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  1. That I’m unsure of. I have went without it with no outbreaks. I ran out and haven’t taken in a while. I guess it depends on your body. My doctor knows I take it.
  2. Super lysine usually has some other supplements in it. U can get it on amazon
  3. Yes.. I take it morning. Sometimes u can increase it if u feel like you having more food with arginaine
  4. I have that too, but it makes me burp it up a lot.
  5. I take a olive leaf, echinacea, b12, probiotic, folic acid, lysine, vitamin c, multivitamin.
  6. Hey everyone! I think it’s helpful to see what everyone is taking supplements wise.. can u please share with the group so we can see what’s working for some and what maybe isn’t! Thank you all so much it’s appreciated!!
  7. I’m interested to know and the dosages.
  8. Hey everyone.. just recently started looking into some online dating sites. I’m curious if anyone noticed that on sites for ppl with herpes that there are barely anyone on there with Hsv1. I seen mostly HSV2 profiles. Is this because more ppl have Hsv1 verses HSV2? I’m just wondering why this is this way. Most profiles indicate that their condition isn’t a big deal only skin condition?? Anyways any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  9. It took me 3 and half weeks to heal and I was on antivirals for about 3 mths then started having side effects and stopped taking them got hurt from a workout routine. I only didn’t workout for a couple days. Once I stopped antivirals then I started experiencing more symptoms I started getting nerve issues and 2 minor outbreaks on my back and in the crack of my butt. I have still stopped the antivirals because the dude effects were to much for me. My issue still remains with nerve issues and tingling in my legs and butt area.. I hoping this will eventually go away because sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. I’m 8 mths in on getting Hsv1 gential.
  10. Thank you it’s extremely tough for me. I hate thinking this is the end.. just wake up and go to work come home and do it all over.. I feel myself pushing ppl away my depression is getting the best of me and it’s a horrible feeling. I just don’t know how to move on and not let this get to me.. someday I just wished I would go in my sleep and not have to live this anymore.
  11. I asked my doctor of this and was told that you can’t get in a new location if u already have it. Only can get if it’s not the same strain. Meaning if u have Hsv1 u still can get Hsv2. I also read this online, however I have read in these forums that it changes happen and u can get it new location. I wished someone would get it right it’s frustrating especially if u ever have to disclose and telling someone the facts.
  12. I have the berms powder but it’s so hard to drink it down. How do u get it down?
  13. Me to! My ex knew he had it and just never told me. When I confronted him he said oh yeah I got bumps! I’m like why wouldn’t u tell me.. he didn’t care that he destroyed my life and that’s probably the hardest part for me because at first I thought after I got I had him by my side to help me get through it and I wouldn’t be alone and then he turned around and left me and went back to his giver. It’s been over 8 mths now and every day is still hard because I have to accept being alone because nobody wants this crap and I don’t blame them. It absolutely sucks and it causes such a depression more then just getting the outbreaks u suffer every day.
  14. Well it’s been 8 mths since I found out I have this lovely virus that has changed my life completely. I sometimes wonder why this happen, because I prayed for a long time for God to take away the feeling of me wanting someone in my life and then shortly after that my ex entered my life and made me believe that he regreted what he did to me and actually was in love with me and said all these wonderful words to only turn around and infect me with this crap and dumped me 6 weeks later. I have struggled trying to understand how can someone be so hateful and hurtful knowing he has the virus and infecting me.. I know realize that my life is no longer gna be what I had hoped it to be. I merely just exist until it’s my time to go, this is so hard to live with this and try to get someone to except u as they are thinking how gross this nasty crap is. I would never wished this on my worse enemy.. I keep hoping one day I will feel normal and the pain will get easier. I just gotta come to terms that I will probably be alone for the rest of my life.. I’m 45 and still felt like I had a future I no longer see that and sometimes only wished that I didn’t have to wake up to this nightmare every day.. this secret that I have to keep that feels do shameful.
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