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  1. @SeeingClearly why do you assume he got it from you? If he’s never had an outbreak and was diagnosed via blood, odds are he may have had it before unless he got tested prior to your relationship and was negative. HSV1 is super common, 66% of the population has it, and of those who do have it, only about 15-20% know because they don’t have outbreaks (orally or genitally) and don’t get tested.
  2. FYI my boyfriend knows of my diagnosis and I’m still planning on taking the precautionary measures, I’m just confused
  3. About a year ago, I asked to get swabbed for HSV. I had no visible symptoms (no blisters/lesions) but had some nerve pain and asked the gyno to test me. I was supposed to get an answer 1 week later but it took 3, which now I wonder if it’s because something was mislabeled. So they ended up telling me I have gHSV1. Fast forward to 2 days ago, I asked for a blood test to include herpes because I wanted to make sure I didn’t also have type 2. The blood test came back negative for both type 1 and type 2 (FYI I would’ve acquired HSV a year ago at this point, plenty of time for antibodies). I understand a swab is more accurate than a blood test, but what are the odds something got mixed up in the initial testing and that’s why it took so long to get back to me? I also asked for another swab while there this time around so maybe if it comes back positive for HSV1 that’ll give me more clarity on this situation. I’ve never had an outbreak though and my gyno said I should visit a PT for the nerve pain, what if she was right and the nerve pain is there because of my super tight muscles and not HSV like I had thought? Any advice as to how I can seek more accurate results without ever having an outbreak?
  4. Hi there, i was also recently put on camber and it’s the only one Ive ever used, since seeing your post, I must agree that my symptoms have not reduced since beginning this medication, I thought it was just my body but I guess it may just be the company. Have you tried taking acyclovir or something instead? I’m nervous about the price being a lot higher depending on the brand. Would also like others insight!
  5. Also, he thanked me for telling him because I could have easily just not (and he’s so right, my mom even told me not to disclose, but I’m glad I did :), gotta start relationships with trust)
  6. Welp, I disclosed tonight for the first time. I’m 22 with gHSV1 and this is my first legitimate boyfriend (got HSV1 the first time I received oral sex from a guy). I have been dating this boy for over a month now and anxiety started to come over me every time we hung out because I knew the day would come that I would have to disclose. We had only ever made out so in that way, timing was perfect, but he had already spent so much time (and money) on me, that I felt guilty disclosing at a later time (even to the point that I was going to break up with him instead). But, I decided to stick it out because I realized how similar he and I were and we really do have a connection and he is so kind and a real gentleman (surprisingly, he’s 22 as well). I told him that I was diagnosed with HSV1, the virus that causes cold sores, but was passed it through oral sex. I gave him the stats, what he can do to protect himself, and general info. He told me that didn’t deter him at all, he asked some questions and then I mentioned the word herpes, and I realized he didn’t know cold sores and herpes were the same thing, so I told him cold sores were herpes (because I don’t think he realized at first I had genital herpes, not just genital cold sores lol) but he said he was still going to accept me no matter what, even if he did do more research, which I asked him to do. Also asked him to get tested, so hopefully he does that soon. I mean, I’m glad he accepted me and I do hope that his mind doesn’t change after his research, but only time will tell. Wow I’m so shocked. This guy is SUPER into health, he runs marathons, barely eats processed food, I for sure thought he wouldn’t want a virus to potentially influence his health. I also told him I’d rather wait till my 1 year mark and he was completely accepting of that, what a great guy, guess they do exist. (I’ll keep y’all updated on this)
  7. It is not a safe way to protect your partner as there aren’t studies on it. However, alongside antivirals it may have more benefit in terms of protection.
  8. Try getting a blood test to gauge how long ago you were exposed
  9. @Anonymous88 @Amando @Alisonbr My weird way to do it was to use a jet stream of water, but perhaps that’s a bit too much pressure that my lady parts don’t like too much. thank you for all the insight! Honestly I never hd a traditional outbreak, I was diagnosed because I went to the gyno for stinging sensation and was dead set it was herpes, hard for me to tell what’s an outbreak because I’ve never had those sores.
  10. Hi all, not sure if this topic is appropriate or will be put down. But after not having outbreaks for about a month, I masturbated and had an outbreak. In looking back I believe I would masturbate once a week and so my breakouts would come weekly. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue or experience, and if so, what did you do to help it? thank you (GHSV1, 4 months in)
  11. I would recommend drinking A LOT of water as I feel like it may subside symptoms. I say this because the liver may be having a difficult time processing the drug and jaundice can potentially set in. That is likely why it says to drink with water on the prescription.
  12. It angers me that not only did her not disclose but had sex while he had a small sore he should have known better
  13. Yes, random swab was positive (but I was having symptoms as described above and therefore asked them to test me for STDs by swab including herpes) i have not done blood because I trust the swab was correct I will next get blood tested when I have a new partner which may be a while haha (I was never a sexual person)
  14. Well I didn’t have a lesion to swab but I went to the gyno who did an internal vaginal swab since when you’re shedding you shed everywhere my blood was still negative
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