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  1. Yes! I've yet to receive a positive, but several specialists have not been able to solve this. I've had a few doctors tell me that I could very well have HSV and it's not being detected by the tests. Did the cluster on your neck look like the images you'd see on Google images when you search "neck herpes"?
  2. The small cuts I have on my penis and mouth have been swabbed, but it come back negative. Maybe I don't get it swabbed in time. Back when I had unusual pimples and bumps on my groin, I never thought to get it swabbed. . .
  3. What did you have swabbed? Was it a lesion? I keep testing negative through blood, but I never have anything to swab.
  4. Explain my penis cutting itself open in the same spots. Explain my top lips developing white bumps after burning and tingling for a week. Also explain why my top lip is cut open every day. Explain the chronic dry eye. Even my eye doctor said I have a lesion on my eye similar to that of herpes. Also explain the never tingling and burning. The red spots on my thighs that itch every day. Explain the sores on my gums. Sugar triggering headaches and brain fog. Tingling it buttocks. Waves of painful zits that takes weeks to heal. These are all symptoms of HSV.
  5. I've started taking Valtrex, and it's helping with the daily headaches, but it has not relieved much else. My Dermatologist tired to use a cream to solve my constant chapped, cut upper lip. Once I told her it wasn't working, she upped my dosage of Valtrex. I asked her if the prescription of Valtex means she thought I had HSV, and her response was "Tough question... I don't know that I can say that with any certainty. "
  6. Same thing happens to skin on my penis! The classic doctor's reply is "I don't see anything." How were you diagnosed? I'm having a hard time getting a diagnosis.
  7. Don't promise this to those who suffer daily with HSV.
  8. Do either one of your lips burn when you eat certain foods? Does it feel like you have tiny cuts on your lips? Did you unexpectedly develop fordyce spots on your lips?
  9. I’m not diagnosed with HSV, but I have many of its symptom since having unprotected sex almost one year ago i have a terrible acne problem on my face and neck. Its weird because they show up in the same area every time and they will show up on either side of my face and neck simultaneously. The acne is also more painful than ever before when it is forming or when popped.
  10. The functional doctors near me seem to push cupping or acupuncture. Am I missing something here?
  11. They do come and go, but some symptoms have never gone away since developing. Eating sugar and citrus sets off some of these - possibly. I’m still not sure.
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