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  1. So I’ve recently, like 4 days ago, discovered I had HSV-1 genital herpes and I’m still in high school; just got my first real boyfriend who was unaware he had it orally and well … I’m sure the rest is assumable. This blog has really made me look at this in a new light. I still have my amazing boyfriend who kept his cool about it when I didn’t. I freaked out and I realize this worrying was pointless. Its just a skin condition that does go away even though not completely. My sex life, though not really started isn’t over and I still can have sex with protection and not during an outbreak. I did compare myself with others and I guess I’ll take the outbreaks, if anymore, as they come. But its thanks to this blog that I realize that I can still have a normal life and sex life given the right precautions.
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