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  1. I have had herpes for about 5 years. I recently found out I have PCOS and decided to start a family. I was referred to reproductive endocrinologist and I have started in Femara 5 mg x 5 days and a trigger shot. I have been having severe leg pain and small recurring outbreaks during this process. Has anyone else had similar experience?
  2. Were your outbreaks really bad during the pregnancy?
  3. So I’ve had genital herpes for about 4 years my fiancé and I are trying to get pregnant, I just have some concerns not sure if I will get crazy outbreaks during the pregnancy due to hormonal changes and if I do can it be managed with medication that will not harm my child? Also is it safe to have a vaginal birth? This will be my first pregnancy when and if it happens and under these circumstances I just want to be well informed.
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