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  1. Any chance you have a photo of this? It sounds similar to what's happening to me.
  2. I've not had sex since my proper diagnosis in March, but back when I thought I had HSV (but not testing positive) sex would bring out a ton of redness on my thighs and above my penis. This would be accompanied by rashes that itched. My scrotum also itched and turned red.
  3. They tested negative through blood and swab as of last year, but we no longer speaker, so I don't know of her current status. Things didn't start happening because I thought really hard about it; they happened 2 days after sex. The flu-like symptoms and mouth symptoms didn't start until 4 month later after I was exposed to sunlight for hours ( a known trigger for HSV) My eye doctor sees damage similar to ocular herpes, but doesn't see the strand in my eye. Neither of the 2 ophthalmologists would take swabs of my eye. In tears of redness, the head of my penis has turned red, and some skin near it has done the same. I also now have little circular red dots that show up on my thighs if I masterbate. I saw a neurologist and the test were negative, but this was also when I found out I had HSV1 via blood test. He told me has seen patients with HSV who get the tingling in the head, brain fog, and confusion just like I do.
  4. Anti virals help with the headaches and dry eye. It hasn't helped the other symptoms -- burning, itching, skin changing colors, nerve tingling.
  5. If you were infected with oral HSV as an adult, do you find yourself getting frequent headaches or brain fog/confusion?
  6. I didn't test positive for HSV1 until 11 months later.
  7. I have all of these same symptoms minus the butt issues. I tested negative for 11 months until two IGG test taken in one month turned positive for HSV1
  8. How long does your pain last if you don't take the meds?
  9. I have not tried that. I also have not done the Western Blot. The rheumatologist I saw told me that it's definitely possible that HSV could not be detected in my blood since it doesn't live there.
  10. Do your sores swab negative? I don't get the typical sores on the genitals, but I get sore-like acne on my face and back.
  11. I get the same run around. Some doctors tell me to go on living normally. I am almost to the point of seeing if I infect somebody else through sex.
  12. Which of these apply to you? Why do you think you have herpes?
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