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  1. It is not a safe way to protect your partner as there aren’t studies on it. However, alongside antivirals it may have more benefit in terms of protection.
  2. Try getting a blood test to gauge how long ago you were exposed
  3. @Anonymous88 @Amando @Alisonbr My weird way to do it was to use a jet stream of water, but perhaps that’s a bit too much pressure that my lady parts don’t like too much. thank you for all the insight! Honestly I never hd a traditional outbreak, I was diagnosed because I went to the gyno for stinging sensation and was dead set it was herpes, hard for me to tell what’s an outbreak because I’ve never had those sores.
  4. Hi all, not sure if this topic is appropriate or will be put down. But after not having outbreaks for about a month, I masturbated and had an outbreak. In looking back I believe I would masturbate once a week and so my breakouts would come weekly. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue or experience, and if so, what did you do to help it? thank you (GHSV1, 4 months in)
  5. I would recommend drinking A LOT of water as I feel like it may subside symptoms. I say this because the liver may be having a difficult time processing the drug and jaundice can potentially set in. That is likely why it says to drink with water on the prescription.
  6. It angers me that not only did her not disclose but had sex while he had a small sore he should have known better
  7. Yes, random swab was positive (but I was having symptoms as described above and therefore asked them to test me for STDs by swab including herpes) i have not done blood because I trust the swab was correct I will next get blood tested when I have a new partner which may be a while haha (I was never a sexual person)
  8. Well I didn’t have a lesion to swab but I went to the gyno who did an internal vaginal swab since when you’re shedding you shed everywhere my blood was still negative
  9. How do you know you got it genital to genital and not from oral to genital?
  10. Personally, this is how it showed up for me. I started having nerve pain (mostly right upper and Lower thigh and occasionally my crotch). I had always had a fear of getting herpes so right away assumed it may be herpes related. I also noticed red pin point dots on the “fatty area” (mons Publis) of my crotch area. They were never painful, never raised or have a yellow/white center, just itchy. My gyno doesn’t believe that these are my outbreaks because they don’t present “classically” and she says they may be from shaving. However, I would get them when not shaving for a few weeks and they were accompanied by a bit of itchiness and slight nerve pain. I have HSV1 and perhaps it presents differently than HSV2 would. It’s not the end of the world! feel better! It’s not a curse i got herpes after only having sex 7 times in my life (not 7 partners)
  11. However, I am not sure if you’re male or female so maybe gynos not the way for you
  12. For your first question, id recommend a gynecologist!
  13. I would say go get it checked, it could just be a canker Sore! Also I almost feel as if it’s better to get it orally now than genitally because you would have protection from getting it genitally and would be less likely to pass it (that is, IF you test positive) i also wanted to give you major props for going for this guy because I feel as though some with GHSV1 feel “blessed” to have the “better one” and fear getting the other. Like you, I have decided that if someone ever discloses to me that they have GHSV2 while I have GHSV1, I will be accepting and hope they are accepting of me
  14. What makes you feel as though you have it orally?
  15. Yes that is true, and it depends on the test. However, it’s 98-99% corrects for diagnosing negatives, and 92-94% correct in diagnosing positives. (This is all for HSV2) By these numbers, it’s more likely that someone who is positive will test negatively rather than have someone who is negative test positively. So if anything, it’s more likely that there some people with HSV2 that tests can’t pick up. Therefore, I would say that the statistics are pretty much something to follow, of course there are standard deviations to consider, but the standard deviation isn’t too high.
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