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  1. I started a new job during our lock down. I felt forced to take it due to covid and the possibility that jobs would be hard to come by. I've had to completely change my lifestyle to accommodate the hours and I sit there doing nothing which is extremely hard for me. I've pretty much been having an outbreak since (3 months now). Does this sound stress related? I felt calm about covid (and live in a mostly safe country) for a while but it's just so unknown what's going to happen. I feel trapped at my job by covid so I don't know how to, like, get over this issue and maybe stop having this blimmin outbreak. I'm already on anti anxiety meds. Any suggestions welcome.
  2. I had similar symptoms for 12 months after diagnosis. Sounds defo could be related.
  3. I wouldn't worry about it. People get ghosted every day and never find out why.
  4. That's nonsense. The vaccine will not give you hpv. But it doesn't cover all strains so you may have caught a strain that hasn't been immunised against.
  5. I recommend the brand Turmerix. Me and hubbo have tried a few and this one seems to really work.
  6. Yikes! You're head is in a bad spot. First things first, don't wish you had cancerous hpv. This could literally kill you, and your male partners may not visibly catch it, but they WILL pass it on to future partners, which in turn could kill them. There are enough things killing our mothers, daughters, sisters etc without people wishing cancerous hpv on them! Secondly, you're not a dirty sex pest and you're most certainly not the first person to have caught both irritatingly common stds. In fact if you look deep into this forum you will find lots of lovely people with both out there living their best lives with great partners and a gaggle of beautiful kids. I know it's difficult, but you can't change it, and you're you no matter what happens to you. If someone leaves you because of this, then realise it's not actually about you, it's about their own fear. Don't settle for anyone that judges you for this. You are special and unique and your worth has not changed. Don't let anyone question your worth, including yourself. Much love and peace to you. This is a challenging time for you, but you will get through it.
  7. Thanks for your reply @mr_hopp. I only take it when I feel an outbreak coming on. I have had herpes for 15 years so I don't feel bad about it. But I've only started having outbreaks in the last 2 years so haven't much experience with the meds. Just finding when I take them it I am getting grumpy and tired. But there may be no correlation 😂
  8. Does anyone else get fatigue from taking their meds?
  9. Go to doctor mate. It could be herpes but I have had thrush that did that to me before herpes was in my life.
  10. I read this re a herpes self help group, thought it was pretty cool: ”We do a self-esteem exercise with a crumpled $20 bill, where I ask clients to go around the room and beat it, write on it, and stomp on it, while still keeping it intact,” Wood said. “Then I ask them how much it’s worth. Still $20, they’ll say.’”
  11. No cure sadly, but it should go away. I had horrible nerve pain down the back of my legs and on the tops of my feet (felt hideous wearing shoes) for a year and then it went away on its own.
  12. Heya, I’ve had it for about 15 years. I had the initial outbreak back then and then nothing until a year ago! Boooo! I was so mad. I HATE telling my husband that I’m having another outbreak (particularly because I caught it while we were on a break 🤦‍♀️) but he never reacts badly. It’s not a fun time when you first get diagnosed and if you’re like me, you will know fundamentally that you are not any less but you will have moments of self doubt. That’s just life though, we always have these moments in our lives when something is dragging us down, whether it’s a serious illness, a minor illness (like herpes, for most of us) or a bad hair day. I feel like you’re going to be ok. You have a great foundation with the knowledge you have from your friend and sister. This sucky time will pass for you x
  13. Hi, These forums can definitely be dire. I am one of those folk who is completely fine with my diagnosis but I think that’s because I had to tell 2 sexual partners about it straight away and they were both totally chill which made me reflect on my initial horror lol. I like to come on here because it’s not one of those things that you can just talk about in general conversation so it’s a safe place to chat. I am also interested in other people’s experiences. I’ve definitely taken breaks from forums though. If I feel myself getting frustrated with other people’s anger/sadness/bitterness I know it’s time for a break. Stay positive and do what feels right for you ❤️
  14. If you guys think herpes hurts, try having a vulval biopsy. I’m dying! Just wanted to whinge about hoochy pain. Stay smiling beautiful people 🥰
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