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  1. Does suppressive therapy medications effect your chances of conceiving. I am in my late twenties and I am hoping to start trying in the next like two years.
  2. Alisonbr

    Anal herpes vs vaginal herpes question

    Incase your wondering I was trying to forgive him because he didn’t know and had std testing which we both just found out doesn’t include Herpes unless you specifically ask.
  3. The person that gave me hsv2 & I were dating for two months prior to our first time which was anal because I was on my period and then two or three days later I know something was wrong and went to doc who did pcr scrap test . Anyways we never had vaginal sex and while I was trying to forgive him and move on I couldn’t so I ended it. Anyways of course I’ll use protection, I always have but does that mean I only have herpes anally ? I’m goons ask my doc soon . So far only met with the urgent care doc who took the sample and called me to tell me I had hsv2.
  4. Thanks , I’ve never had acne before and my roommate knows about my genital herpes and keeps telling me that I got it on my face too so it makes me feel paranoid and disgusting. I’ve only had it 2 1/2 months so I’m still dealing with the shock and shame
  5. Alisonbr

    Masturbation as a trigger

    I master bate and haven’t had outbreaks after and I am only 2 1/2 months in .
  6. Alisonbr

    Is this herpes? Wtf!

    Did you find anything out . I’m having face acne problems too since I got hsv2 on my genitalia.
  7. Has any one since getting hsv2 on genitals had face acne problems ? How did you deal with it ? What helps?
  8. Has any one since getting hsv2 on genitals had face acne problems ? How did you deal with it ? What helps?
  9. Alisonbr


    Why do you avoid nuts ? I actually try to eat nuts due to prior health stuff. Should I stop ?
  10. Also when I did have an outbreak genitally and was on meds it did nothing to help my acne.also I tested negative for hsv1.
  11. I was infected with hsv2 anally 8 weeks ago but I’ve been breaking out with acne on my chin since . Like super bad.my roommate keeps saying I got herpes on my face but I think it really is acne it pops just like zits I’ve had in the past . And it’s not around my mouth . It literally on the lower part of my chin. Is it Herpes? Or acne and why has it been so severe . I’ve gotten the occasionally zit before but not this many and once I pop one and it goes away a new one will come by the next day.
  12. Alisonbr

    Feeling so alone,constant outbreaks

    It must of been An ingrown hair because I didn’t get any other pain spots down there and now it’s gone . The other two I needed antivirals to mango away.
  13. So everything I read says skin to skin and I just want to make sure cause I baby sat my niece and I literally just put a roll of tp in bathroom like a few hours before she came . Anyways ig my roommate either had Diarrhea Or is an ass and is hoarding my tp . Anyways I saw that she took a wash cloth out of the tub and wiped poop . It was a used wash cloth and was in there cause of that and my roommate doesn’t use used wash cloths . Anyways I think I used it like 18 hours before she did and rinsed it but it doesn’t stay in rags right ? God I’m scared I have my niece herpes .
  14. Alisonbr

    Question about spreading very import

    Thank you I was so worried