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  1. Out of curiosity, what did they biopsy? I’m still having issues as well, and testing negative. A random rash that seems to come and go within hours, but chronic, daily, and just itching. They’re starting to think allergy but no clue as to what it would be. It’s all alarming as well. I’ve been to that same point. Just tell me it’s something so I can quit feeling I’m going crazy and move on.
  2. I would suggest a swab yourself. Don't let the doctor not suggesting a swab discourage you. Ask, and get one done. It will bring you peace of mind. I was tested at 2,4,6,8,10,12,14, and 16 (as of last week) and all have remained below 0.2 I still don't feel at peace, but I'm trying to start accepting things and move on. I still have a weird itchiness where all my pubic hair is on the front, and little red spots that look like freckles that come and go here and there after a couple hours, but no sores or anything typical you would expect. I'm at a loss as well, but I do trust the blood work and assume it must be something else at this point.
  3. While I will remain sympathetic with your concern, because I myself have them as well, and know the scarring, pease, for the love of Pete, or whomever, GO GET A WESTERN BLOT! Maybe then, when that comes back negative, you can emotionally move on. I know the more I let go, the better I physically feel, though symptoms still subside, mainly because I'm still constantly wondering. But I do believe the lab work. Again, GO GET A WESTERN BLOT AND MOVE ON FROM THIS PART OF YOUR LIFE! Said, with all the sympathy in my heart ❤️
  4. My iGG results at 16 weeks post are still negative. Is it finally safe to say I don't have HSV2? Or should I continue to keep testing? My results have remained the same every two weeks since 4 weeks after the exposure. When would you feel you could move on from this? Every time I see any sort of red area down below, I wonder if my labs are all wrong... I have a rash on my hand, which I think is just eczema from over hand washing now, and that gets me stressed. I am not who I once was, any more, regardless if I can conclude these results negative or not. In a weird way, I can say minus the full on hypochondriac that I've become, which sucks, I have taken a break mostly from dating, minus kissing here and there, haven't had sex in over 4 months (which surprisingly is a good feeling) and have become more aware that I have oral hsv1 and now understand things like, don't stick my fingers in my mouth and poke at them because that's what those canker sores I get are, and they're not just from the foods I ate. I tell every person I have started to consider dating, before we kiss, that I could have mouth sores at some point, and feel better about understanding this all. But at the end of the day, negative HSV2 results... can I move on after 16 weeks or should I still be worried? Can a red spot down below finally just be a red spot, or ingrown hair, and not cause concern for full on panic and a doctors visit??
  5. Wondering how you are doing? I just hit 16 weeks and am still negative for hsv2. Trying to emotionally move on from this, but it's rather hard. Also, has brought more light to the fact for me, that I have oral HSV1, that never really seemed to matter prior to this, and now I find every person I meet, before I kiss them, I let them know I could possibly have a mouth cold sore some day. I've only ever had them inside my lip before.
  6. So did you have the test to confirm you are positive hsv1? Or to confirm you are negative for hsv2? Were you negative for both? I'm at 16 weeks, I have tested every 2 weeks since hsv2 exposure, and all my results for iGG have been negative, below 0.2 is all it says. My doctors have told me I'm negative, to accept it, and to move on with life. I haven't had any sores, just random symptoms, like itchy pubic area and random things here and there, but nothing traditional. I also didn't even have sex, just a lot of thigh rubbing... and naked cuddling, but I am still very stressed. Waiting for my 16 week results to come in tomorrow, fingers crossed they're the same as the last 8 tests I've had, and then I'm trying to decide if it's time to close this door. I know the typical iGG tests are only 92% positive, from what Terry has said. I wonder at times if I should just do the Western Blot, or if I am making a mountain...
  7. If no test was performed, and you're testing negative at 5 months out, I would presume you're indeed negative! If you'd like to be sure, do a Western Blot test. But to me, I think you're negative!
  8. How much longer does it take to seroconversion? I’ve heard some websites that say you seroconversion quicker, and some that say it takes longer. I’ve had Ohsv1 for at least over ten years, and am wondering if by having this, it is slowing the seroconversion process for hsv2. How much longer does it take someone to convert, if they’re going to? I’m at 10 weeks and negative for hsv2, but am wondering for while most that would be good news, if for me already having hav1, it is meaningless? How much longer do I have to wait for conclusive tests?
  9. May i ask where your tingles are? All over or in one specific small place?
  10. I tested at 10 weeks this last Monday for hsv2, negative. It’s been >0.2 at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 7.5 weeks, and now 10 weeks. I go again at 12 weeks.
  11. May I ask how you got it on your shin? Do you know?
  12. When I look back, I think I've had 2 cold sores on my lip, in the last 14 years of knowing. They weren't even what looked to be cold sores, just a zit on my lip that lasted a couple days and had a scab, which I assumed was from picking at it. I would assume you have HSV1 in your throat, not hsv2. Do you have reason to believe it's hsv2? Was the person you had oral sex with hsv2 positive?
  13. 10 weeks post exposure and I’ve maintained a steady <.2 value for hsv2 (negative) At what point can I start breathing a little? 12 weeks? 14 weeks? 16 weeks? 6 months from now? When can I feel like I’m truly negative and move on with this part of my life? I’m wondering if my being hsv1 positive is delaying the seroconversion for hsv2, or if I’m truly negative for hsv2. Nothing has felt normal down below in a month. Either way, I just want to accept an answer and move on with my life, but I’ve been so consumed by every tingle, mark, anything. It’s changed who I am, the constant worry, and I’m exhausted. I was literally at the doctors yesterday, and then this morning, and let’s add I’m a dermatologist appointment in between there too. Bla. Just Bla. Sorry, needed to vent that out. Opinions appreciated. Also, i know google says 12-16 weeks. Guessing I can’t feel good at 10? Idk. I don’t know much anymore.
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