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  1. Michgirl73

    Paper cut

    Sometimes u may never know unless u breakout right away after being infected. My giver gave me mine and I knew I got it from him because I broke out with it within 2 weeks of having sex.
  2. Michgirl73

    Paper cut

    It’s my understanding that if u have cold sore on the mouth you can transmit gentially. Also if the virus is shedding u might not have active sores and you can still spread the virus even if u don’t have a sore that’s how this virus is getting spread so easily. If u already have Hsv1 and u gave him it from oral sex then u shouldn’t get it gential it usually only stays in one spot. Hsv1 is more milder than Hsv2. He should get tested, even if the sores aren’t there. So many ppl have herpes and don’t know because they get mild symptoms or no symptoms at all but the virus still sheds.
  3. Michgirl73

    Still with the man who accepted me!

    So very awesome for you! I’m still wondering how this will ever get to a place I’m ok with. I hate that I have this and have to feel like I’m some disgusting person because someone else couldn’t be honest with me when I only was honest with him and loved him for him. I just hope I can get that love someday I have been extremely depressed and I know it makes it worse but I can’t get it out of my head. Good luck to you guys. I’m glad some ppl are able to find love and move forward with a successful relationship.
  4. Michgirl73

    Herpes and workout

    I workout and didn’t need to use cream. I mean u gotta take it easy. I quite working about 2 mths ago and got into some depression and I feel worse then before. I think working out help keep me mentally better and physically as well.
  5. Michgirl73

    Genital to genital HSV1

    Yes I completely understand. I went back to the doctors and he put me on antidepressants because I was crying so much. I didn’t want live. I was feeling horrible and scared I’m never to find anyone to accept me again and I would be alone forever which makes me really sad. On the dating site there isn’t many Hsv1 gential ppl on there, a lot of Hsv2. Anyway my doctor had a heart to heart with me whiched helped me a lot. More ppl have hsv1 then don’t have it.. almost 80% of the population. Not that I wanted to be apart of that but it’s comforting to know that there are a lot of ppl that have this. I hope u feel better I know it’s extremely hard but once we get in under control it may not ever come back my doctor said all depends on our bodies.
  6. Michgirl73

    Rejected, my first time

    I recently went to my doctors the other day and he said the same thing more ppl have this verse ppl that don’t .. I just been so emotional it’s causing me issues on getting better so he put be on and antidepressant to help me stop crying so much.
  7. Michgirl73

    Rejected, my first time

    I’m sorry.. I’m so scared to tell someone potentially I want to date. I’m in fear I’m gna be alone forever.
  8. Michgirl73

    Video about frist time after H

    Thanks for sharing even though I got emotional it was worth watching. Thank u!
  9. Michgirl73


    I was then stopped because was dealing with the side effects of headaches and sore throat and stuffy nose and just fatigued . I stopped taking for 3 weeks I developed a small outbreak and went back on them. I go back to my doctor in a few days to discuss this with him. I hate the side effects from the antivirals.
  10. Michgirl73

    Coming around

    It’s my understanding that u can’t transmit it to another body part once u have the antibodies in your system which take about 3 mths . I also have hsv1, my ex gave it to me and he knew he had it just didn’t care sadly. It’s such a emotional roller coaster.. I just pray it gets better. For me a lot of times I just wished I would die to not have to be reminded everyday of this horrible virus. I get nerve pain which is painful at times plus I went off my antivirals caused myself to have outbreak. I’m just so over it. I just wish I could be one of those ppl that didn’t get any symptoms.
  11. Michgirl73


    I heard wine could also be a trigger, what kind do u drink? I used to enjoy drinking a beer hear and there but I noticed if I’m not on suppressive therapy it causes a outbreak it’s minimal but still annoying.
  12. Michgirl73

    Contact with a sore

    You may developed the site after having sex, because they say that the rubbing can cause outbreak. So u might not had at first. Hopefully everything he didn’t get infected. I hope everything turns out ok, don’t stress because that causes outbreaks too!
  13. Michgirl73

    Valtrex and symptoms

    You may need to increase your lysine. Also check out another Forum called Honey Comb they have a lot talks about other therapy and ways to suppress the virus more.
  14. Michgirl73

    Valtrex and symptoms

    Sometimes u have to get a different antiviral u gotta talk to your doctor. Also depending on what your eating and drinking can cause issues with it wanting to reactivate. This virus is really how life changer. Do u take supplements to boost your immune system?
  15. Michgirl73

    It’s been 4 months now

    I find myself feeling acceptance but then I have days where I’m still emotional. There is a lot of ppl that have the virus that know and more that don’t know. I’m glad u are getting to a better place. I can only hope that one day I can just have this lie dormant and have no physical symptoms.