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  1. Jenn88


    I wouldn’t say nightmares but vivid dream yes. I think it’s more the anxiety and stress than the meds. I’m still taking it daily and have been okay so far thank god
  2. Awesome!!! Thanks I will order it today!!!! I know I should t but it’s hard to feel that way.... sometimes I’m scared to touch my kids and I just cry
  3. @bubbles0990 just having it period. Have to tell ppl... knowing it will never go away and always be with me. Not knowing who gave it to me makes me feel slutty.... knowing that I could never donate blood if my kids need it
  4. Not high risk.... but it still doesn’t change how I feel ya know? I have days where I definitely feel dirty and I hate it
  5. I’m doing okay tsking it day by day/ hpv I have goes away they say so I don’t stress that.... the herpes gets me though I have good days and bad days. Some days I forget I even have it and some days I’m just so depressed. It’s a wave of emotions. How are you
  6. I have been taking it for 3 months and I’m now starting to feel nauseous everyday but o won’t stop taking it bc I don’t want any outbreaks and I’m scared I’ll become higher risk for transmission if I stop
  7. Jenn88


    See I feel nauseous but I dunno if it’s the pill or the vitamins I’m taking but I don’t wanna stop and then get an OB... I hate this
  8. Anyone here taking daily valtrex? I’m taking daily suppressants but I’m starting to feel nauseous everyday and I’m wondering if it’s the meds? I also don’t want to stop taking them bc I haven’t had an outbreak since I started and I’m scared if I stop I will have an outbreak and become more contagious than what I am now
  9. I’m not going to lie it will come an dgonin wavesz I freaked out last week because my son took a sip of my drink when I wasn’t looking. I totslly get how u feel
  10. Some of you have read posts before where I talk about the guy that I am I love with whom I have no disclosed to bc I am scared. I’m scared of how he will react, scared he will b mad that I’ve known and haven’t told him.... but my guilt is consuming me.... and I need to tell him... i am definitely going to play it off like I just found out but my issue is I don’t know how to tell him or bring it up. I recently had a colopscopy done by gyn so I’m thinking of saying that’s how we found it but I don’t k ow how to bring it up or what to say. I’m 95 percent sure he is the one that gave it to me and he doesn’t k ow he has it but there was a period where we separated for 8 months and I was with someone else but that was over a year ago and I just got diagnosed in September. 3 days after he and I had sex and the day before he told me he had blisters. I noticed mine the day after any suggestions or ideas on how to tell him
  11. I was diagnosed hsv2 two months ago and HPV last week
  12. I don’t even care anymore to b honest. Like I’m just so done. I’m over it . I have been so depressed for days now I don’t even care. I’m ready for it to b over
  13. They said my pap came back abnormal with positive hpv but no one told me what strand
  14. No idea. They didn’t tell me but they didn’t mention warts either
  15. I honestly don’t know bc she didn’t even mention HPV to me yesterday we didn’t talk about it all she told me over the phone a week ago
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