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  1. i wouldn't worry too much honestly. HSV is blisters usually and in the mouth or on genitals.
  2. i would say....yes....get a blood test. before you sleep with someone new.
  3. I know how I you feel. I have had it over a year now. it gets easier. you have a great support system. use them :)
  4. As someone who has the same form of HSV you have by the same cause=oral (in my case he WAS a jerk but that's not the point). 2. someone who had a scare of possibly passing it to my current boyfriend (turned out I didn't, just a random skin infection) Let me tell you a few things about how he is feeling. -sad, remorseful, scared, dirty, and shamed. made worse by your pushing him away. He didn't mean to do this to you, he IS sorry. When I found out I may have given it to my boyfriend I had a panic attack in the stairwell at work bc I was so upset. He is not taking this lightly and I DO understand how you feel. read my first few posts I ever made on here if you want to relate to someone lol. but talk to your boyfriend, he's upset, let him be with you. I WISH I had that support when I got it
  5. your wife is wrong with how she is acting. If can spread there. it just can. You did nothing wrong. she needs to get her shit together. breath man. this is not your fault nor do you deserve be treated this way AT ALL
  6. If this is a new infection and you are married....he cheated....I think at this point cheating is more a concern then the virus. do you want to save a marriage with a cheating partner?
  7. I don't have any super constructive advice bc I have never been in such a situation. but I think you need to tell them. You coooooould make it a little easier and say you just got that result back after you slept with them. Your telling them but also telling a small white lie. I mean it's a grey area. disclosing is important, they need to know. HOW they get that info is up to you and how you phrase it
  8. pretty sure that's not a thing. i have never heard of it shirking in size for H. some things CAN make it shrink. Also if he gained weight it will look she smaller. Or he is just having some "up" problems. It happens....
  9. Im working on that myself. Lexapo is going to help soon. It's because of herpies that I'm going to need to go on it I think
  10. have you shared how you feel with your SO. I think talking openly about it will help. He/she will know when to give you space physically. understand that your not saying no bc it has to do with them.
  11. yeah I just was hoping the feeling would pass. the person who gave me mine LAUGHED AT ME. he knew he had it and said something along the lines of "well you fucked me". i asked him alot of questions prior to the act and even asked him to get tested. he couldn't bc he didn't have medical coverage he said, i used protection.
  12. I went through a very hard time when I was first DX. This forum also helped me. I'd be lying if I said I didn't still have issues. I just wanted to say I'm so sorry you are going through this. It's hard and I understand. Keep going and things get better with time. I feel fundamentally changed but in good ways as well as bad so it's like anything else I guess. Two sides of coin.
  13. yes,I thought it was related to intermediate depression
  14. So I got DX with G and O HSV1 last October. For the most part I have moved past shame/self disgust (when I have an OB it may come back alittle but not bad, my reaction both physically and mentally were very bad at first exposure. I got very sick, got various virus related problems including tonsillitis. I also was too depressed to eat much for a few weeks, I lost way too much weight along with panic attacks). All of these has resolved, I'm a muscle bound, bouncy bad ass again! but..... I have no been the same sexually at all since. Before when I was "clean" I was pretty much a freak with a high sex drive and now I have a much lower sex drive, and I'm weird about being kissed even. I have been with two people since I have been DX who did not care about HSV. But I still felt pressured when before I would been flattered. I don't even like dirty jokes anymore when I used to the queen of dirty jokes. Has anyone experienced this? It almost feels like I'm traumatized which I didn't think was unusual at first because it was so new. In this case it has been 9 months since I have gotten this, why am I still like this? It's really making dating hard. I have ruined a few things with people because I'm so skittish. I have talked to friends who have been molested and they had previously described feeling this way...but the thing is I have never been raped/molested. The only thing that happened is a got an STD. So what the hell? I barely see myself as a sexual being anymore. #disconnected #don'ttouch
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