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  1. blurneworder

    No sores, constant irritation for 2 months

    I assure you this is not being created in my head. How can I create my own short term memory loss, constant headaches, confusion and hearing loss?
  2. blurneworder

    Vaginal itching

    Where was the pimple located?
  3. blurneworder

    No sores, constant irritation for 2 months

    I’m trying to believe it, but the symptoms I have match herpes. Itchy, red bumps in groin. Brain fog, confusion, headaches, hard time focusing and recalling information (made worse by eating sugar) Tingling in the nerves of my hands, legs, and feet Lip constantly chapped and cut Small cuts on penis shaft with occasional peeling skin Constant itching in my anus Loss of hearing and a fullness of the ear Blisters on gums Tingling in lips Discoloration of penis glans Constant fatigue Eye pain and constant dry eyes. Itchy skin on butt checks Red, sore skin on corners of lips. Constant zits breaking out on forehead with certain spots of throbbing pain What about any of this does not scream herpes?
  4. blurneworder

    No sores, constant irritation for 2 months

    I’ve had the same problems and continue to have them and more. Any and all tests come back negative for me.
  5. blurneworder

    Anyone have HSV2 on mouth?

    Can you describe the prodromal symptoms? I’m curious if I’m experiencing what you are. Any photos of what the back of your thought look like? Do you have discomfort where your throat meets your chest?
  6. blurneworder

    Anyone have HSV2 on mouth?

    What does it look/feel like?
  7. blurneworder

    disclosing via text

    I was told over text and I am still angry about it. Had I been told to my face I would have asked so many more questions.
  8. blurneworder

    End of the road

    Get a swab of any spots that look suspect. Swabs are more accurate than blood.
  9. blurneworder

    could this be herpes?

    Me too! I always have chapped/tiny cuts on my upper lip only. I also developed tiny white bumps on my upper lip that developed after I had the flu. The girl I was dating also developed the bumps, but she doesn't have chapped lips/cuts like I do.
  10. blurneworder

    The anxiety is consuming me...

    Have you tested positive? If so, how and how long after initial infection did you find out?
  11. blurneworder

    HSV2 spreading?

    Was it diagnosed through blood work, swab or visual inspection by your doctor?
  12. blurneworder

    Cold sore or pimple?

    The reason I ask is because I was with someone who might of had HSV. A few months later myself and the girl I was dating came down with the flu and eventually developed tingling on our upper lips. We both had white bumps show up beneath our lips. I still get the tingling and my upper lip is always chapped/cut. i have not tested positive for HSV through blood, but I keep having symptoms similar to those who do have HSV. Did you have those spots before or after you had HSV?
  13. blurneworder

    HSV2 spreading?

    How long did you have these problems before you were tested? Do you know how long you had HSV for?
  14. blurneworder

    could this be herpes?

    I had unprotected vaginal and oral with this person, which makes me thing I have HSV in my mouth and genitals. Have you ever had an external open lesion or blister that was swabbed? What is similar and dissimilar about my and your symptoms below the belt?
  15. blurneworder

    Cold sore or pimple?

    Do you white bumps below the skin on your top lip?