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  1. Hey beautiful people. Just a quicky. Doc gave me a tonne of aciclovar to "use when you have an outbreak or if your having many outbreaks, use every day". I don't usually have them but have started getting in the last 6 months. I've been taking the drugs for 2 weeks and feel good and healed, but every time I try to stop taking them I get the telltale butt cheek pain. How long do people usually take then if they just use it for outbreaks? I don't want to use all the time for fear of developing a dependence.
  2. Oh my goodness, don't end a happy relationship over a virus! If he's been faithful to you then he has had herpes since you met. If you haven't developed symptoms yet, chances are you won't. It's not a big enough deal to end a marriage over. I've been married for 15 years and hub has never shown symptoms.
  3. It's hard to get through the initial diagnosis. Maybe talk to someone who can help you process your feelings? Your ex that left you is a massive douche. I was in a casual relationship when I was diagnosed, when I told him he jumped on the internet to find out about the disease and tried to comfort me with the facts. That's a real man. I think your in a whirlwind of sh*t feelings right now. You have received this news and your now in the midst of a break up. Just accept that it's going to hurt for a while. You're going to come out of this dark period stronger. PS you won't give it to your child.
  4. Some pharmacists are just idiots. My husband got grilled for buying voltaren. I got told in a sarcastic tone "you actually have to eat with these" when I was getting an antibiotic (I've always been a normal weight lol). It won't happen every time, but like I said, some are idiots. Go to a new pharmacy
  5. Mine took 1 year. Neuralgia down my legs and on top of feet. Unpleasant af.
  6. Just one ATM. But it's open, not just a bump.
  7. I don't get any. Everything starts when the sores appear for me.
  8. Laughing about your mum being a gossip. Gave me a giggle.
  9. I've told heaps of people lol. When I found out I told my mum and she told her best friend who revealed she had it too. I instantly felt less alone when I found that out, so I tell a lot of people (in appropriate circumstances) about it so that I can hopefully be an example to others and help them feel less alone. I don't really care who knows either, so if it becomes a matter of gossip then I'm fine with it. People actually lose interest in gossip when the victim of it doesn't care if you're talking about them
  10. Just got a big prescription for aciclovr. Thanks for the advice! All animals are back up and running
  11. I used to get so mad that I found out because I never had any symptoms, so I was like "why can't I be in blissful ignorance ". Then 15 years in I get an OB. I've been married for 12 years, hubby could have thought I messed around if I come to him 12 years in and say I just found out. So I'm now glad I found out earlier. Blissful ignorance can eat my shorts.
  12. Defo not alone, were crawling all over this planet I find following certain Instagram pages very helpful: tatted_std_warrior lovealwaysdev honmychest alexandraharbushka To name a few.
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