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  1. Periods (Thank heavens I'm done with those.) Physical stress - athletic competitions, often traveling triggers me Extreme mental stress like a job change
  2. I'm 51, got it last year. I'm glad to year yours is getting better because I'm a year in and getting outbreaks every 4-6 weeks with a lot of itching/tingling neuralgia in between. I am afraid I'm too old to get this virus under control very well.
  3. Thanks! I found this great TEDx talk too.
  4. My doctor said acyclovir ointment doesn't help HSV2 much but it's been a tremendous help for my itching. Maybe your doctor would prescribe you some to try.
  5. People can carry H with no symptoms for years so he might not have cheated. He might have started shedding before his first outbreak, given it to you, and had his own first outbreak about the same time. If you haven't slept with anyone else, not even oral sex, you definitely got it from him. I agree with Ishmael that his denial is not very open or honest. He might care though, and be too ashamed to deal with his feelings. IDK about tests for timing. I thought that had to be done pretty soon, like within weeks.
  6. Go to your doctor. That looks uncomfortable and if nothing else he/she might have a treatment.
  7. Hi, new here. I had the weirdest experience. I got an STI screen last month to be sure I was HIV- and HCV- because I lost 50 lb, got in shape, and men are interested in me again. Imagine my surprise when I came up with an HSV2 index of 15.3. I had never had symptoms, other than something my obgyn identified as an ingrown hair follicle years ago. I was in denial when Kabam! last week after a long running race, itchy blisters appeared in my butt crack. I'd have figured it was chafing but knowing I was HSV2 positive I got hold of my doctor, told her my recent results, and she immediately prescribed Valtrex and some acyclovir ointment. I guess that's a win of sorts as the medicine is helping a lot. I'm seriously annoyed. I put so much work into my body, and now I have herpes and have to deal with "the talk" with prospective partners. Argh! And stupid itchy blisters that make all the exercise and diet feel like they're for naught. For all I know I could have had it for years and menopause activated it but I suspect it came from the guy I started seeing in April. We were using condoms but they came off a couple times and from what I've read condoms aren't great for protecting women from HSV2 shedding anyway. I had "the talk" with him and he took it well. Apparently 25 years ago a girl said he gave it to her but she tested negative and he never had symptoms so he assumed he was fine. Thankfully he's OK using condoms if he's negative but I suspect he's not. I was angry initially but I'm mostly over it because he's such an old friend I know he'd never deliberately hurt me. If he's negative I have to worry about passing this to him though. I was still freaking out until I got here and started reading posts. Someone said 50% of single women age 45-49 have HSV2. I was a little surprised but I found the article and the epidemiology seems pretty solid. I'm single and 50 so that one post has me feeling so much more normal. "The talk" may include a copy of the article. Anyway I have two questions. 1) What helps to prevent recurrences besides drugs? 2) How did you feel sexy again?
  8. "High" just means your result was higher than a negative or normal result so the test is positive. The index value has nothing to do with disease severity. It is probably the reason you get cold sores on your lips and yes 50% of the US population has HSV1 positive blood tests. Did they tell you the HSV2 was positive?
  9. I'm newly diagnosed too, though my index was very high so I have no question. If I were you I'd talk to my OBGYN about whether you could get a confirmatory test unless you develop HSV2 symptoms. I've been reading the peer reviewed literature because gathering information is helping me process my own new diagnosis. I don't want to give you false hope but are a couple articles showing that HerpeSelect is not very specific for herpes type (40-80%) until the index is over 2.1 and maybe even a bit higher. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25908332 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21307152
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