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  1. @Concerned1977 please weigh in on this, the man I believe to be the source of this has been with at least 100 women. He has put off getting tested, clearly avoiding. Just based in statistics, do you think he is likely infected? I can't see how he would not be.
  2. @Concerned1977 I read that olive leafe extract can reduce the efficacy of lysine and to take them 3 hours apart. I'm taking up to 3000 of lysine a day right now, 750mg of 20% olepuerin olive leaf extract and 600 mg of monolaurin, 2000 mg vit c and 5000 iu of vitamin d. My plan is to flush this out and build up my immune system. This is working for me but I would caution people to read up and talk to your doctor if course. My igg was down 1.19 after only two months, from 6.82. I know some people say it doesn't matter, but the lower the antibodies, the lower the viral load. My goal is to convert back to negative. My goal is to cure myself. I understand what is said about hsv 2, "no cure", but I am doing my best to flush it out. Not hurting anything and I actually feel really good. I think herbal remedies should be combined with conventional medicine. After a year, I may come off the valtrex for a while and see what my body does. There is a study done by NIH that states newly diagnosed people that take valtrex shed as little as those who have had hsv 2 for years. @Jenn88, I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. Mind over matter.
  3. @Fml93 Lysine, olive leaf extract, 1 gram of valtrex, oil of oregano capsules, garden of life enzymes, vitamins D and C and monolaurin. I space out the olive leaf extract and lysine per what I read.
  4. @Concerned1977 regarding the first outbreak. It was so minor. Mg doctor initially thought it was a razor abrasion. The only tell tale sign for me is that it burned during the healing process. Short of that, it was just a nuisance. Not what I have expected.
  5. @Concerned1977 no outbreaks since. I have been on valtrex, lysine, oregano oil, olive leaf etc. I've been doing well since then. I was on a steroid and bumped my valtrex to 2 grams a day as I feared it could precipitate an outbreak. It did not
  6. @Concerned1977 July 20th sex w/ with the guy who has slept with 100 people and has yet to be tested July 23rd sex with ex boyfriend, I don't think he is positive for herpes. He claims not to be. August 4th, sex with Mr 100+ again. August 6th, woke up with small sore. August 7th, had cultured tested August 10th, culture came back positive. Blood drawn that day. Negative for hsv 2, both igm and igg August 16th, blood drawn, positive igg 6.82. September 5th, hsv 2 igg 2.42 October 1st hsv igg 1.19 I have been taking 1 gram of valtrex per day since August 10th. the earliest date of exposure would have been July 20th, the latest date would have been August 4th.
  7. I have been diagnosed and he is one of two possible people that could have infected me. I think it was likely him, based on sexual history. Mine was not a latent infection, it was a primary outbreak, and it took some time for the antibodies to show up. He and I are definitely done...not necessarily because of the herpes. But his excuses as to not getting tested. He said he is going Monday to get tested, I think he knows (based on his numbers) that he is positive and does not want it to be official. I asked him, to do it for me, because I want to know. He said he owed me at least that much. I just think that with 100 people, there just can be now way he is negative.
  8. I just think he will feel he has no choice but to "reject" me, based on his taking the medication. I also would rather engage in sex inside of a relationship. So that's my out. If he approaches me for a full-on relationship, I will tell him before we have sex. You are right, I should be accepted, flaws and all. This is so new to me. I know it's not a big deal, but some days it feels like its the first day all over again.
  9. @_a_rayofsunshine_ You are right, I do also take 1 gram of valtrex a day just fyi. I'm newly diagnosed and still struggling. I need to tell him. I'm just scared
  10. a man has had at least 100 sexual partners, how likely is he to have hsv 2 ? Has not been tested and making a lot of excuses. Statistically speaking, I cannot fathom that he does have hsv 2. He has admittedly had a lot of usafe and indiscriminate sex. Just want to poll for your responses. Maybe I can move on knowing he has it without him actually getting tested.
  11. Hi Everyone , I have recently been diagnosed with hsv 2. I have a casual sex partner of many years, but did not get or give this to him. Thank God. Ee just started spending some time together again, I told him I had been exposed to the virus and am on valtrex but did not tell him I am igg positive. My infections disease doctor told me it was not necessary to disclose to a causal sex partner if I was on valtrex and using condoms (which we have both times since my diagnosis). He is now on methotrexate for an auto immune condition. I've avoided him since he started taking it. I can't find much information on the subject, does anyone know if him being on an immunosuppressant puts him at greater than the 1% risk? I certainly don't want to pass this to anyone, especially him as it may be problematic. He has had recurrent bouts of shingles, and it has not been a problem on the medicine for him, but seems like hsv 2 is a whole new ballgame. I'm just embarrassed to tell him, and since we aren't in a actual relationship, I'm not sure I should. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. @Bellapink My friend cut her valtrex to 500 mg a day instead of 1 gram and she stopped getting headaches. If you are already taking 500, maybe you can use a pill cutter and half it. I would think it would provide you some protection but may cut the headaches. Drink a lot of water with too. I was getting a few headaches in the beginning, they are gone now.I take 1gram a day. It took a few weeks but with water and motrin they were tolerable
  13. @Next step I'm sorry if my post set you back... I think we are all struggling in our own way and I am very new to this. I will tell you, I have disclosed to 2 guys I was dating and they did not care one bit. I didn't have chemistry with them, but they were more than kind. One man stating "you are beautiful and kind, anyone that rejects for a virus does not deserve you". I just go back and forth with it because hsv 2 is so prevalent.
  14. @Amando I appreciate your honesty. It's not as black and white to me as it may seem to others. I think ultimately I would have to disclose, because I don't want my future husband / boyfriend finding the valtrex and asking "what the f*** is this!". lo. Although, it's crossed my mind to say that I have chronic shingles and need valtrex for that. Haha. Life isn't fair and it's best to cooperate with the conditions of life, rather than fight them. This has just been a devastating blow for me. I've had 8 sexual partners my whole life. I felt I was being careful and responsible, and respecting my body. I feel as though I have betrayed my body and myself as a whole.
  15. @agentscully @Amando @Ohhey143 I am really struggling with disclosure. I am taking 1 gram of valtrex every day, and my numbers are dropping dramatically. I know morally it is the right thing to do, but the infectious disease doctor told me I do not have to disclose in a casual sex situation. I would have the guy use a condom of course along with my valtrex. There is a less than 1% chance I would pass this on. I don't have a lot of causal sex, but I do have someone that I am in a friends with benefits situation with. I want to tell him, but at the same time, I don't know why I have to. So many people have this, and 80 to 90% of them don't know it, so they are just passing it around and the cycle continues. I know I have it, am acting responsibly and doing all that I can to prevent transmission and protect myself. Nobody has to disclose they have had a cold sore, and all I had was a cold sore in a very rude place. I'm obviously struggling with the entire process as I am still coming to terms with this. I'm in medical school, so I can water this down to it's basic....it is a virus that causes an irritating skin condition. The stigma makes it so much worse. I know all of these things. I just don't know that I need to disclose it. I'm not afraid of rejection, I think I'm just angry that I've been put in a position to have to put my sexual health on display to potential partners. HIV is a different story. I always ask my potential partners to get current HIV tests before we are intimate and nobody has had an issue with that. They don't even include hsv testing in the regular panels, because as my doctor stated "so many people have it and the psychological effects are worse than the condition itself". I can't wrap my mind around the fact that I am obligated to disclose. I don't want to feel ashamed of this, nor will I let anyone shame me because of it, I also don't want to be the spokes-vagina for herpes. You guys are all veterans of this whole thing, so I would really love to hear how you guys handle this. Thank you all!
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