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  1. It's been a long time since I've been on here.. But wanted to tell you that I have been hsv2 for almost two years.. And I am almost 6 months pregnant... All u need to do is tell ur doctor so they can monitor ur herpes before delivery... They will put u on something before U give birth to keep outbreaks at bay before ur baby arrives... It's also important to know when u contracted herpes, if it was before pregnancy or while pregnant.. Just so they know the severity of ur outbreaks during pregnancy.. They need to know wether uve built up any immunity to it yet.. If u have built some ull actually help the babies immunity to it.. I had mine before and to be honest I'm planning a c-section because I am the type that goes early in pregnancy because of being high risk pregnancy.. Pregnancy is always up in the air but know that having hsv is nothing to worry about with pregnancy as long as ur doctor knows the info... Hope this helps..:0)
  2. Hi ASmith, I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year, and we have sex all the time... Spontaneous sexy too... And I have not transmitted anything to him... Yet... In the beginning he would tell me give it to me already because I panicked at every lil itch I felt... I know that transmition rates are different between men and woman but I honestly do believe I had outbreaks when I was with him... I am not on any meds because my outbreaks were minimal and I've had hsv2 for almost 2 years... We never used protection once and I am expecting a baby in October... I do think that being on my prenatals have kept h dormant for me because my immune system is running well... But I do make him wash with soap and water everytime and I don't shave everything off in hopes that the hair will cause alil bumper between my skin and his... Like I said it's been almost a year and he's been checked twice... And noda... Not that everyone is the same but just be cautious and don't stress... If she knows the risk then just do ur part to keep things at bay if u feel anything... Good luck and I hope this helps atleast alil... Xoxox
  3. I completely understand about getting sick I lost almost 17 pounds when I went thru finding out but trust me when I tell you, it gets easier.. It really does.. We learn so much about ourselves when things happen.. It gives u sense of knowing exactly who you are and y.. We all responsible for our actions but to be honest it's exactly what we are suppose to go thru.. As far as the military goes the guy I dated never got tested for herpes because he had no clue if he gave it to me.. But he did get tested for aids.. Either way please don't take any blame for any other person.. We have enough trying to get thru it for ourselves.. And as him not talking to you, wether you have it or not you want someone to be there for you emotional love.. Things happen in life, and it may hurt knowing people out there can be selfish with themselves.. Stay strong because we all deserve to be loved for who we are now.. We can't change, we can just be educated and respectful.. We deserve the best.. Xoxoxo thoughts are with you...<3
  4. I don't know if this will be much help.. But I do the tests they give them don't include herpes unless it's an issue for the officer..I dated a guy in the military for 21 years and he told me it wasn't an issue if he or I had something... For some reason I feel it wouldn't matter if someone has anything.. And he made it clear to me that if I had something or if he did it wouldn't be a big deal.. He have me the whole speech how do you know u didn't get it from me so I don't know for sure but he had 21 years and was high on his chain... So I hope this helps... Much love to you.. And please don't stress.. We all take certain responsibilities when it comes to be intimate... Xoxox
  5. @shaman yes they said everything was normal and I told them I thought I had herpes.. They kept looking at it and saying no, that's not it.. Without ever swabbing it.. I went almost 4 months without any answers.. My dad was a dentist and told me I had thrush and wrote me a prescription, The first time I didn't swallow it, so I had to repeat it and swallow it because it was low in my throat, second time worked, also took dyflucan for almost 6 weeks to knock it out.. I wasn't told about my herpes until almost 5 months after this bat with yeast.. Which brought me almost to a year in having it.. I really knew when I received it.. But doctors kept me thinking otherwise.. I was told from a friend who had herpes that she had a huge problem with a yeast infection too when she was diagnosed.. Sometimes I think the body tells us when it knows something we don't.. I was tested for everything and nothing.. I just kept going but switch doctors for almost every visit.. Until I got the right answer... For almost 6 months straight I was getting tested... It came up in my blood 8 months after exposure and the doctor said u knew u had it didn't you.. Sometimes switching doctors can help ... If it is a yeast infection once u start taking things for it and cutting sugars, it takes a bit to clear but the itching subsides.. I hope this helps, I know it's frustrating specially with doctors... But keep ur head up, and search for answers :0)
