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  1. I read all of this, and all I have to say is I am right there with you. Things were going great for me too, and then this! It definitely seems unfair and like fate is trying to punish you. This isn’t the end of your life though! You will be able to have sex, and you will be able to find love. Maybe just take a step back and focus on healing yourself first. Maybe it’s just too soon for you to start dating again, and that’s okay! It just takes time. Also, you don’t have to tell your family. You can just tell them that you haven’t met the right person. Which sounds like it’s true. Anyways, let me know if you need to vent. I found this post really relatable.
  2. I had my first OB about 3 weeks ago now in my rectal region aka my butt hole. Wish I did though because that would make a lot more sense as to why I have herpes there... I thought my OB had cleared completely and I don’t see any bumps. However, last night I didn’t have any pain but I had bleeding near there. Could it be the OB hasn’t cleared completely or that I am having another one? Not sure if I should start another course of medication or not... Has anyone else experienced this? Also, what does getting an outbreak feel like to you? I didn’t know I was having an outbreak until after my partner told me to go get tested. All I remember was thinking I had razor burn and then boom it felt like my ass was on fire.
  3. When I first found out I was trying to blame everyone but myself. The thing is I got diagnosed with H after having unprotected sex on the first date with a guy that I didn’t know. He could have given it to me or I could have been asymptotic (or however you spell that). I just know that whoever gave it to either of us did not disclose and as a result we will have to deal with this for the rest of our lives. I strive to not be the person that does not disclose and infects others without them knowing. But then again, I will probably never have unprotected one night stands. I will probably never have sex again without having a mature conversation about my sexual health and my partners.
  4. Herpes is painful, and that sounds more like an excess of yeast on your skin. I get similar spots on my underwear line and under my bra especially when I sweat a lot (summer and working out). Either way you should go see your doctor for medical advice.
  5. I was just diagnosed this week too. I found that telling my two closest friends was my turning point. They shared my anger, my sadness, and ultimately got me to see some humor in my situation. Not that herpes is funny, but you really have to forgive yourself and not blame yourself. Sure learn from it, but don’t let it keep you down. I also found that the partners that I told about it weren’t angry, but told me that I was brave for letting them know and thanked me? It was bizarre, but I guess H is really as common as you read. Something that I thought was going to be the end of my life turned into a way for me to grow up and have very mature conversations with the people around me. I think that if you start to open up you’ll see it’s not that bad. People will still love you regardless of this virus. It just takes a little time to get there, and you don’t have to rush. Chin up and feel free to reach out to me if you need a friend.
  6. @AJW1234 sounds like you and I are in the same boat. Although instead of drinking water and dealing with it in a healthy way I have gone back to smoking cigarettes and find myself shrinking away from everyone else. I commend you for finding a healthier way to cope. I need to try that.
  7. I have had a pretty terrible week. It all started with a text from a one night stand I had a few weeks ago saying that he had herpes. Sure enough few days after my doctors visit it’s confirmed that I have it too. I feel really alone and depressed. I am hoping to get some advice on how to deal with this diagnosis. I find myself very angry at myself, angry at him, and depressed about my future. How did you get out of this funk? What did you do to cope with this diagnosis? Will it be okay? Will I ever be able to forgive myself for making such a stupid decision?
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