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  1. MissGuided

    End of the road

    If no test was performed, and you're testing negative at 5 months out, I would presume you're indeed negative! If you'd like to be sure, do a Western Blot test. But to me, I think you're negative!
  2. How much longer does it take to seroconversion? I’ve heard some websites that say you seroconversion quicker, and some that say it takes longer. I’ve had Ohsv1 for at least over ten years, and am wondering if by having this, it is slowing the seroconversion process for hsv2. How much longer does it take someone to convert, if they’re going to? I’m at 10 weeks and negative for hsv2, but am wondering for while most that would be good news, if for me already having hav1, it is meaningless? How much longer do I have to wait for conclusive tests?
  3. MissGuided

    could this be herpes?

    May i ask where your tingles are? All over or in one specific small place?
  4. MissGuided

    Burning sensation?

    Where exactly does it burn?
  5. MissGuided

    The anxiety is consuming me...

    I tested at 10 weeks this last Monday for hsv2, negative. It’s been >0.2 at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 7.5 weeks, and now 10 weeks. I go again at 12 weeks.
  6. MissGuided

    HSV2 spreading?

    May I ask how you got it on your shin? Do you know?
  7. When I look back, I think I've had 2 cold sores on my lip, in the last 14 years of knowing. They weren't even what looked to be cold sores, just a zit on my lip that lasted a couple days and had a scab, which I assumed was from picking at it. I would assume you have HSV1 in your throat, not hsv2. Do you have reason to believe it's hsv2? Was the person you had oral sex with hsv2 positive?
  8. MissGuided

    10 weeks...

    10 weeks post exposure and I’ve maintained a steady <.2 value for hsv2 (negative) At what point can I start breathing a little? 12 weeks? 14 weeks? 16 weeks? 6 months from now? When can I feel like I’m truly negative and move on with this part of my life? I’m wondering if my being hsv1 positive is delaying the seroconversion for hsv2, or if I’m truly negative for hsv2. Nothing has felt normal down below in a month. Either way, I just want to accept an answer and move on with my life, but I’ve been so consumed by every tingle, mark, anything. It’s changed who I am, the constant worry, and I’m exhausted. I was literally at the doctors yesterday, and then this morning, and let’s add I’m a dermatologist appointment in between there too. Bla. Just Bla. Sorry, needed to vent that out. Opinions appreciated. Also, i know google says 12-16 weeks. Guessing I can’t feel good at 10? Idk. I don’t know much anymore.
  9. MissGuided

    Cold sore or pimple?

    You could go and get it swabbed so you know for sure. I’ve only ever had two outbreaks on my lip, never genital, for hsv1, and mine looked like that. They were small and seemed just like a zit. I did the same thing, try to squeeze, and not much would come out but it would get bigger and more irritated and in general didn’t feel amazing... not awful though, no blistering, and from my picking, I would end up with a scab that would last a couple of days that I’d always cover up with makeup.
  10. MissGuided

    Testing IgG bi weekly...

    Are you gonna test again beyond that? I don’t know yet, it will take 2-3 days for the labs to come back, which sucks. At my obgyn they only take a day and are in my email. Here, it takes longer, and I’m calling them before they have a chance to let me know, lol. I’m too impatient to wait, understandably, I’d think.
  11. MissGuided

    could this be herpes?

    You and i are very similar in symptoms, dots disappearing in a day, and tingling that’s constant... may i ask if you’ve tested positive for the virus? Out of curiosity.
  12. MissGuided

    Nerve Pain and Red Spots

    And also, I know you said you’ve had lesions but can’t get in to the doctors in time before. I would also suggest if you are worried about time frame, that you order a kit or two online for home ice testing and that way the next time something pops up you can swab it yourself in time and find out what it is. That would also give you peace of mind I would think.
  13. MissGuided

    Nerve Pain and Red Spots

    I was taking antidepressants last month and after several days I had this weird nerve tingling in my thighs so I quit taking them as it said they could be a side effect, and didn’t know if it was the meds or herpes related. The tingling went away. At the time it didn’t register as well that I was taking flagyl and it could be from that as well. Well, this week I started on flagyl again, and same day the tingling in thighs and groin started again. That’s when it clicked in I was on flagyl the last time I had the tingles. So I stopped taking it and am gonna talk to my doctor about it tomorrow. I try and find logic before panic in my symptoms, but most of the time I just go straight to panic. I test tomorrow for post 10 weeks. Trying to stay calm, as I know it’ll be Wednesday or Thursday before I have results. I’m at a point where i just always expect them to come back positive and am surprised when they’re not risen at all. We will find out what this week has in store for me. I can say this much though, if my nerve pain is related to H, it is SO uncomfortable. It’s been 3 days steady now with no sign of letting up.
  14. MissGuided

    Nerve Pain and Red Spots

    Blurne, I don’t want to discredit your worry and anxiety, as I know and completely understand how you feel. But if you’re saying you have the same red spots I do, then possibly, maybe we both have them due to high stress and self induced psychosomatic spots. That almost makes me feel better, considering you’re still testing negative after a very long time. Also, that could say the same thing to you with all the other symptoms you have. I would take the negative labwork and be thrilled. Are you on antidepressants or anything? Anything for anxiety or stress? Maybe if you can calm your nerves in that sense, and quit worrying as much, maybe then the symptoms you’re having might go away?
  15. MissGuided

    Testing IgG bi weekly...

    So you’re still negative?