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  1. I have been sexually active for about 3 months. We don’t use protection we both got tested and I’m positive for Ghsv1 . I had it already a year before I had sex, and he is first person since my diagnosis that I have been intimate with. There only been once where I felt maybe I was having a outbreak and went to the doctor and it was gone.. I haven’t passed it to him yet. I don’t plan on passing it, we are trying to be careful with it but we both understand that it can happen.
  2. I have Ghsv1, I’m having sex with my partner without protection he knows the risk and is completely ok with it. However we are taking steps to keep him from getting it as well. We don’t have sex if I have an outbreak or having symptoms. I do take Antivirals when I feel outbreak, but I hate them as well they make me feel horrible.
  3. Well I made it past a year and then i recently got my second outbreak, alittle differently from the first one! It started as feeling like a uti and went to doctors had blood in my urine. God I hate this crap!! Anyways this reminder makes me sad, I’m in a new relationship and my partner except me and knows but man now I just hope and pray it don’t mess with our relationship because now we can’t be intimate until I’m better!! I wish they get a cure for this! Everything has being going so good the last few months I am forgot I had it!! Then it comes back to remind me!! 😢😭 just need som strength and encouragement!!
  4. Thanks for sharing! I definitely agree it gets better. It sucks in the beginning but your life isn’t over.
  5. Hey everyone!! Well I finally was able to meet someone and disclosed and he said he didn’t care and that I meant more to him than the virus! I did wait about a month before I disclosed to him, I wanted him to get to know me first verses having this label on my forehead. I’m glad I did and he was happy the way I waited as well. We still haven’t been intimate at this point but now I can feel comfortable knowing that I told him and gave him the option to continue verses not having that option as I didn’t get. I told him we can be careful and take the steps we need to so he don’t get the virus. He is also going to get tested to make sure his status as well since some ppl carry and don’t know they have it. I’m so looking forward to moving forward with this relationship!
  6. Yes definitely I feel like I need to tell him to his face. Idk why but I just wanna be brave enough to do it. I’m getting the vibe from this guy he will take it well just by the way he treats and talks to me.
  7. Thank you for sharing. I met someone I like, I gave discloses yet but planning on soon we have had 3 dates so far and I’m trying to get to the point I feel comfortable telling him because I’m so embarrassed of this. But I keep praying for strength. Anyway thank you for sharing it’s helpful listen to other stories.
  8. Thank you! You brought me to tears almost!! I worry about being alone for the rest my life and u breath some hope into my life. I’m scared as hell to tell them when it’s time but I have to I know this and be brave even though it’s hardest thing I ever had to do. I thank god for this group and being able to see I’m not in this alone.
  9. Yes I had issues with valtrex causing my hair to get extremely dry and thinner .. it can cause alopecia. I stopped taking it too because of that and it was causing me to get stuffy nose and headache. I was on it for about 3 months when the symptoms started causing me issues. I went off it my symptoms got better. I currently haven’t had sex since being diagnosed almost a year ago. I’m dating and scared when I do decide to if will cause me problems too! This virus sucks!! God how I wish I could change it.
  10. I appreciate it. I was struggling finding the data too!
  11. Yes I’m doing ok! Somedays are good and some are not so good! Just gotta keep moving forward and hope that it keeps getting better in time. I hope your feeling better too! Hang in there this crap sucks but we can get through this!! Stay strong!!
  12. Does anyone know what the stats on people infected with hsv1 over the age of 49? I see most give up to age 49. I’m just wondering as I’m trying to date and want to know.
  13. Is there something extra u can do to avoid the outbreak? Like does lube help? It scares me to think it can happen, like it’s not going to be enjoyable because of constant worry of an outbreak.
  14. It’s seems to come and go at times, I think exercising is helping with it. I have had Ghsv1 10 mths. I would say it’s been maybe better about 1 month. I think your body takes time to get used to the virus.
  15. I had pain and aching in the back of my thighs up in the crease of buttocks where the thighs meet my legs.. i didn’t have it at first but it seems to have gone away.. it’s hard because I feel like everything different I feel I associated it with the virus but I realize it’s not. I think I’m just hypersensitive now.
  16. Yeah those aren’t friends. This virus is emotional roller coaster as it is. Do yourself a favor and move from them.
  17. Thanks for the update! I’m almost a year in and have been very scared to get involved with someone sexually because of the disclosure and trying to deal with emotionally and move forward. Some days are good and done are bad.. I have accepted this but hope that I can still have a future with someone after this as well.
  18. Thank you!! This really helps a lot. I do still struggle with it. I know it’s the stigma and most my friends and family are supportive. I just hope it works that way for me when I disclose. I’m scared but I know I have to disclose. I’m gna take your advice and get info and maybe write a letter.. I have been looking at post to get more feedback on how to say it in the way I need to.
  19. Are u hsv1 or Hsv2? I wonder if the different strain has a different reaction. I have Ghsv1 but since being infected almost a year ago haven’t had sex..I’m currently dating and wondering how it will effect my sex life.. I’m actually a bit scared because I know it’s hard enough to get someone to accept u having the virus let alone issues with actually being able to have sex because it might cause outbreaks.
  20. I’m thinking that this can happen. I haven’t had sex yet since diagnosed back in July 2018. Does your boyfriend have it? Do u think maybe u were exposed to Hsv2?
  21. Can I ask you how you disclose? Is there a way to say it ? I just don’t want to get emotional about it because it has caused me so many issues with acceptance myself.
  22. I understand and can completely relate my ex got me back to turn around and infect me and then dropped me and went back to his ex where he turned around and got married to her. Here I am almost a year later haven’t been able to get back into the dating scene because I’m so scared. I feel like my life was taken from me.. my body took the virus bad. I feel better now but it’s been a hard road with it and also dealing with depression. If u ever need to chat please feel free to reach out to me. This shit is hard to deal with.. I hate myself for believing him and thinking he was actually being genuine and thought he loved me!! I feel I’m the one suffering and he just goes on with life like it’s nothing.. 😔
  23. I had the same thing happened to me my ex gave it to me knowing he had it and then dropped within a month later. I feel the same way it’s not easy dealing with this and trying to move forward like they did nothing.. I asked my ex before hand since we had been separated for awhile. I believe karma is a bitch and they will get theirs in the end. It sucks.. because I’m scared to date and tell someone about this virus because I’m embarrassed and scared to be rejected.. but I will not put someone through what I went through. I will disclose even if it’s hard and hurts because nobody deserves this!!
  24. Thank u!! I really do try but get discouraged because I do have a lot to offer the right person but keep meeting the wrong ones!
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