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  1. @newtothis22 You hear so many people say that HSV1 shed a lot less than 2. But it could be that you are fairly newly diagnosed and more shedding occurs in your first two years. If you don't mind me, asking where you guys using protection? and where you on antivirus?
  2. @ash128083 Why would the doctor not want to test you? So it can be typed , actually, it's not really his decision as you're the patient, I would demand for a blood test to determine type, just for your own knowledge and peace of mind. It really makes a difference, since type one sheds a lot less. What if you wanted to let your partner know which type it was, even though I know you're married ...don't let them tell you how to manage your health ask for a 10 panel std lab test that will include hsv This is your health not the doctors. U can also do I test via online not through your physician. I'm taking 1g daily, I do break it in half 500 in the morning and 500 in the evening, I still get a little bit of prodome but no active outbreak, sometimes like a crawling sensation.
  3. @LittleStar This is great I'm so happy to hear this gives us hope 🙏.If you don't mind me asking how have you managed to keep your partner safe? Do you take daily supplement or antivirals? Do you guys use condoms? I want to do all I can and appreciate the feedback 💕
  4. I have hsv-2 and I only had a genital outbreak but I assume that I have it oral as well because I have all the symptoms just no sores or blisters inside or around the mouth but I have tingling, burning, itching, ringing ears, and to be honest although I had the genital outbreak in August I didn't start having oral symptoms until early November and it's been ongoing ever since. The first few weeks in November the burning was driving me crazy I didn't know what to do😞 I was putting aloe vera gel around my face to calm the stinging down because it has the lidocaine in it so that helped… but over the past few weeks the oral symptoms have not been as bad but linger 😔 this virus is so unpredictable. Try lemon balm salve or the lip bomb when I use it I get some oral relief also. @Whymewhynow what was your IGG hsv2 score from your blood test where the number high? Maybe its oral 2 it seems to act differently as far as the lingering symptoms.
  5. I have everything you mentioned above plus my antivirus and I really can't even say what combination works all I can say is I haven't had a outbreak since my initial one in August usually I take the antivirus daily, one vitamin C, magnesium for the itching, and oil of oregano, vitamin B complex, and my probiotics. I've been talking to one of my girlfriends she has hsv-2 diagnosed 13 years ago when she was 18 she doesn't take anything daily she only takes her antivirals when she has an outbreak and she has no issues she has an outbreak maybe once or twice a year and that's it so I think it's just different for different people.
  6. I've also been scared to get sugared ever since my diagnosis and August because it typically does mess with my nerves (its a lil painful) and I can see myself getting a little overwhelmed so since I saw so many people posting that it could be a trigger ( dont wanba chance it) I just went ahead and bought me a set of Clippers and I've just just cutting it low until maybe I'm about six months in and then I'll revisit the thought of maybe trying sugering again but for now these Clippers are going to have to do the job🤷🏽‍♀️.
  7. I read that parents normally transmit it to there kids at a very young age before there immune system is strong enough to fight it off. My son got it as a small child maybe when he was under 3 yrs old from his grandmother but it skipped me. Look into trying lemon balm theres a chapstick on amazon as well as supplements this might help with your oral symptoms.
  8. @Newme I work in the healthcare industry and if someone disclose their personal information that's a HIPAA violation and they can lose their job if you can prove it .As long as you're being a good mother to his child that's the most important thing since you guys are not together he does not need to focus on what you have going on sexually. Just remember it's not your fault and it could have happened to anyone including him so he should not judge you you're still beautiful inside and out and when the time is right you will find someone who will accept all of you.
  9. Things will get better as time passes focus on not stressing too much… I know its easier said then done. I felt the same way a few months ago, but I'm learning to accept that this is now part of me I don't feel any different, I don't look any different, and I'm the same person prior to this diagnosis don't give it the power to take over you just take it day-by-day. Sending you positive vibes💕
  10. @ash128083 if you don't mind me asking do you have type 1 or type 2?
  11. Do you have oral and genital hsv 1 or 2? Glad to hear you have not passed it after all that time.
  12. So are you saying you gave it to him by kissing and then he got a sore on his mouth?
  13. Yes this is great news lady so happy for you. Gives us some hope 🙏 that there are men who will see you for who you are… and not let this diagnosis scare them away. Thank you for sharing and I will definitely Pm you as we all need support. Thank you
  14. What do you guys take to prevent a full blown outbreak that you find works. My legs are aching my back is hurting and I feel the ladybits icing. Help
  15. @anniemilly check your patient portal and see exactly which test you received did you get a IGM or IGG and post your numbers here it will better help determine sometimes it takes a little more time for people to build up the antibodies that need to be tested. How soon after your outbreak did you get your blood drawn
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