  6. Hi @lovesjuicy I had obs everytime I shaved, but recently in the last few months I've shaved around the areas that I flare up on and nothing..;0) sometimes u know where those lil buggers pop up and not always the same area, but I have two spots that are pretty notorious for popping up so I go right around them and I haven't gotten anything.. Knock on wood.. Lol I ise a fresh razor pretty often too.. Hope you find what works... It's definitely a god send when u can shave and eat with knowing what triggers.. Happy shaving.. :0)
  7. Just a thought here as I read thru the comments, I had a really bad yeast infection that caused all those symptoms... I was itching all over had white blistery patches in my mouth which was thrush, unusual feeling all over my body and had problems in the vjay area and my rectum.. I had to take dyflucan for almost a month and I had to do an oral rinse for thrush for about the same amount of time.. It came hand in hand when I was going thru my first out break.. They say with a yeast infection sometimes it can be so bad it does travel thru some parts of the skin... Sometimes they treat with iv if it gets that bad.. I'm so sorry ur going thru all this without knowing what's going on... It took almost a half of a year for me to find out everything.. And my herpes did not show up for 6 months.. But I did have all the flu symptoms but they only lasted 4 days thank god... U can have ur doctor swap the stuff in ur mouth and sometimes dentists are good at finding out what's in ur mouth.. Hope this helps.. Xoxoxo
  8. @sparklepony, we have all been down this road and ur story sounds just like mine.. Divorced, single mom, always careful and bam another thing to add to the depression list.. I've had herpes for over a year and it does take time and sometimes when u think I've got it, u get an ob and sometimes it brings u right back into that "hole" but trust me every time it happens it gets easier.. It took awhile for me, but there are clear skies to this... Knowledge, of how h really works will ease some of ur thoughts... I thought my life was over, that my sex days were long gone.. I wanted my "sexy back"... I can tell u that I only get outbreaks when I eat something that throws my system off like chocolate.. And stress, so we battle with getting all the p's and q's locked down.. And on top of all that I met someone who is extremely sweet and loving who tells me, give it to me already.. He's been tested and after 6 months he has nothing:0) there's ways around this.. It's just knowing u can't let this control you, control it.. Let it be a filter.. And trust me people like it better when u care enough to be honest, my experience I knew when it was right to say something because I cared about him enough to let him in... And a year ago I was really wanted to end anything positive.. Please know u have support here, reding everything u can will give u light to this darkness.. Promise... Time heals, and knowledge will brighten this for you.. Lots of love.. Xoxoxo
  9. I only have some experiences with this, I have lived with herpes for alil over a year.. I feel ur pain and discomfort and disconnection from the world because of herpes I was exactly where u were.. I thought life should of ended because of h.. Just when I thought I could move on, bam another lil sore reminded me I was no longer me and alone.. But please understand as ur body starts to build antibodies those lil pesky bumps will come and go with a blink of an eye, barely noticeable.. And if it seems hard to wait for that suppressive therapy meds will keep them at bay and help u thru them... I remember those days I couldn't get out of bed, went into work a mess waiting to explode because I didn't feel like me.. I'll be honest I never thought it was going to end either but it did.. It took a few months for me to realize u are still you love, just now when we engage with sex we try to make sure we are careful and keep that other person healthy.. And why shouldn't we, we are special to care for someone to that extent.. And honestly it was a huge filter for me.. I realized that even though I received h thru not even consenting sex, I was suppose to have real meaningful relationships from now on.. I never in my life thought I'd feel better about it.. Please understand and I know this takes time, but u are special, once u love you again, u will see.. We all had to learn again how to love ourselves with this.. And once u do, you will realize u deserve the world.. Know that u have support and love on this side of the forum... And I am here for you.. U can look at my long ago posts.. I thought death, was my answer.. And here I am, learning.. Just like you..:0) we are here for you, to help.. Keep ur head up, and see this is not you, this doesn't have to define you... This will make u a better educator and a better lover at some point.. Your strong.. Stronger than herpes.. Trust me ❤️
  10. So really wanting to do this but can't really afford it right now:0( did put it on my wish list for Christmas though :-((
  11. So happy u got some answers today:9) proud of you going in there n giving him every concern on ur mind..!im sure it's a huge monkey off ur back:0) id like some info on suppressive therapy once u see how it works for you.. Not with anyone as we speak so no need.. And I have very lil obs n not bad to go thru, so would only need it to keep my partner safe.. So please let me know.. Lots of hugs to you xoxoxox thank u
  12. oh n btw I think ur partner received a great girl too, just saying :0)
  13. Omg thank you so much!!! Needed that <3 love love love you xtina420
  14. Thank you for not taking anything I said wrong... This is why I Absolutely have found at peace with some issues... Xoxoxo love this forum
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