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  1. MarieH

    Can bv/yeast infections trigger outbreaks?

    i think that happened last month......i assumed it was just an OB but it was so bad. i think i also I had a yeast infection bc it was mixed symtoms
  2. MarieH


    I had HPV years ago. My body's immune system took care of it. clean paps for 2 years now
  3. MarieH

    Herpes and vaginal balance

    i noticed this too. I get an OB around my period every month (its seems like so far) and the worse the OB the more dry I get
  4. MarieH

    For those of you who gave someone herpes

    Don't stay with him if you want to leave: this covers all things, kids, STDs, and money issues. You are just wasting time while you could be moving forward in life and the same stands for him. He won't be a fuckboy when the time is right and with the right person. sounds like it's not right for him or you
  5. I have had two menstrual cycles since my DX. I Have had an OB after each one. This month is a bad one. Last month it was one small sore. This month is 10/10 ichynes, burning, and pain. Even walking hurts or if I get warm under the covers it starts to burn. I know that it's supposed to ease up after 3 months and I'm not there yet but urg. btw is ghsv 1.
  6. MarieH

    Spread the love and H?

    He did get it from kissing. I had my first oral outbreak ever the day before he had his. I got DX with ghsv1 but never had any oral sores. then they just...appeared the exact morning after the fist time were sexually active. I really don't want to give him ghsv1 to add to it. I am taking all the measures to prevent this but still....
  7. So I gave my sexual partner H, orally. He freaked out at first but is okay now. I feel bad. I disclosed and told him everything I knew about it. Answered any questions he had. He and I knew the risk was there but I feel a little ashamed anyway. He had a fever for a few days, and upset stomach, and some sores. It's also been a challenge to feel my normal sex drive(or any sex drive), it's starting to come back but very slowly.
  8. MarieH

    Constant herpes outbreaks

    okay so it sounds like your doing everything right? I pose a question to you which I would think about before blowing it off. How healthy are you? I mean in general. Are you overweight or a normal BMI, do you eat well or alot of junk, do you work out several times a week or are you sedentary? From what I have seen as a nurse I have found no matter what health condition someone has if they have an unhealthy lifestyle their condition has increased severity and complications. Many people try to treat just the disease (diabetes, hypertension, a chronic viral infection, or ectra) with medication targeted to that disease without changing their global health. I'm not saying you are unhealthy bc I just don't know but it's perhaps something consider when thinking about treating a specific disease/condition.
  9. eerr idk. I'm on 500mg a day. first month out after my exposure last month and it seems the the virus is settling in. had an outbreak but on my lips which I didn't even know I had it there since Ive never had any symptoms before this. from what I understand type 1 OB reduce alot after the first year. Im surprised I got an OB too to be honest. I thought since my first OB was rather minor I wouldn't have anymore but.....
  10. MarieH

    Rejected again

    keep talking to this one
  11. MarieH

    Rejected again

    im sorry. I can feel what your feeling.
  12. MarieH

    Are you still with your giver?

    I did not know when i was with him, he only told me AFTER I got sores and got nervous and told him about it. was a asshate about it too, never really said sorry. just asked for his flip flops back and laughed at me. btw, never got his flip flops back
  13. MarieH

    He didn't care

    good, I had prepared a whole thing. Wrote down all the facts, calculated his risks per year, explained it to a T. He only looked alittle upset for a few mins while I was talking then said right away he didn't care. I still made him sleep on it and tell me again. still doesn't care. He keeps saying how it doesn't matter and if that's why some days i need space it shouldn't be the reason. but some days I do need space. Like today. first time I had sex since my DX yesterday. and i saw a very small cold sore pop up on my lip this morning (no oral happened bc I'm still learning to be comfortable in my own skin again). I've never had one on my lip: this is new and something I'l have to talk to him about. He doesn't understand how I feel about it but accepts it. luckly he's a really good guy and takes my leave me alone days in stride.
  14. MarieH

    Are you still with your giver?

    hell no. If he was a bad enough person not to give the right to consent to risk he is not a good enough person to date or speak to