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  1. Go to doctor mate. It could be herpes but I have had thrush that did that to me before herpes was in my life.
  2. I read this re a herpes self help group, thought it was pretty cool: ”We do a self-esteem exercise with a crumpled $20 bill, where I ask clients to go around the room and beat it, write on it, and stomp on it, while still keeping it intact,” Wood said. “Then I ask them how much it’s worth. Still $20, they’ll say.’”
  3. No cure sadly, but it should go away. I had horrible nerve pain down the back of my legs and on the tops of my feet (felt hideous wearing shoes) for a year and then it went away on its own.
  4. Heya, I’ve had it for about 15 years. I had the initial outbreak back then and then nothing until a year ago! Boooo! I was so mad. I HATE telling my husband that I’m having another outbreak (particularly because I caught it while we were on a break 🤦‍♀️) but he never reacts badly. It’s not a fun time when you first get diagnosed and if you’re like me, you will know fundamentally that you are not any less but you will have moments of self doubt. That’s just life though, we always have these moments in our lives when something is dragging us down, whether it’s a serious illness, a minor illness (like herpes, for most of us) or a bad hair day. I feel like you’re going to be ok. You have a great foundation with the knowledge you have from your friend and sister. This sucky time will pass for you x
  5. Hi, These forums can definitely be dire. I am one of those folk who is completely fine with my diagnosis but I think that’s because I had to tell 2 sexual partners about it straight away and they were both totally chill which made me reflect on my initial horror lol. I like to come on here because it’s not one of those things that you can just talk about in general conversation so it’s a safe place to chat. I am also interested in other people’s experiences. I’ve definitely taken breaks from forums though. If I feel myself getting frustrated with other people’s anger/sadness/bitterness I know it’s time for a break. Stay positive and do what feels right for you ❤️
  6. If you guys think herpes hurts, try having a vulval biopsy. I’m dying! Just wanted to whinge about hoochy pain. Stay smiling beautiful people 🥰
  7. Hi Kymberly, it is unlikely that your oral herpes has anything to do with your daughter. I would say she has caught it through some kind of sexual contact, whether that’s through oral sex or touching. She might not be straight up with you because you’re her parents. Don’t worry about where it came from, just be there to listen if she needs it.
  8. Wow that sounds awful! Have you talked to a doctor about this? You may have something underlying that is affecting your immunity. I hope you find some relief 🌻
  9. You can get an internal pressure feeling, is that what you mean?
  10. Hey guys just remember that your donor may not even realize they have herpes so don't feel too much anger without knowing the full story. I caught it from someone who never had any symptoms so there's no way he would have known he had it. And besides I took the risk by having sex so it doesn't actually matter how I got it. Dramatic reactions like cutting people out of your life are actually because of your misconceptions about STDs. ANYONE who has sexual contact can contract an STD so there's no point stigmatising them.
  11. Hey guys I've been taking aciclovir (NZ spelling lol) for about 6 months and I just started realising I've been acting erratic and aggressive and I struggle to recall information when I get stressed. I also can pinpoint this starting around the same time I started using aciclovir. This could definitely be a coincidence but I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this in ac?
  12. @100918 a cold sore on the genitals is herpes. @Myprofile123 used semantics and shifty explanations to trick this person who isn't educated about herpes. Definitely a lie. People need to move on from thinking that there is a difference between ghsv1 and ghsv2. There is no good or bad herpes.
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