical and thought for the days before how I was going to end it. When I found out I cried so much talked to my sister and tried to go to bed but they messaged me and I said it’s been a long night just really upset and they pushed that I answer what was wrong. They accepted it they said it’s not the end it’s just a change. It’s been a few weeks and they give me motivation every day to be a better person and push myself. But at the end of everyday I can’t give them what they want truly and it makes me think of I should let them have someone who can give them what I can’t but I feel like deep down I could never do that because it’ll just ruin me it will change me and I’ll no longer have any will... I want them to have what they want that I can’t give them but don’t think my heart could handle it... I’m just not sure what to do I hate being so complicated he accepts me but I don’t think I can share even tho I can’t give them what they want... just so drained not sure what to really do with my life now because if I can’t give it to them I can’t give it to anyone then what’s really the point...
  8. After starting medication I feel like I have something just sitting in my throat I was diagnosed with gh and maybe it’s a side effect to the medicine or if I’ve maybe got it in my throat like I feel sick to my stomach and no matter how much I swallow the feeling just doesn’t go away
  9. I have so many people accepting it and I’ve came to the conclusion that my life isn’t over but I just wanna feel slightly normal again... I feel gross it took me two hours looking up if it was safe to take a bath and once I got in the tub it took me 2 more hours to just touch the water... I’m trying so hard....
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