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  1. Thanks Domh21. I really appreciate the response. I was welcomed by Adrial who certainly did chime in with great advice. What I wasn't able to fit into my story is that I acquired cold-sores/HSV1 about 3 years ago from a partner. It was an incredibly painful experience both emotionally and physically. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook here, and heeding your advice about getting results and being careful online with all the bogus info out there. The support and information here is incredible. I'll be getting tested this week sometime, but I don't know if it's too early for any test to i
  2. My story about HSV2 I rode my bicycle across the USA recently...I made it from New Hampshire to Denver actually, then drove to Portland, OR where I am now. I left behind a good life and a woman whom I love deeply (and her son, not mine), to take this adventure and sort out my feelings for others, to make sure I knew what I wanted to do. I'll call her Kari for the purpose of this story. Among other options was my acceptance to graduate school in New Zealand, where I'm headed in November to cycle around, an option I turned down to move back East to be with the woman I love. Now, visiting
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