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  1. haha I feel the jinxing! but hmm, what made you start taking oregano oil for herpes? and how long have you had it for? if you don't mind me asking! and good luck on the test! haha I can't seem to even get an idea as what mine could be. besides stress obvz lol
  2. hi everybody. wanted to see if anybody has been lucky enough to know what their triggers are, and if they'd mind sharing! I've had genital herpes for about a year and a half now, and have dabbled between taking only lysine, only valtrex, or a combo of both. I can't seem to stay with one for a while before it "stops working" and I have to switch back to all valtrex. anyways, obviously stress is a huge trigger but I'm starting to get outbreaks even when I don't FEEL too stressed? so i'm wondering if my mind has just decided to get so used to being stressed that it doesn't think it's stresse
  3. yeah, I was taking lysine 1000mg everyday and it was great for a couple months, but then I went out out town (from texas to greece for 10 days) and I think the stress prior to it started a domino effect. I'm back to getting about an outbreak a week again, even with valtrex everyday. thinking of getting back on valtrex daily for a while and see if I can go back to lysine after? idk yet. what happened with you since this?
  4. have you told your doctor? if so, did they say anything about it?
  5. are you taking valtrex too? I’d definitely take a month free of OB’s over two a week lol
  6. I take 1000mg every other day but am starting on taking it every day. is there anything else you take? has the lysine worked for you?
  7. I had my first outbreak in June of 2018. It took about 4-5 months for me to get my first outbreak. But the past few months, I feel like the outbreaks won’t stop. There have been a couple weeks where I get two outbreaks in one week. I hate taking the valtrex medication, and as crazy as it sounds, I feel like taking it everyday can make me immune to it. My doctor’s nurse suggested I take it daily for three months to “break the cycle,” but when I started the three months, I had two outbreaks in the first two weeks. I stopped taking it daily about two months into the three months (about two weeks
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