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  1. @100918 a cold sore on the genitals is herpes. @Myprofile123 used semantics and shifty explanations to trick this person who isn't educated about herpes. Definitely a lie. People need to move on from thinking that there is a difference between ghsv1 and ghsv2. There is no good or bad herpes.
  2. If you both have hsv your not giving it to each other again. The friction from sex can cause an outbreak.
  3. Just because it's a plant doesn't mean it's better for you. Belladonna is a plant and that'll kill your a*s.
  4. I personally think you should tell him before he comes so that he has time to digest, especially since he made that comment. If you don't there is the potential he will feel duped. Don't pretend it's a conversation better had in person, this is just delaying the uncomfortable.
  5. I think your playing fast and loose with the truth there my friend. You are not immune, you have the disease, if anything you're an asymptomatic carrier and it's best for your sexual partners that you are straight up with them.
  6. I would say it's possible but unlikely. Think of a child's immune system, which is poor. Then think of an adults which is built and strengthened. Wouldn't it be more likely that you would develop symptoms as a vulnerable child, rather than as an adult? That's my thoughts anyway. Plus your partners may not have been tested for HSV as it is not in the standard STD panel.
  7. That sounds like a terrible idea-don't do it! If anything I would say something natural and soothing like Manuka honey.
  8. Just give it some time. He's grieving at his perceived loss of sexual health.
  9. Just leave it, he's got the details, if he wants to know more he can do the research. Make him come to you!
  10. I just take the meds again if I feel pain.
  11. Hey beautiful people. Just a quicky. Doc gave me a tonne of aciclovar to "use when you have an outbreak or if your having many outbreaks, use every day". I don't usually have them but have started getting in the last 6 months. I've been taking the drugs for 2 weeks and feel good and healed, but every time I try to stop taking them I get the telltale butt cheek pain. How long do people usually take then if they just use it for outbreaks? I don't want to use all the time for fear of developing a dependence.
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